Most gyms usually focus on amenities to help you “get in shape” but the best way to get the body you want is to start with good nutrition and supplements when necessary. When you’re working out consistently at one of the Broken Arrow gyms, you can eat with less concern. But when you’re at home, it’s easy for your diet to fall apart. This can lead to weight gain that makes all of your hard work in the gym feel wasted.

The solution? Work with a nutritionist before starting your workout plan so that you know exactly what types of food will help keep your body in shape and how much exercise is necessary to get there. Then, stick with it!

While you’re at it, don’t forget to work out with a personal trainer. Having someone there to make sure your form is correct and give you tips on how to improve will make a huge difference in the results that you see. Most Broken Arrow gyms are focused on making a quick buck from you, then give you the same random workout with no planning. That is not us.

We help members through personal training and 24/7 access. We know what it’s like to have a bad experience at Broken Arrow gyms. You go in, you try your best, and then… you leave feeling like nothing was accomplished, or worse, you are fed pizza and snacks that will do the opposite of help you. But most people don’t understand that because other places won’t take the time to sit down with you and show you the way. Otherwise you’re not sure if it’s just your body that didn’t work out, or if the gym itself is at fault. What is the focus of each gym? Is it really to help you, or is it just to give a generic space to “workout” and walk on the treadmill or use a machine you could do better with free weights? No, it isn’t! But most of us don’t understand how to use the free weights in the right way.

When we opened The Hub Gym of Broken Arrow Gyms, we wanted to create a place where every member could feel like they were getting the most out of their time and money—and we’ve been doing just that for over 10 years now!

Our gym offers full-service personal training and 24/7 access, so you never have to worry about when or how to workout. We’ll help you get started right away with a complimentary First Step assessment before putting together a custom-tailored plan for your own personal needs. Then we’ll be there every step of the way to make sure you stick with it! We don’t just want you to get into shape, we want you to stay in shape and be happy with your results. Our staff is dedicated to helping each member reach their goals, whether they’re looking to lose weight or gain muscle mass. We’ll support you through every step of the process and make sure that you’re always comfortable and confident during your workouts.
In the end, we truly do care about your success. We can show you that with our individualized approach and decades of experience in the industry. It’s time to make a positive change, and a commitment to a new you is more than just worth it—it’s necessary.

Your first month of membership at The Hub is only $1. We provide your first month experience for just $1 because we are confident that you will love your experience so much that you will want to join the gym and to become a regular member at the always affordable prices. Start your fitness transformation today by scheduling your first month at The Hub Broken Arrow gym today for just $1.

We know you’ve tried the rest, so now it’s time to try the best. We have a variety of classes to choose from that will target every muscle in your body. We have everything from weightlifting to unique strength training, and even systems that benefit powerlifting and gymnastics! Give us a call today at 918-994-4299 or stop by our gym in Broken Arrow, OK to get started!

At The Hub Broken Arrow Gyms, we’re all about making sure you get the most out of your workout. That’s why we offer a 2-week trial for our strength classes at The Strength Emporium.
These are designed to help you build muscle, improve your overall fitness level, and increase flexibility, mobility, and strength. And with our convenient schedule and friendly instructors (not to mention our great prices), we think you’ll be convinced that we’re the gym for you!

Your first month of membership at The Hub includes: A free consultation with an expert personal trainer A 2-week trial for our group classes 100% access to the online healthy eating and recipe platform 24 / 7 access to The Hub Broken Arrow Gym

It’s not just another one of the Broken Arrow gyms. The Hub is different. Really, really different. It’s the place you want to be if your goal is to live a long and healthy life, surrounded by like-minded people who will support you along the way. The Hub is the place you want to be if you want to get fit, feel great, and look amazing. We know that the difference between a good gym and a great one comes down to the people who work there. That’s why we hire only the best trainers and staff in Broken Arrow.

So now it’s up to you. The Hub isn’t just a health club. It’s an active and inclusive community focused on your personal wellbeing. Stop by, take advantage of one of our trial membership packages, and experience something entirely new in Broken Arrow. A personal gym is important. It’s a place you can go to avoid being sedentary and instead work towards being happy and healthy. It’s a space where you can push your limits and learn to confront them at the same time. The Hub of Broken Arrow gyms is that place for me, and it will likely be that place for you too.