Get ready to find your inner strength here at the Hub gym in Broken Arrow! We are broken arrows Premiere local gym, the best of the best of local businesses! If you are searching for Broken Arrow personal trainers, take time to stop by The Hub gym and talk with one of our trainers! We would be happy to schedule you for a short personal trainer consult that is about 15 to 20 minutes. During this time, you can ask the trainer any questions you have regarding your health Journey, your fitness goals, doing a short workout assessment to see where you’re starting from, potentially using the in-body scan machine, talking to the trainer about prices and packages that they offer through our services with personal trainers in Broken Arrow, frequency of workouts per week or per month, discount plans and more. We want you to know that we are for you and we are with you, and we want to make it as easy as possible to establish a routine schedule for you to actually step foot in the gym and crush your goals. It really is one day at a time.

When searching for Broken Arrow personal trainers, what are you looking for? Are you looking for somebody that will focus on building muscle, losing fat, losing weight, building lean muscle mass? Are you looking for somebody who has past experience in body competitions or bodybuilding? Weight training? Bodybuilding? More cardio? Cardiovascular health? We have it all here. You can State your specific goals. And what we like to do here at the Hub gym, and what we have some of our personal trainers in Broken Arrow do as well, this to write something on the giant wall. He will find out what that giant wall is when you come in for a tour! There is a giant wall at the back of our facility. This wall is filled with personalized goals that are very own members have accomplished in the past over the years, or in the past few months, or even goals that are members are currently working on. It is being added to over and over! It is constantly growing, and we’re pretty sure next time, it could be your girl that’s written up there to help keep others accountable and Inspire others. We mean it when we are serious about crushing our goals here at the Hub gym. Our personal trainers in Broken Arrow are invested in their clients, they are serious and passionate about the work they do.

They can analyze the human body with skill and precision, and they can understand what is going on. They can help you achieve your goals beyond what you thought you could. That is why we invest in something called our first step session. Our personal trainers in Broken Arrow will take about an hour to work with you, do a short workout assessment, we’ll have you used the in-body scan, which is a machine that will assess your BMI, your body fat percentage, your skeletal muscle Mass, your basal metabolic rate, your water weight, and more. They will work in depth with you to formalize a plan. But it will also be a great introduction to help you decide if you would like to start investing in yourself with personal training. Especially during this time of year, when people are approaching summer time! We know it’s fun to talk about, but it can also be a goal that is taken seriously. So much fun here at the Hub gym. We want you to try it out, you can try it out month to month, we do require a one-time $40 enrollment fee upon sign-up. So be prepared for that! You can also purchase your 24/7 access key tag, it is a sturdy durable RFID key tag, which will get you in the 24/7 access door at all times. That is a one-time $20 purchase.

Remember to check out the smart fridge, which holds our Lean prepped Meals by a company called Prep’d. Be sure to also look at our infrared sauna, which also comes at no added cost with your gym membership. We would be so thrilled to have you at the gym. We hope to show you that we will treat you as a valued client and member. The Hub Gym is truly the place to be and experience real change and transformation especially with our personal trainers in Broken Arrow. It takes willpower, it takes mindset, it takes positivity, it takes endurance and stamina, it takes refusal to fail, but the mindset to get back up again when you do, it takes all those things. But know that you will be surrounded by a strong community; each of whom is working on themselves and to better themselves as well, daily. This is what we are all about. Call the Hub Gym at 918-994-4299, or visit us online at We are here for you! Call now to schedule a brief 15 minute tour with one of our lovely front desk staff members, or to schedule a 15-20 minute personal training consult if you’re interested in training sessions! We are truly here for you. If you are looking for a place that is going to challenge you, and get you in the right mind every time you’re there, you have found it at the Hub Gym.

We would love to get to know you through a quick phone call and email or through our personal trainers in Broken Arrow. Call, text, or email us at One of our front desk staff will return a response immediately! You can also find our YouTube channel, or you can follow us on social media; right now, we have our awesome “May the 4th special” with Star Wars – themed shirts. They are freaking awesome. You’ll find our awesome co-owner Josiah walking around in a “Swolba Fett” t-shirt. You’ll find another one that says “This is the Whey; Baby Growda”. These are HILARIOUS. And they’re selling fast! They won’t be in for long, so stop by the office / supplement shop and see what shirts we have to offer! We are here for you. We cannot wait to meet you, so please call!