People need a gym to go in Broken Arrow that offers them real guidance and advise to ensure their health and fitness success. This has been a need in the city since well forever. That is why Luke Owens the founder and the owner of The Hub Gym has put together a gym specifically geared towards meeting those needs. It began as inspiring dream back in college but soon burst into a tangible and physical institution that is been called the very best of all Broken Arrow Gyms. Luke Owens wanted create an opportunity for people to experience what it would feel like to be fully supported while starting their fitness journey. A place people could call their own and would feel inspired to share with their friends and family. Check out more about The Hub Gym online or gives us a call today. It wasn’t so long ago that The Hub Gym was featured the best of Broken Arrow Gyms. The reason for this is that The Hub Gym has completely redefined the gym experience and brought something timeless to the table. When you step in The Hub Gym it’s a combination between old flea market, New York subway and a modern twist that has every person feeling right at home. In the simplest of terms it’s the most non-gym gym in Broken Arrow. This experience won’t only revolutionized the way people think about Broken Arrow Gyms but it’ll completely change the way they think about all gyms.The Hub Gym brings a timeless and extraordinary service that hasn’t been seen since the days of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. Our services include true 24/7 full access, small group fitness class like Zumba, Spin, Boxing, Crossfit style Functional training through The Hub Tribe, one-on-one personal training, Evolve Paleo ready to go meal service, and an Infrared Health Sauna experience as well as a full service supplements store. For The Hub Gym and our top Broken Arrow Trainers it’s about shaping and sculpting each experience for the individual. About accentuating the features that you already have and making sure you look the best that you ever have in your life. Don’t settle for cheap, car salesman type atmosphere gym membership purchasing experiences any longer when you can have a top-notch experience right here at The Hub Gym. The Hub Gym was started by Luke Owens and his wife Lily Owens. Together Lily and Luke have started an institution that is grown dramatically since late 2011 when it first opened its doors. They absolutely love to ensure you have the best time possible while at The Hub Gym. Focused on the very best services and customer appreciation that is very evident every time you walk through the door. Experience the top of the Broken Arrow Gyms at The Hub Gym. You won’t find a more dedicated staff or a passionate owner than right here at The Hub Gym. We are looking for life long customers we are not just looking for members. Let us help you be proud of the way you look and walk with confidence everywhere you go. The Hub Gym is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Find out more about our gym online or give us a call today at 918-994-4299. The best of all Broken Arrow Gyms The Hub Gym began in late 2011 but it’s history dates back further than that. It was first an inspiring dream that belonged to a very unique and talented young man Luke Owens. Justin Moore, even though he is an artist by trade and carries a degree in Visual Communications from OSU, had another unique talent and passion. Inspired to go into business for himself he did just that and has spent a little over a decade learning, growing and becoming the craftsman that he knew he could be. Then several years later in the city of Broken Arrow Oklahoma he and his wife Lily started The Hub Gym in late 2011. The gym has received immense popularity with the press and immediately began building a reputation throughout the city as the best of all Broken Arrow Gyms. The Hub Gym takes a people back to days where you would step into a fitness center on any day of the week and be met with an inviting atmosphere. These gyms were more than a place to get fit. These gyms were a community of people who would truly do life together while getting fit. Luke

Owens wanted to bring this back into existence because he did not see it anywhere else in the city of Broken Arrow Oklahoma. This was a concept that was taking place in big-time cities like Chicago, Phoenix, Miami and New York City. So why not Broken Arrow Oklahoma Luke thought. Why not have a place where the people of Broken Arrow can gather and completely relax while attaining their health and fitness goals. One of the main reasons why The Hub Gym has taken to the public so easily is because Broken Arrow people are so tired of getting the run around and poor customer service. It’s not fair for people to pay their hard-earned money to get a membership at another of the Broken Arrow Gyms that they completely hate. Luke Owens has provided a very unique opportunity for people all over the city of Broken Arrow to walk in, get a good sweat on, a cold beverage and build relationships. It’s about time that the people of Broken Arrow have a place to call their own and a place where they can get fit. The Hub Gym caters to all walks of life and brings a unique experience that no other Broken Arrow Gyms are performing in the city. To find out more about the very popular and astounding Hub Gym please give us a call today at 918-994-4299. Or you can simply visit us online to find out about our services, our story and our staff. This is your opportunity to step inside the ultimate non-gym gym and walk away looking great. Walk right back into what someone call the golden days of downtown Broken Arrow. It’s time to look great in Broken Arrow Oklahoma and for people to have a place to call their own. Stop by the very unique Broken Arrow Gym in the Rose District of downtown Broken Arrow. You won’t be disappointed by the service at the best of all the Broken Arrow Gyms in Oklahoma.