What is time for you to move. It is time for you to take that step that you’ve always wanted to. You can totally transform your life. You know it just takes more than planning out your goals or talking about them. Planning is very crucial. But action is required 100%. Can you give your 100%? Can you give your all? We know that you can here, at our gyms in Broken Arrow. We are a family of people who have been at that same place, but have seen what it takes over. But we have plenty of people still in the journey, their stories in the making. Do you want to join us today? You can completely transform your life here at the Hub gym. We got personal trainers and staff who have seen in and out the results of hard work, dedication, commitment and no looking back! That is the biggest thing. No looking back, look ahead to your wonderful future. You know that you can have an amazing future when you take the right steps now. Are you searching for gyms in Broken Arrow that will push you and motivate you? Don’t look any longer, come visit the Hub gym. The Hub gym knows how to push its members. The personal trainers know how to be committed to their clients and truly care about them and value them. Our trainers know how to push their clients and motivate them without being too hard on them. You want to join us today? Please join and give us a shot, he will be so pleased. We are so excited to get in touch with you.

You can join our gym the first one for a dollar, and after that and it’s $39 a month. But depending on your work, if you work in the Rose District, or the medical field, if you are a first responder, or a teacher, you will certainly get a discount of $20 a month. And along with that, family member add-ons are also $20 a month! Isn’t that incredible? You can be part of this wonderful kind of day today. We care about you and we want to see you succeed. Give us a shot and you will not be disappointed. It is time for you to move. It is time for you to challenge yourself, to pick up the pace, to take action if you desire to see your life changed. Everybody wants change, but people often get discouraged and give up in the process. We will work with you, and be patient with you! We know it is difficult, but we know our clients have achieved and overcome much more than they planned! We think you should judge a gym by its atmosphere, its equipment, and its vision. Maybe not in that order. But if you are searching for gyms in Broken Arrow, this is the place to be, 100%. Don’t wait another second. You can be a part. You will not be disappointed!

Do you want to transform your life? Do you want to make no more excuses? Are you tired of giving up? We can work with you, and you will see your life changed! We will help you see the potential you have, and you can finally reach that potential. No more wasting time, call the Hub Gym today! We are so excited to work with you! Have you every considered gyms in Broken Arrow that have personal training as well? You might have already searched around, but have you looked for those that have also offered group personal training classes? This is something that the Hub gym recently started, and it has absolutely taken off! Our clients and members love these classes. There is something for everyone in these classes. These classes are called The Game Changers classes. They are led by varying personal trainers throughout the week, and hold various times and sessions throughout the week. So, it is easy for you to schedule it in your time!

It is referred to as small group personal training, so because of that, because you are working more directly with a personal trainer, but yet you are with other people in the class as well, is offered at a slightly higher rate than the membership. So, the game changers classes will be included in your membership if you pay for the $99 a month right instead of the regular $39 a month. But don’t wait any longer, we can answer any of your questions and we would be happy to have a conversation with you about how to get started. Don’t be intimidated by the Numbers. If you compare them to other gyms in Broken Arrow, they’re actually very reasonable! People do come to us for our pricing. It is one of our strong suits as well! Are you ready to take your Fitness to the next level? You truly can transform your life and we believe this. We have seen it with other trainers and our trainers’ clients. If you want to get in touch with the Hub gym, don’t wait any longer! Just pick up the phone and dial 918-994-4299. Also remember to visit our website at www.thehub.com. Check out our video testimonials on there.

Don’t forget, we also have partnered with macro meals which is a meal prep service. So, you can get meals ready to go here and The Taste is fantastic! These are healthy meals that do not compromise on taste whatsoever! We have dairy free options, and lactose-free options. These meals are designed to refill you with the proper balance and ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. They will keep you nourished and satisfied. You can pre-order a set amount on the website online, and then pick them up in store. Or you can just grab one on the go because we always have a preset amount that is ready for you to pick up spontaneously in the front desk area. We have a big fridge and freezer over there. Come visit us today at the best Gyms in Broken Arrow!