With so many Tulsa gyms that are available for you to use, why did we think it was necessary to start up at the Hub gym? Well, we wanted there to be an option available for people who did not feel comfortable going into gym without having any experience. Too many gyms are geared toward Fitness buffs only, and anyone else is ostracized or made fun of. However, whenever you come to the Hub gym, that will not be the case. We are dedicated to maintaining and welcoming atmosphere that encourages community and respect. Whenever you come to see us, no matter if it is your first time stepping into a gym or if you have been working out for your entire life, we will always make certain that you know that you are loved and accepted here.

Another reason that we founded the Hub gym is because we wanted people to have the ability to have a more well-rounded Fitness experience. All of the Tulsa gyms have fitness equipment and classes, but very few of them have nutritional counseling or a meal plans. We wanted to change this so that people can have a better time with trying to figure out how to take care of their diet as well as taking care of their Fitness. If you are wanting to lose weight, it is going to be very helpful to you to take care of your diet, as well, for we cannot be lost if you continue eating the same way that you did when you gained the weight in the first place. With our help, though, and you can learn the tools needed to help yourself live a healthier life.

Like the other Tulsa gyms, we offer all sorts of amazing Fitness classes for you to try out, for we love for people to be able to work out together and Community. Come try out Zumba, yoga, boot camp, boxing, breakdancing, and so much more. We even have some classes that are friendly for kids , so feel free to get in contact with us to see what would work best for your young ones.

We would love for you to come try us out for your first month for only a dollar. This means that you will have all the benefits of membership for the entire month so that you can see for yourself the difference that we can make for all your Fitness needs.Once the month is up, you will be able to enroll in our membership program at a price that is much better than what you will find at many other gyms in the area. Therefore, not only will you be surrounded by a group of people who care about every aspect of your well-being, but you will also be able to save money as compared to the other gym memberships nearby.

Give us a call today at (918) 994-4299 or visit our website, thehubgym.com, and fill out the form on the Contact Us page. We are located at 507 N. Main St. in Broken Arrow, OK, so come check us out. Be sure to give us a like on Facebook, too!

Tulsa Gyms | Call Us For A Fitness Plan

Why would you call the Hub gym when there are so many other Tulsa gyms out there? Well, first of all, whenever you work with us, you were going to be working with a company that is geared toward making a certain that you succeed in every area of your Fitness life. Not only will you be able to get access to amazing exercising and group fitness classes, but you also be able to have access to nutritional counseling and meal plans, which can be a great way to help solidify your fitness journey. Come check us out today to see how eating right and exercising can together help change your life.

Other reason that you should call us is because we are a gym that is open 24/7. It can be difficult to find a Tulsa gyms that are open every hour of the day, every day of the week, but we know how complicated is your schedule is. Your hours of availability and might be exceedingly different from the hours of some of our other members, so we wanted to make certain that you would always have access to us whenever you need us.

We have so many different options for you when it comes to fitness and exercise. Like other Tulsa gyms, we have some amazing selections for Zumba, yoga, boxing, and boot camp classes. Unlike other gyms, we also have breakdancing classes that are accessible to younger children, as well. If you have a child that is in need of a physical Outlet, this might be a great opportunity for them.

We would love for you to come check it out for the first month of your membership for only $1. We love being able to have this great offer for new members because it allows them to try us out without any Financial Risk. Of course, you will also find out that our gym is one of the cheaper options in the Tulsa area, so you can rest assured that you will be saving money when you choose to work with us as opposed to many of the other gyms in the area. For only $40 a month, you will have access to all of the fitness equipment and the Nutritional planning that you need, not to mention the free towel services and the sauna. And when you take into account that you can get into the gym at any hours a day, any day of the week, you will know that this is definitely a good deal.

Give us a call today at (918) 994-4299 or visit our website, thehubgym.com, and fill out the form on the Contact Us page. We are located at 507 N. Main St. in Broken Arrow, OK, so come check us out. Be sure to give us a like on Facebook, too! We look forward to working with you and to you helping you live your best life.