Broken Arrow Fitness Center – The Hub Gym Has Your Back!

The Hub Gym is not just a gym, it’s a family. We are working to create a space that we all can use to get healthy and stay fit. We offer free weights, machines, group classes, personal training, nutrition programs and more! Our trainers are here to help you reach your goals and set new ones!


Why The Hub Gym is the best Broken Arrow Fitness Center

We are a family. We have a nutrition shop, group classes and personal training. We have everything you would find in a traditional gym.

We are not just a gym; we want to be your community hub. The trainers will create a plan for you that fits your goals and lifestyle and will help get you there!

We would be pumped to have you join our family and amazing Broken Arrow Fitness Center!


Our goal is to provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, working with a personal trainer will help you get the most out of your training program.

A personal trainer can help design an effective workout plan. They can also teach proper form for specific exercises using equipment such as dumbbells and barbells.

A nutritionist can help develop an eating plan that fits your lifestyle and individual needs.*Group classes are a great way to meet new people while getting fit! You may even learn some new moves from other members that could be incorporated into your own workouts.*One-on-one sessions offer greater flexibility in scheduling (no need for childcare) and focus specifically on your needs.

The Hub Gym has several amenities including free weights, cardio machines, treadmills, ellipticals, multiple flat screen TV’s mounted throughout the facility which allows members to watch their favorite sports teams while lifting weights or working out on cardio machines.

Being part of The Hub Gym means belonging somewhere where people enjoy spending time together doing something healthy; it’s like having hundreds of friends who keep each other accountable through group activities such as boxing or weekly Zumba Classes.


We are a family

We are a family. We are a fitness center. We are a community hub. We want our clients to feel like they have a second home in the gym and that’s why we take pride in what we do at The Hub Gym!

Our cleanliness is unparalleled and our staff goes above and beyond to make sure that every single member is greeted with open arms and warmth in every interaction they have with us here at The Hub Gym!

Fitness isn’t just about lifting weights; it’s also about being healthy and getting out of your comfort zone, which is why we have plenty of cardio equipment so you can get your heart rate up while enjoying some friendly competition on our treadmills or ellipticals!

Not only do we offer weight training classes but also powerlifting competitions (sponsored by local businesses) where you can show off what you’ve been working hard on at home or at work! 🙂


We are a fitness center and community hub.

Our goal is to be more than just a gym, but also a place where you can come and be active with other people in your community.

We offer many free programs like yoga, Zumba classes, boot camp sessions and much more!

In addition to our great community events we have many other features including a snack bar with healthy options for your morning or afternoon pick-me-up.


The Hub Gym offers everything you would find in a traditional gym and more.

We offer group classes, personal training, and nutrition programs to help you achieve your health goals.

We have a Broken Arrow fitness center with a wide range of equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and weight machines. If you are looking for something more specific we can help develop a program based on your needs.

Our community hub will provide the tools necessary to live an active lifestyle while learning about proper nutrition and exercise techniques so that our members can reach the desired results they desire.

We are confident that The Hub Gym will be able to fulfill all of your fitness needs with our top of the line Broken Arrow Fitness Center!


Our Broken Arrow Fitness Center has awesome free weights and machines.

We offer a variety of training equipment to help you reach your fitness goals. We have free weights, machines and barbells for building muscle and toning. Our equipment includes things like a leg press machine, elliptical cross trainer, stationary bike and treadmill.

Our outdoor equipment is available during the warmer months.


Group Classes for You!

Our group fitness classes are designed to burn fat, build muscle and increase your cardiovascular endurance.

Every class is catered to the clientele with safe movements that are modified as needed. In addition to our standard gym equipment we use resistance bands and hula hoops in many of our classes. We offer everything from high intensity interval training (HIIT) to yoga to TRX suspension training at The Hub Gym!

We also offer athletic conditioning for athletes who want an extra challenge in their workouts while training at The Hub Gym!


Personal Training Designed for You

Our trained staff can design a custom program just for you whether it be focused on weight loss or gaining muscle mass.

We provide friendly one-on-one guidance throughout your workout so that you can reach your individualized goals safely and efficiently! If there’s any problem areas we’ll find those too so don’t worry about being embarrassed about what parts of your body need some work! We’ve got plenty of tools or aids available should any equipment not be available at first glance.”


Nutrition & Diet Programs

Our trainers will work with you to develop a plan that will get you to your goals!

When you want to make a positive change in your life, it can be difficult to know where to start. Having a personal trainer can help you get started on the right foot by providing guidance and motivation along the way.

A professional fitness instructor will help you develop an exercise program that is based on your individual needs, abilities and goals. A good trainer will also provide motivation when needed so that clients stick with their workout routines for the long haul.

And don’t forget about diet: your personal trainer can help make sure that you’re eating well in order to fuel your workouts and stay strong throughout them.


The Hub Gym Broken Arrow Fitness Center has a nutrition shop to You!

The nutrition shop is a great resource for healthy eating and living. We have a wide range of healthy food options and drinks for you to choose from. Come in today and learn about what we have!


The Hub Gym is the Best Broken Arrow Fitness Center

At The Hub Gym, we understand that you’re not just a member of a gym. You are a member of our family. We provide the best workout experience in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and we also offer many other benefits that make us unique.

We are not just another fitness center or community hub—we are both! At The Hub Gym, we offer top-notch services such as personal training, group classes, functional training and free weights so you can get the most out of your workout while on the go!

We at The Hub Gym are committed to helping you achieve your goals. We have everything you need to be successful, and we are here for you every step of the way!

It’s time to start living your life with purpose and passion—it all starts with a decision to make today better than yesterday.