There is truly something spectacular about the Hub Gym in Broken Arrow, that makes me just want to keep coming back. Something about the vibe, you have to have the vibe exactly right in order to keep wanting to come back, especially when searching for personal trainers in Broken Arrow. And I’ve even tried other Tulsa Gyms. There is nothing quite like the Hub gym. I’ve tried to get accustomed to other gyms, I’ve tried to just get over some things that are lacking that I’ve experienced at the Hub gym, truly for convenience’s sake, maybe because it’s closer to my home, but it’s just not the same. When searching for Tulsa Gyms, nothing beats the Hub gym located in Broken Arrow, in downtown Broken Arrow in the Rose District. Something about the atmosphere, the lighting, the music, The Sounds, the people! My goodness, the clientele is fantastic and so friendly and warm to be around. I don’t feel like an absolute stranger even if I don’t know anybody in the gym. They actually got something right about that atmosphere. You will be greeted by warm and friendly staff members when you come to the front desk.

You will even catch people in the gym smiling at you as you walk throughout the facility. People there are all about community and welcoming each other including personal trainers in Broken Arrow. People understand that it is a warm environment and that it’s going to stay that way! I’m looking for Tulsa Gyms, look no further than the Hub gym in Broken Arrow. We are right across from Goodyear Tire, and we are in the same shopping strip on the northeast corner of the Rose District! We are right next to rise grind and ride coffee, then tattoo and winter salon. You will find that we have plenty to offer, and it is very efficient as far as our sign-up process. Our memberships are just month to month, so you are not looked locked in at any contract. There is simply a one-time $40 enrollment fee as well as a one-time $20 purchase for our 24/7 access key fob. Curious about the dollar first month? Well, if you either purchase three sessions of personal training for $99 flat, or you and Roland personal training, you can truly get the dollar first month. Or, if you agree to a six-month agreement at the Hub gym, then you get the dollar first month. Otherwise, there was simply a one-time $40 enrollment fee, but you will not pay for your membership until 30 days from then! Hour cancellation policy is very simple to. We do not take over the phone cancellations, they must be done in person. If you cancel by the 20th, you will not be charged the following month. Are there any Tulsa gyms that make it simpler than this?

New members also get one free session with a personal trainers in Broken Arrow that we like to call our first step. New members get full access to the 24/7 gym. They get access to the infrared sauna available to all our members, as well as all of our group fitness classes! This is truly the place to release some heat and energy and burn some calories and just feel good. Truly the way to de-stress after a long day of work. Go ahead, if you’re curious and want to try other places, just give it a shot. Go to Planet Fitness, maybe Sky Fitness, or Genesis, or Vasa, or 10GYM, we’ve got all of these x members currently at our gym absolutely loving it, and we try to ask for feedback. Why did you leave this gym? Why did you leave that Jim? What made you want to come here?

Of all the Tulsa gyms, what made you finally choose our gym.? We get a variety of reasons, but the top reasons are things like, cleanliness, which is a huge one! If you are a gym, why would you ever compromise in this area?! Especially after the terror of last year. So, then we also have Community, that’s a big one. We also have group classes, group fitness, fantastic staff members, boutique style size, friendly and quality clientele, all of the above! We have the best personal trainers in Broken Arrow! You won’t find this at just any gym, we truly guarantee that. Just give it a try if you’re not sure! You can visit us online at, or call us at 918-994-4299. That’s 918-994-4299. You can also find this on social media, as we have Instagram and Facebook. We post about our events and things that the front desk staff are doing, as well as promotions and giveaways! Be sure to check out our Wellness membership as well! The wellness membership comes with unlimited Waters, unlimited use of our in-body scan, one free guess per visit, one free protein every month, and that is a serve 30 serving protein container every month! Bang for your buck that’s for sure. This is truly the place to be, and we ask that you do a trial workout with us at our facility! We are also a 24/7 access facility, so talk about convenience! You actually will not want to leave. You will love it here, and we truly look forward to meeting you. Why not do a free PT consult with one of our fantastic personal trainers? It is a free fifteen minute session at your convenience.

Remember that every member gets one free “First Step” session with one of our awesome personal trainers! They are highly qualified, excellent and passionate in what they do; we guarantee you will see that they are invested in their current clients. Be sure to check out our facility by scheduling a time to do a front desk tour with one of our skilled and friendly staff members or personal trainers in Broken Arrow. You will not regret it. Be sure to also grab a class schedule printout, that shows all the group classes included in your membership! You are truly welcome here, and we like to remind you that you are enough, more than enough to achieve each and every one of your goals. What you will find here is accountability and lifestyle change for the long run.