I love working out. I’ve been working out since high school, and it’s not just because it helps me stay in shape. It gives me a chance to be alone with my thoughts, clear my head and set goals that I know will get me where I want to go. But it took some time for me to figure out how best to get my money’s worth when going to the gym—and now that I do know what works best for me, I also know what won’t work for you! Here are some things I wish someone had told me about using a gym membership instead of wasting money:

Gyms are great, but the standard type is not for everyone. If you’re like me, working out at a gym can be intimidating—and it’s not because of the machines or the crowds, it’s because of how it’s portrayed by stars on social media. We see an Instagram star use a piece of equipment and think, “I need that to look like them” but that is not the case. Social Media made fitness look like it is easy and all you need to do is these 4 exercises and BOOM, you have a six pack. So annoying! Typically, there are some real legit ways to get the most from your gym membership. But first, get rid of the “TikTok” idea of gyms and fitness.
So how am I supposed to get my work out on if I have no idea what I am doing? And even worse: how am I supposed to remember what exactly it is that makes up my work out if I’m constantly focused on this new flashy exercise or machine that some dude on Tren with 2.5 million followers said I should use?
Well fear not! Here’s some advice from yours truly (me).
The first thing you need to do is be confident. The gym can be intimidating if it’s the wrong type. I sometimes don’t want to go to certain places because it’s crowded, and space is taken up by people who don’t care to have you there. What I do is get a basic workout put together and start that routine. Use YouTube, relationships you build, and staff in the gym to build up that confidence!
Next, you should also find a trainer. This is the most important part of your gym membership, as they have knowledge and expertise in fitness that can help you get better results. They can also create a personalized plan for you so when you go to the gym, all you need to do is work out! If creating a routine and learning exercises sounds like a lot of work, then maybe hiring someone is the right option.
Lastly, you should take advantage of the time you have at the gym. Most people are not in there for more than an hour, so that means you need to maximize your workout by doing high intensity exercises and maybe even some supersets. Don’t do the body building thing where you train only one muscle at a time, focus on compound lifts for a majority of your workout and add accessory workouts only when necessary, meaning curls should be for maybe 1-2 sets till failure, not for 15 sets.

You can reach your physical fitness potential and body goals through functional fitness training. Functional fitness training is a holistic approach that focuses on the body, rather than just one muscle group at a time. It’s also an excellent way to get in shape and get stronger—all in just one session!
Functional fitness training is great for beginners because it teaches you how to balance your workout routine with proper form and movement patterns that will help prevent injury down the road (which no one wants). It’s also ideal for people who’ve been working out all their lives but are looking for something new or different to try out.


The best way to reach your goals is by hiring a professional.

Trainers will help you reach your goals faster, more efficiently, effectively, and safely. A personal trainer in Broken Arrow can also prevent injury and make sure that you’re healthy!
Personal training may be the most effective way for someone who’s been working out on their own for years but still hasn’t reached their fitness goals yet; or for someone who has never exercised at all before in their life (or if they’ve only ever done cardio).
This does not mean that hiring a personal trainer in Broken Arrow is the best way to work out for everyone. It can be expensive, which means it might not be feasible for some people. That is why we have many options for you available at our gym. If you are already working with a trainer but aren’t seeing results because they’re not putting enough effort into designing your workouts, then maybe it’s time to find someone else. Stay tuned and we’ll show you how.

  • Make sure your personal trainer in Broken Arrow is certified and insured. Liability is important, so them being insured protects you, the client, if they do something wrong. Being certified doesn’t necessarily mean they are “better” but it can give you a good indication that they are working to improve.
  • Insurance is important to protect you in case of injury. It’s also good for the client as it shows that the company cares about them and their well-being.
  • A certified or licensed personal trainer in Broken Arrow will have more knowledge about exercise than someone who isn’t, but make sure they know how to work with other clients like you! Many times, a trainer will lean on their certification to say they know how to exercise, but there is more to it than that.


There are a lot of personal trainer in Broken Arrows out there, and it can be hard to tell which ones good and which ones are aren’t.
I mean, sure—they might have a ton of followers on Instagram or TikTok or whatever. But does that really mean anything? Do those followers stick around for the long haul? Does your trainer have any success stories in their camp?
If you ask any good personal trainer in Broken Arrow: yes! They should be able to show you testimonials from their clients who have achieved their goals (whatever those goals may be). They should also be able to show before-and-after pictures of other people who’ve had successful transformations with them as well. And finally, they should also have references from other people who’ve worked with them as well.

If a trainer has an egotistical attitude, look elsewhere. A good trainer will have humility and respect for their clients. They will be open to feedback and criticism and are willing to learn from new techniques. They should also be honest, trustworthy, and able to explain the why behind the workouts they suggest you do so that you can understand what your body is doing during each exercise.

Working with a trainer should allow you to do more. You can do more things when you’re fit. Are you a parent? You’ll be able to play with the kids and enjoy their energy. Are you married or dating someone? You’ll be able to train with your significant other. Do you want to start a business? You’ll have more stamina, which means that you can work harder and longer hours than ever before!

You may have no idea how far fitness can take you until you try it out for yourself! And many times we discount the value of working with a trainer because we only look into that moment of “I’m working with someone, paying them to teach me how to exercise.”