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Here at the Hub Gym, we are here to treat you like family. Every other Broken Arrow Gym is going to just treat you like a number, trying to lock you into a 1 year+ or more membership without explaining the hidden annual fees or over the top cancellation fees if you try to break the contract.



The Hub Gym offers a complete multi-discipline, Hybrid cross-training approach to fitness and well-being. At The Hub Gym, you will find variety, balance, high-caliber instruction, and boutique-style intimacy.

At The Hub Gym, clients will experience a culture led by real humans on their own fitness journey. We lead by example and authenticity. In addition to a customizable and dynamic fitness experience, The Hub Gym offers unrivaled customer service, facilities unlike any other, and a team of real humans interested in helping other real humans succeed. The Hub Gym engages, inspires, and challenges clients to drive them towards their individualized results.

At The Hub Gym we want to ensure our members’ investments reflect their goals and desires.

If we can help you with your decision please contact us at or schedule your private tour by calling
us at 918-994-4299


We have a saying here at The Hub Gym, “If you want to go fast, you go alone. But if you want to go far, you go together.”

We are also big supporters of families, so if you want to add anyone onto your membership, whether that be a significant other or child, we will give them a generous discount on their membership as well!

We believe that you will truly see results if you have a family member, or decide to invest in a Hub Fitness Coach, with you consistently because they will keep you accountable to your goals through all of the highs and lows in life.

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