The Hub Gym offers a complete multi-discipline, cross-training approach to fitness and well-being. At The Hub Gym, you will find variety, balance, high-caliber instruction, and boutique-style intimacy.

At The Hub Gym, clients will experience a culture led by top talent. In addition to a customizable and dynamic fitness experience, The Hub Gym offers unrivaled customer service, luxurious facilities, and cutting-edge fitness technology. The Hub Gym engages, inspires, and challenges clients to drive individualized results.

At The Hub Gym we want to ensure our members’ investments reflect their goals and desires. Below are a list of available fitness classes and membership details, if we can help you with your decision please contact us at or schedule your private tour by calling us at 918-994-4299


Here at the Hub Gym, we are here to treat you like family. Every other Broken Arrow Gym is going to just treat you like a number, trying to lock you into a 1 year+ or more membership without explaining the hidden annual fees or over the top cancellation fees if you try to break the contract.


We do things differently.

We believe you deserve to have a membership where it’s on a month to month basis, with no annual fees or cancellation fees so that you can pursue your fitness goals with what you have now and not having to worry about being locked into an eternal gym contract.

At the Hub Broken Arrow Gym, we also are huge supporters of first responders, military, those in the medical field, college, and more, and we provide a discount on our memberships for those who work in these fields.

We are also big supporters of families, so if you want to add anyone onto your membership, whether that be a significant other or child, we will give them a generous discount on their membership as well!

We have a saying that if you want to go fast, you go alone. But if you want to go far, you go together. It’s the same with fitness. We believe that you will truly see results if you have a friend or family member go with you consistently because they will keep you accountable to your goals through all of the highs and lows in life.

But we do more than just having better membership policies than every other Broken Arrow Gym: our exclusive memberships provide you with everything you need for pursuing your fitness journey and more.


Standard Membership

With our Standard Membership, you get true 24/7 access to our Broken Arrow Gym with your very own key fob. You also get to use our top of the line infrared sauna for FREE however much you’d like! This tool is great for reducing inflammation, burning several hundred calories, and just relaxing after a great workout or long day.

You also receive a free and exclusive First Step Consultation with our Fitness Coordinator! The First Step is a powerful tool for people both inexperienced and experienced in fitness. We go over your nutrition and fitness experience, help you define fitness goals tailored to your needs and dreams, give you an in depth in-body scan that will show you exactly how much muscle mass, body fat, and water that you have, then we take you through a workout to make sure your form is good to go on the best exercises for you.

We also answer any questions you might have about equipment and classes as well!

If you are wanting personal training, then after the First Step we will pair you up with the best personal trainer at our Broken Arrow Gym!

As for nutrition, you receive 20% off of our supplements in our nutrition shop, along with some free mini-snacks at the member services desk to help you push through!

Our Standard Membership also includes free fitness group classes throughout the week! Our classes include: The Hub Tribe at 5am, Yoga, Zumba, Fit with Britt, Free Fitness Saturday, Ladies Only Barbelles, and Boxing!


Hubstrong Membership

Here’s where your gym experience gets taken to a whole new level: So everything that you receive in the Standard Membership, you also receive exclusive and unlimited access to our Hubstrong Training Sessions!

These are 30 minute sessions throughout the week that are more enhanced and focused than general fitness classes. With these Hubstrong Sessions, you are going to learn a whole lot more about working out, and get an effective workout in with a coach in under 30 minutes. These are great for those with busy schedules, need accountability, or just want to continue learning new and better routines in the gym!

Our Hubstrong Sessions include: Hub Kettlebells (kettlebell exercises), Sculpt and Tone (strength and muscle definition), Can’t Resist (full body resistance bands – strength based), CRUNCH (core and cardio workouts), Prime and Restore (mobility, flexibility, recovery, and pre-workout mobility – full body), METCON (strength and conditioning with free weights), and so much more to come!

With the Hubstrong membership, you will also receive a free water everyday, an increased 25% discount on supplements, and an exclusive week pass for friends!


Wellness Membership

Now, Wellness is where it’s really at. You are going to get the most bang for your buck here. You are going to receive everything in our Standard and Hubstrong Memberships, and so much more.

Not only will you get a 30% discount on supplements, you will also get to pick one free supplement a month! Whether that’s a month’s worth of protein, pre workout, or vitamins, you get to pick one for free. Every. Month. Oh yeah!

Any friend or family member who wants to workout with you will also be able to workout for FREE! With a one free guest per day, anyone can workout with you!

You also have unlimited and free access to our top of the line In Body Scan that is utilized in our First Step Consultation. With it, you can track your progress on your muscle mass, body fat percentage, and weight, showing you everything you need to know about your fitness and helping you stay on the right course! It is superior to just stepping on a scale.

You also get further accountability and education with our monthly group check ins! Every month, our Nutrition Coach will walk you through your in body scan, answer any questions you have about what you’re doing in the gym, and give you quality nutritional education that is paramount to your success in the gym. You will also be able to build more community with the small groups that you meet with!

If you truly want to change your life and begin this fitness journey now, then come join us, and let’s run this race together!

Take Your First Step Towards Fitness

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