Sometimes it just simply says, “Come on in we are open”. other times it’s to promote something that is happening for that week or holiday. We have all seen various types of window art. Most commonly at stores that have sales like mattress sales, auto shops, and also see a lot of them at restaurants. A lot of window art has themes. But you know where I don’t see a lot of window art? And it’s surprising because there are so many opportunities for window art to be used at these locations. I’m talking about Tulsa gyms. I have not seen a single Tulsa gym that has window art. Now I know out of all the Tulsa gyms that are out there, a lot of them are franchisor corporate-owned. But that doesn’t mean that all Tulsa gyms that are privately owned, or even the ones that are corporate-owned. So let’s say all Tulsa gyms, should probably use a little bit more window art. not just for the fact that with window art the Tulsa gyms would stand out a bit more. But also because it’ll protect from the sun rays coming in and being too bright on hot days. It also helps people who go to Tulsa gyms feel a little bit more confident about using equipment that is right up against the window. Yes, some of the Tulsa Gyms happen to have their main windows on Main Street. 

Sometimes this makes people who are using equipment right by windows to not feel as confident or comfortable about walking by traffic. Or the people who are looking in while they’re waiting at a red light. So if window art happened to be on most of these windows for a lot of the Tulsa gyms, I think we’d find ourselves a lot more confident about working out and not worried about people looking in at us. It’s bad enough sometimes that when people join a gym they don’t have the confidence or self-esteem as others do. Not a lot of people like working out in front of a mirror. I mean yeah you could do window art on a mirror I suppose. But we all know that the mirror at a gym is actually useful. They help us with watching our own form. We look to make sure we are using form properly. Because If we are not properly looking at our form, we could be doing movements improperly. Improper form can lead to so many minor and major injuries. A mirror can be an option with art like borders and or statements that are inspirational. 

When I think of window art I find myself always thinking of the scene in that film, Pleasantville. The film was a very clever idea in regards to showing how there’s a lot of culture in the world. a lot of people have a very different way of doing things. And when you allow people to come together as one, it really starts to bring color into your life. And my gosh I really hope you’ve seen this movie. It’s such a great film. It makes fun of the idea of what classic family TV was back in the old black and white days. And so it has this beautiful scene where this gentleman who owns a burger and milkshake facility finds himself in love with different types of art. Falls and stuff in love with the so many versions of colors and hues that there are in the world. Like the fact that there are so many different shades of blue. And so many different shades of your primary colors.

He gets so fascinated by that. And so he starts to draw on his window art and people are like wowed by it some people think it’s strange and weird. But still, window art is impressive sometimes. You’ll see these remarkable versions of window art and it’s just insane how some people can take an image and place it on a shiny surface giving people the ability to see a location from down the street or even further. That way people can notice your business. So window art has a lot of perks and benefits to it. depending as to how well the window art looks. If it’s not that great people will find themselves finding the business a little tacky thinking the business is a little odd.

A rumor has it that one of the Tulsa gyms, the hub gym in Broken Arrow, is thinking of doing window art. Thinking of placing something to interact with or show information with. I’m not 100% sure what they’re going to do or what their plans are. It’s just something that I heard the owner mentioned they were thinking of doing. The hub gym is located at 507 North Main Street. It’s in Broken Arrow, pretty much like the heart of Broken Arrow. It’s in the Rose district which is considered to be like old Town Broken Arrow. So everything is very classy looking it’s kind of where all the major small businesses are located. 

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the small businesses in Broken Arrow, you really should. there’s new stores and old stores there’s a lot of stuff that is coming around and showing up these days. There is a really delicious tea facility. A really fun local Oklahoma t-shirt and memorabilia kind of store. There’s a delicious chocolate store. An amazing pizza and libation store restaurant I think I meant to say. Yeah, we wouldn’t call restaurant stores, would we? I mean like I know they sell things and you buy things. And sometimes you end up spilling it on you, so I guess you’re wearing some of their products sometimes. But yeah it would be a restaurant, not a store.

But I think every little kind of homie location needs to have like a Main Street kind of break down. In fact, I mean I’m pretty sure a lot of old towns or even new towns have really nice old parts of town that have kind of been renovated to show themselves as like a historic district for that city. And a lot of times when they’re renovated they’re given like tiny little shops to admire small mom and pop kind of facilities. Some of them have a lot of like restaurants that are like the kind of food you wouldn’t get just anywhere else. Just kind of really drives a crowd in.