Looking for Broken Arrow personal training, group class-style training and the highest rated and most reviewed gym experience in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area?

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Here at The Hub Broken Arrow Gym, we specialize in providing Broken Arrow’s most affordable personal training, group class-style training and overall gym experience.

You are not just another number to us. You matter, your health and fitness matter, and we want to help you succeed in your fitness goals. Why? Because you deserve it. We are here to serve you.

We are not like most box gyms where you get stuck in a year or more contract for personal training or a membership and then are promptly forgotten. No, here at The Hub Gym we make it a point to know your name, to help you clarify your fitness goals, and give you everything you need in order to realize those fitness goals.



Our service to you in your fitness journey encompasses the three essential aspects of fitness so that you can become everything you ever wanted to be, to feel confident in yourself and your body.

  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Accountability




Starting with fitness, we have fully certified personal trainers who know everything you need to know about fitness. From proper form on every workout, to adaptable workouts for those with disabilities/injuries, and to training for athletes, stay at home moms, those who are retired, and everyone in between, our trainers are fully prepared and excited to meet you where you are at in life and to help you reach your fitness goals.

That is why we give all of our members a free fitness consultation where we sit you down with one of our personal trainers to go over your fitness goals, overview what your diet looks like, answer any questions you might have about physical training, and go through a whole workout with you to make sure you feel confident and ready in the gym.

You don’t have to do this alone, and our trainers are here to serve you. If you are interested in personal training, we have the most affordable in town, and we will see to it that you succeed.



What you eat is just as important as training in the gym. There’s a saying that you cannot out-train a bad diet, and this is 100% true. If you are not eating enough protein, you won’t grow as much muscle or strength to reach your fitness goals.

Nutrition can be very challenging, whether that’s because of accountability, food aversions/allergies, or even just not knowing enough about which foods are best for you and what you are wanting. Everyone has different physical needs when it comes to food and trying to understand what you need to eat in order to progress in your fitness journey can be extremely daunting at first.

To help you in this, we have fully certified nutritionists who are here to help guide you through all of the confusion and complexity of how our bodies react to food and the best food for you. We have had incredible testimonies with our clients in working with our nutritionists, which you can see for yourself on our social media (check out our story highlight “Nutrition” on instagram: thehubgym).

Additionally, we have a fully stocked nutrition shop, with everything from protein powders, pre-workouts, vitamins, protein snacks/shakes, energy drinks, and more. Since we are locally owned, we can also take personal requests if you have a special supplement that you need that most gyms or stores don’t carry (like egg protein or supplements that are paleo friendly, for instance).

Whatever it is that you need, our nutritionists can help guide you into healing yourself and empowering your fitness journey.



The third important aspect of fitness that our team will give to you is the incredible community and accountability that we foster.

There will be days that you don’t feel like training, or when life gets really challenging. Our team knows that and are here to motivate you, cheer you on, and keep you accountable to your purpose in coming to our welcoming gym: to pursue a healthier you.

Whether that’s through one-on-one personal training, free group classes, or even just a friendly smile when you walk into the gym, our trainers and our team, along with our members, are going to help you keep going, unlike every other gym out there.

That’s why we also introduced our newest Hubstrong Training sessions, which are a lot more focused than general fitness classes and teach you the specifics of working out, along with accountability by our phenomenal fitness coaches, all for under 30 minute training sessions. We got you covered if you are needing accountability and knowledge in kettlebell training, core and cardio workouts, stretching and mobility work, sculpting and toning workouts, and so much more.

We are going to keep you accountable, and we will see to it that you succeed in your fitness journey.

If you are looking to learn more about the personal training, group classes or gym memberships that we offer, simply start your first month for just $1 by clicking HERE


Your first month of membership at The Hub includes:

  • Your First Step: A free fitness consultation with an expert personal trainer and/or nutritionist
  • Unlimited access to our group fitness classes for FREE
  • Access to our in-depth Hubstrong Training Sessions
  • 100% access to our online healthy eating and recipe platform
  • 24 / 7 access to The Hub Broken Arrow Gym
  • A very cleaned and well maintained gym by our passionate team
  • Great discounts on the best supplements in town in our fully stocked nutrition store
  • An amazing, encouraging community to keep you accountable and to cheer you on



Your first month of your membership at The Hub Gym is only $1. We provide your first month experience for just $1 because we are confident that you will love your experience so much that you will want to join the gym and to become a regular member at the always affordable prices.

Start your fitness transformation today by scheduling your first month at The Hub Broken Arrow gym today for just $1.

About the Hub Gym:

The Hub Gym has been around for over 10 years in the Broken Arrow area.
The Hub Gym provides state-of-the-art fitness equipment that is well-maintained.
The Hub Gym provides an expert team of personal trainers and fitness gurus who are committed to getting you into the best shape of your life.

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