Do not wait any longer for a gym that will satisfy all of your needs and goals and a gym that will treat you seriously, because your goals should be valued! You are probably searching for a Tulsa gym that makes you feel like a real person, who is highly valued instead of treated just like a number. Well the Hub gym in Broken Arrow is the answer to all of your searching! Do not search any longer! We truly care here about your fitness journey and we would like to learn what you want to accomplish and what your fitness goals are. Come visit us at the Hub gym situated in the Broken Arrow Rose District, a beautiful Rich historic district on Main Street and 71st street. We will help you make progress and find Real Results so that you can get in shape and feel your best and have energy again! We are looking to build a family here too, a real community of people who are driven toward their goals and who want to cheer each other on because we are all working together in this process to be our best selves. Please do not settle for a mediocre Tulsa gym when you can have the absolute best facility here with a wonderful environment right here in Broken Arrow. No matter what it is we can help you with your needs. This Tulsa Jim has been rated at the top time and time again. And you can come see for yourself why! You can visit us online at or you can call us at 918.994.4299. Come see why we are the best, please get connected with us today! See why our Tulsa gym, The Hub gym is voted the best in Tulsa and the Broken Arrow area! We promise we will deliver results! When you start out, we will give you a tour of our facility and make sure we know what your goals are so that we can specify and point out the specific equipment or tools you will need to succeed at your goals. We have free Fitness classes included in our membership, as well as a medical grade infrared sauna that is safer on your body than regular steam saunas and this is included in your membership as well. Just schedule a time to use it during our office hours. We also have a complimentary towel service during our office hours. We also offer a full supplement shop at the front desk area in the front desk is available for your purchases during office hours as well. Whether it is regular protein or macronutrients, because we also partner with macro meals which will guarantee you are getting all of your Macros so your proteins, fats and carbs are all included in one meal! You can order online or you can just pick up in the front desk because we always have a few in the fridge in that area. It would be a great grab after an intense workout! To make sure you are getting the nutrients you need! This Tulsa gym also comes with a room outside an area outside that has Atlas Stones tires, sacks, for those that want to do perhaps what some refer to as the caveman style workouts! Some people absolutely love this! We also have a room in the back full of squat racks, and a deadlift platform and leg machines for those that are more serious and are doing more intense workouts. This Tulsa gym offers a diverse array of services and equipment for you whatever your goals are, whether it is your first time in the gym or you are a seasoned lifter, this is the place for you! With a wonderful family feel, we have been rated High time and time again because of our positive environment and excellent staff and trainers who want to see you succeed, you can’t help but smile when you walk in the door because you are greeted with such joyful faces! We are not making this up. Come see for yourself by scheduling a tour with us. You can call us at 918-299-4429 or you can go online to visit us at the Hub You can see what we’re all about over there. You can also see our video testimonials on there are current members who are just excited to be here. We will treat you like family and I like you really matter. Do not be a stranger here. And we also understand that sometimes, you will just want to run in, pump out a quick and solid workout, then head out. We understand that too, and we believe everyone here does. But we understand that if you become a consistent member, and you come in and workout regularly, there are simply some days where you are frustrated, or have more time than usual, hence more relaxed with the amount of time you have at our excellent Tulsa Gym, and you will appreciate the warm environment, full of people who are not strangers to each other, and not in competition with each other, but instead are a family. A real of community who know we are all in our individual health journeys, but that can be a team and acknowledge the people around us and cheer them on as well! There is such power in community, and we acknowledge that and run with it head-on here at this Tulsa Gym. Here, we guarantee you will not feel that silly, ridiculous intimidation some people feel at other gyms. We are 100% NOT about that. You should look forward to visiting the gym, not dread it. If you look forward to it and see that being at our Tulsa Gym is a positive experience, you are more likely to make it a consistent part of your routine, and that is what will bring you success! Take that to heart, we mean what we say. We want to see you succeed, or else this place would not be here, and we would send all our trainers’ home. Our trainers are serious about results, and have been in your shoes. They want to help you experience what they achieved for themselves, and show you you are valued and your goals matter. Visit us today!