Two people go to Broken Arrow gyms. One does forty-five sets for chest and back and the other does only sixteen sets. Who got the better workout? The answer is the one who had the best quality of their workout! Person one came to the gym with three hours in mind and began with six different chest exercises and twenty-four sets. Then came the back workout with only half the back muscles, but twice the work. Basically the whole workout got him moving, but did not work the muscles how they should be worked. The other person did a third of the sets, but worked his body much harder. He focused on the quality of every rep instead of the quantity. In every situation, quality beats quantity. If you want to control your nutrition, get better quality food. If you want bigger muscles, learn how to provoke quality contractions. If you want to lose weight at Broken Arrow gyms, follow a quality plan; do not just do something for a while. In whatever you do, choose to do it with the highest quality possible and you will see amazing things happen. When following a program to help you achieve your goals, you should do one of two things: invest time into understanding how and why, or higher a professional who has put in the time to understand the how. Let’s take a closer look at what a quality training routine looks like.

First, a quality routine includes a plan for when you will workout, what you are training, and the improvements to your basic lifestyle. That could look like this: workout plan is five days per week on an alternating schedule of back and biceps day one, chest, shoulders and triceps on day two, and legs on day three, then continuing to rotate these days on a five day split. During the workout, however, every set is done with purpose. The first set will be challenging by almost reaching failure within the first set. From there, the abs were trained to ensure proper core strength. By the end of the first set of exercises, you should already feel the burn in your muscles, and from there we continue training different fibers in the body. So now we begin a more fast twitch muscle fiber exercise. That could be power deadlifts, dead rows, jumping pushups, jumping squats, box jumps, push presses, and many other exercises. Several sets later, we switch to a compound athletic movement where the focus is using several muscle groups at the same time to cause muscle cohesion and cause the brain to be better stimulated and produce better nerve pathways in the brain. After finishing these portions of the workout at Broken Arrow gyms, mind you focusing on bringing the muscles to failure, you will do one final workout known as the finisher. The finisher is done to bring the body to exhaustion as quickly as possible, elevate the heart rate, and complete the workout. After this workout, I guarantee you are tired and it is significantly more effective than doing three sets of ten or twelve of each exercise. Train with intensity! Train hard! Do not simply exercise; workout with a purpose every time you train at Broken Arrow gyms! If you simply lift for the sake of lifting, you will not achieve the goals you think you will. Three sets of twelve on five exercises are worthless without intensity. Increasing the quality of your workout by having a plan and training till failure.

These new found gains you shall receive through your increased intensity of lifting will be worthless without proper nutrition to back that up. We all know that the standard American diet is completely useless when it comes to nutrition, but what we do not realize is that a typical standard lifting diet is void of almost all nutrients as well! Rice, chicken, and your choice of vegetables has very few fat soluble vitamins, it requires you to eat constantly, and it triggers your gut bacteria to signal for you to eat sweets because of the carbohydrates being broken down into glucose. Even if you consume a diet rich in healthy fats with carbohydrates when necessary, it is highly likely your hormones will be out of balance due to food being of low quality. Instead, opt for the highest quality food you can afford! High quality beef is found to give your body most of the fat soluble vitamins your body needs in low quantities, and when compounded with fatty fish, quality cheeses, butter, and locally grown produce, you provide your body with ten times the nutrients, better fuel, and your hormones will be much better in balance. Opt for a diet low in processed food, high in protein from animal sources, high in fat soluble vitamins, and a diet where your carb consumption is controlled either through meal timing or intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is also a highly beneficial thing for your body and overall health you can do that requires little effort. The only thing you need to do is skip breakfast. Your body will then use your stored fat for its energy, and it will repair broken and damaged cells after twelve hours without food. Choose times such as twelve and eight in the evening, and between those times you may eat what you want. Outside of those times, you choose not to eat anything but water and coffee.

The final quality change you need to make is majorly improving your sleep quality. Going to bed but spending time on your phone scrolling through social media is not quality rest. Your brain is highly stimulated by the light emitted by your phone, so putting your phone away thirty to forty-five minutes before bed would be best. Next, give yourself the proper time to sleep. The human body needs at least five to six hours of sleep for proper function. Interrupting that sleep by having the TV on, or watching a show on Netflix does your body no benefit. Instead, set up a routine for yourself. Start by turning off your phone, taking a shower, and then brushing your teeth. After that, meditate to calm your mind. Breathe regularly, and practice what is called a yoga breath, by breathing in through your nose and exhaling deeply through your mouth. Do this for five minutes and you will be set and ready to sleep. Quantity is often mistaken for quality, but by simply tweaking the quantity, you can create quality and meaningful actions every day in your life. Choose to make quality decisions. Choose your best life. Choose Broken Arrow gyms.