The funny thing about weather is that it seems to always come about in the worst ways when you have planned to do great things for yourself. Like I can imagine if I was a jogger or even a runner how annoyed I would be about planning to do a run and then find out that it’s going to be raining all week, or that it’s going to be storming so you have to find a way to dress accordingly so that you’re comfortable but also preventing yourself from injury. I mean even if you were like a biker, or should I say a bicyclist I believe is what you would call yourself if you wrote a manual bicycle versus a motorized bicycle. I’m assuming that’s what you would call yourself is a bicyclist. You probably have to like make sure you have the right tires on. I mean I can only assume since like bikes don’t really have like all-weather terrain tires. Some of them are mountain-based tires, others are cruising tires, others are the kind of tires that you would ride around on the sand. Some of them are those weird narrow tires that you would use for I guess like tour France. All I know is I’m thankful that there is Tulsa gym.

Or should I say that there is a Tulsa gym. Because when it’s something I want to do but it’s really crummy outside, I can just go to a Tulsa gym and find myself a bicycle to ride on. It won’t be an active bicycle, it’ll be more like an exercise bicycle that allows me to peddle as hard or as fast as I want to. And I can even change up the way that it allows me to pedal so that it feels like I’m going uphill most of the time or a little bit more of a terrain kind of ride.  Or even people who are runners, or joggers, or just like taking a walk.

A Tulsa gym will have different forms of machines that will give you that kind of sensation. You can be able to use a treadmill which is the most common thing to do cardio but you can adjust the speeds so that you can either go for a walk, or you can go for a jog, or you can go for a really fast run. And if you want to add a little bit more of an outdoors kind of feel. A lot of them have features where you can say that you want like an uphill with a downhill kind of train and no actually incline or decline you as you go to make it feel like you’re actually having to climb up a hill and then also slow down for downhills. Which does really well for your leg muscles and also keeps you interested in your jog walk or run.

And then there are people who have like knee or hip injuries, so Tulsa gym will also have like an elliptical machine. These elliptical machines have gone through a lot of changes and a lot of advances. The elliptical machine has been able to resemble just the stroll and put less stress on your knees and on your hip joints. The elliptical machine has also been able to focus on specific muscles in your legs. You can say that you want to focus on your calves and it’ll adjust the incline and speed so that your focus on your steps is very much based on your calves. And then outside of the elliptical machines, there are also exercise bikes which allows you to pretty much ride the way you would on any bike. Tulsa gym also is a good place to go so that you can do cardio machines that don’t have to do it like movements. For example, you can focus on hand bicycling so that you can be able to work your arms out and still get good cardio.

One thing that I’d like to say that I wish most things were out of Tulsa gym or maybe like racquetball. Be nice to have a way to be active but yet still enjoy yourself a bit more. they don’t take that much space up as the way tennis court would. They also don’t really deal with having to be good weather conditions. And it could just be one or two-room inside a building. But then again I understand there’s not a lot of space for Tulsa gyms to have that. but one thing that I do find very funny is that almost in every Tulsa gym you’ll find that they have different types of protein. And some would sell the only thing that they think is the best thing. Then others would also sell what you would find at any convenience store. But all of them every single Tulsa gym will have vanilla-flavored something.

so sometimes you just got to find out what it is that you want to do or what you’re looking to do. And even what kind of protein you’re thinking of taking. I know it has nothing to do with a Tulsa gym but protein apparently is something that they offer at these locations. Some of them might even offer vitamins other locations might even offer food. But it all depends as to what Tulsa gym you decide to go to. 

You hear so much about like juicing and how like cold-pressed juices are really good for you. But I wish more cold-pressed juice things were available at a Tulsa gym. It just would be great to be able to like grab your own protein drinks there or get your own juices made. But sometimes the gems do offer the opportunity for you to buy already pre-bottled options so I guess that’s good. There’s just something special about fresh juice being pressed in front of you. About it is nice and cold and chilled right in front of you. Or being able to choose or make your own drink options and have it made right in front of you so you can enjoy it when you need it.