Hi ladies and gentlemen, this is your resident Wildman Luke Owens with the Hub Gym, the best of the Broken Arrow Gyms. I wanted to talk with you today about three of the most common misconceptions about having a gym membership and of what it takes to become fit. Number one would be the only way to get fit is that you have to spend hours upon hours sweating your butt off on a piece of cardio equipment in one of Broken Arrow Gyms to lose weight. Number two would be that the only way to get fit is to spend tons of your hard earned cash on supplements and then you must take a copious amount of said supplements to reach your fitness goals while working out in one of Broken Arrows Gyms. Number three would be that the more expensive your Broken Arrow Gyms membership is the more effective your training program is going to be while you are a member of one of the Broken Arrow Gyms. Here at The Hub Gym, one of the best of Broken Arrow Gyms, we believe that you should only have to take the “minimal effective dose” whether that be supplementation, personal training or the overall cost of your Broken Arrow Gyms membership. It is our belief here at the best of Broken Arrow Gyms, The Hub Gym, that a person should be able to spend no more than one hour, three to four times a week working towards their fitness goal in one of the Broken ArrowGyms to reach their fitness goals. While we want every resident in Broken Arrow to be a member here at The Hub Gym, the best of the Broken Arrow Gyms. We also believe that going on nature walks with your family or starting a walking/running/cycling or skipping group in your neighborhood near on of the many Broken Arrow Gyms can be very affective as well. We also believe that 85% of your success is going to be dictated by your nutrition program while outside The Hub Gym the best of Broken Arrow Gyms. Not only do we offer the very best personal training and membership option of any of the Broken Arrow Gym, we are also offering Evolve Paleo Meals as well. You can become a member of the Evolve Paleo Meal service and have your meals delivered here to The Hub Gym, the best of the Broken Arrow Gyms, for pick-up each week. We have become one of the best of Broken Arrow Gyms by focusing on producing results for our clients while keeping it affordable and more importantly attainable even to the most common gym goer. So we have touched on the first two misconceptions now we will touch on the third. The gym memberships here at The Hub Gym, on average, cost less than one dollar per day and offer you true 24/7 access as well as a Free personalized Personal coaching experience through our First Step Program. Most other Broken Arrow Gyms that cost less provide subpar customer service and non-specific guidance leaving their clients paying high dollar monthly fees while never realizing their personal fitness goals. Here at The Hub Gym we believe you should get a return on your investment, which is why we are the best of Broken Arrow Gyms, and we help you achieve this through the First Step Program we mentioned earlier. Most of Broken Arrow Gyms offer “free personal training” which is a sales tactic to get you into a high pressure up sales experience with a no-neck mongoloid who’s primary goal is to sell you a personal training package or other service. Here at The Hub Gym our First Step Program is actually free and tailored to each clients individual fitness goals and is performed by a very sweet and talented fitness coach who’s only goal is to ensure your success whether you are a member here at The Hub Gym for the rest of your life or decide to go to one of the other Broken Arrow Gyms. Through offering our First Step Program and delivering actual results for our clients we have been voted the Best of Broken Arrow Gyms for six years consecutively. Our clients realize by simply taking advantage of our free First Step Program, which again is tailored to their specific Life and fitness goals, that no only are their goals possible but that it doesn’t take long to realize them. By being one of the only Broken Arrow Gyms to offer a no hassle, no BS atmosphere we have grown our membership base t0 approximately 1600 members in just under seven years. Our hope is to maintain a level of excellence that far exceeds that of other Broken Arrow Gyms. While there are other Broken Arrow Gyms that offer amenities that The Hub Gym does not offer such as swimming pools, tootsie rolls, pizza and bagel nights or massage chairs we do offer the most relevant services that will ensure our clients achieve their life and fitness goals. Our client base here at the Hub Gym, the best of the Broken Arrow Gyms, is made up of a wide variety of people. It does not matter if you have been working out all of your life or have never stepped foot in one of the many Broken Arrow Gyms we are confident that you will find The Hub Gym to be a very welcoming atmosphere, full of people who are ready to make your experience much like the experience we have all seen on the show Cheers. One where everyone knows your name, in a non-stalker kind of way. Because stalking is weird and totally not what the Best of Broken Arrow Gyms wants to be known for. Amidst all of the Broken Arrow Gyms The Hub Gym stands out as a diamond in the rough through its commitment to building relationships and ensuring it’s clients success. If you are looking for the Best of Broken Arrow Gyms then The Hub Gym is your answer