What is The Hub Gym? We can start by saying that The Hub Gym isn’t just another big box gym full of meat heads and mirror Madonna’s. The Hub Gym is specifically geared towards men and women looking for an excellent experience when it comes to achieve their health and fitness goals. We were first established in early 2011 by a young man named Luke Owens. Luke Owens had a dream to provide an atmosphere and a place where all people would feel welcome while trying to achieve their fitness goals. You’ll be absolutely overtaken by the quality of the atmosphere and the quality of the customer service at The Hub Gym the very best of Broken Arrow Gyms. It’s about the experience, the professionalism and the high quality customer service provided at The Hub Gym that makes us among the best of all the Broken Arrow Gyms. At The Hub Gym you’ll receive a relaxed and professional atmosphere where we don’t rush our customers in or out the door. At The Hub Gym we have top quality associates that take their time and will even indulge in excellent conversation. We offer you a cold drink when you first walk in and our primary goal is to ensure that you feel welcome and to also find out exactly why you’ve chosen The Hub Gym, as opposed to the other Broken Arrow Gyms, as your home gym. This is your opportunity to relax and not have to worry about being judged no matter where in your fitness walk you are. This first visit usually results in potential clients being overwhelmed with the stark contrast in comparison to their experience with other Broken Arrow Gyms. Our services include true 24/7 full access, small group fitness class like Zumba, Spin, Boxing, Crossfit style Functional training through The Hub Tribe, one-on-one personal training, Evolve Paleo ready to go meal service, and an Infrared Health Sauna experience as well as a full service supplements store. You won’t find another gym in the Broken Arrow area who gives so much attention to detail and truly cares about you as an individual. The staff at The Hub Gym is truly passionate about what they do and we take time to ensure our members get what they’re paying for. The amazing staff and super cool atmosphere is why The Hub Gym has been voted the best of all Broken Arrows Gyms at least six years consecutively. We pride ourselves for this achievement because it is a contest that is a result of real Broken Arrow residents casting a vote. The Hub Gym was established in September 2011 by Luke and Lily Owens after spending about two years helping renovate the old Farmers Coop building in the revitalized Rose District of Main Street Broken Arrow. Together they have grown the gym community from about 150 members to just under 1500 and are still growing. They attribute this growth to the no BS, down to earth approach taken by Luke and his staff. People often ask why they named the gym The Hub Gym and are surprised to hear the answer. While discussing the options for a name the Owens consistently stated that they wanted to be the center of health and fitness in the Broken Arrow community and to change the reputation that the big box gyms have given the fitness industry. Using a thesaurus they looked for synonyms for the word center and hub was one of the first to present itself. The word hub literally means the center of activity and focus which is exactly what the Owens wanted for their new Broken Arrow Gym. Thus the name was coined The Hub Gym.

Beyond the name being specific to the desired outcome of the business it also serves another part of Why the Owens started this gym. They’ve asked themselves what is the most important thing to them at The Hub Gym? The answer was YOU, the client, and after looking at the word they realized it literally had a U in the middle which sealed the deal on the name and also gave a great cut line Where Fitness is Centered Around You. At The Hub Gym we always make sure that you’re comfortable no matter if you’re a seasoned athlete or in a gym for the first time in your life. The moment you walk in the door our goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident knowing that you’re in the hands of people who truly care. We take away all of the high-pressure sales tactics to ensure you will not feel like you’ve gone through a car sales experience. Our goal is to create an experience that when you leave you will want to tell everyone about your experience. The hope is that you feel The Hub Gym is the best of the Broken Arrow Gyms. When you walk into the gym you’ll find friendly trainers, front desk associates and other members. We are a community of people who truly care and honestly know what it’s like to be the person walking into a place unsure of what to expect. We are always looking to improve the member experience so you will have an active voice in helping make sure that we are always providing the very best top-notch service to our community. The Hub Gym associates can be called truly great masters of their craft. Their staff are always looking to improve the experience offered at The Hub Gym. Not only will you receive the most professional and highest quality service available you also receive the peace of mind that you will be taken care of along your fitness journey. You will only receive the best of the best when you visit the gym name the best of the Broken Arrow Gyms. Receive professionalism, genuine care and some of the best customer service in Broken Arrow Oklahoma, maybe the world. Find out more about The Hub Gym online at www.thehubgym.com or feel free to give us a call to schedule your personalized tour today.