There’s this amazing burger place. It’s called Jim’s in Broken Arrow. I mean I don’t know what it is that makes him taste so amazing compared to other places. It could either be the way that they do quarter-pound patties nice and smashed down filled with great seasoning and flavor. And they cook it on a grill that has had so many other things cooked and eaten on it so that you’re obtaining like a massive amount of flavoring on your patty. they also throw the cheese on the patty while it’s finishing its process of being cooked so the cheese is nice and melted on there instead of kind of cool and melting wallets served. Their vegetables are always so fresh their tomatoes are nice and firm. Their lettuce is crunchy, and also good slices of lettuce you’re not eating like weird yellow-white chunks of iceberg lettuce. Also, they toast their bread by rubbing a little bit of mayo on it and then laying it on the fryer, so that way it’s got a nice mayo toasty flavor to it. now when I tried talking to people about Jim’s in Broken Arrow, I was confusing some people by making them think I was talking about how much I love going to Gyms in Broken Arrow. Which I guess makes sense because whoever spelled the word Jim for a person and the word GYM as an abbreviation for a gymnasium, didn’t quite think it through. Because now when I am talking about Jim’s in Broken Arrow people think I’m talking about gyms in Broken Arrow. Which honestly probably says a lot about me too. Because think about it. I don’t look like somebody who goes to a gym in Broken Arrow. I probably should be somebody that goes to a gym in Broken Arrow but I don’t. Because I don’t think I know of any gyms in Broken Arrow. I should probably look that up and see what kind of gyms in Broken Arrow there are. 

I know I probably started writing to you and tantalizing you with delicious food when I began to talk about Jim’s in Broken Arrow the hamburger joint. because like I said they do have delicious food and not just hamburgers a lot of great plates like they do a great steak. They do great grilled cheeses. Great hot dogs. Just all around a really good diner. Not just a hamburger joint.  But I guess after people started mistaking me for speaking about gyms and Broken Arrow I began to analyze my eating habits and the way my life kind of started to turn. I mean my cholesterol is getting up there, my sugar level is getting up there, and I don’t really have the energy to do much anymore. It’s probably has a lot to do with the fatty and non-nutritionist food that I eat.

So then I started researching and seeing what kind of gyms in Broken Arrow there were. Now I was surprised by how many gyms and Broken Arrow there were. There are so many gyms in Broken Arrow that I find myself having to keep saying gyms and Broken Arrow because there is no way that I can just say one place and people would know exactly what I’m talking about. Because a lot of the gyms in Broken Arrow are franchises. So when I say a specific gyms in Broken Arrow people wonder what part of town I’m talking about. But there is one specific location which I think is one of the best gyms in Broken Arrow, which is the hub gym in Broken Arrow. And I started going to this place and really found myself happy to enjoy that this gyms in Broken Arrow location was everything that I needed it to be. You see because sometimes you got to think of it as a tree.

Trees grow up big and strong and healthy and mainly based on the amount of water they are given. The nutrients in the soil that they obtain. cuz if the ground isn’t great or given proper treatment by just natural sources, then you’re going to find out that the tree is rotten or not getting that strong. But it’s funny though because if you live in a place where it’s really windy then you find the trees have stronger roots, and the roots even grow out further away and pretty deep. So that when the wind hits them they have more so to say ground to stand on. so that even if they grow really tall or really wide open branches. They’re balanced and properly held.

really don’t know why I started talking about trees instead of talking about gyms in Broken Arrow. It could just be the fact that a lot of the gyms in Broken Arrow happened to have kind of a foresty landscape around them. I guess so that it feels like it belongs in the neighborhood versus being like an industrial capital kind of building. But trees really are a magnificent thing to look at especially when there’s a nice cool breeze coming through them.  

Find myself more interested in looking at trees than I do look at fish. Like I don’t understand people who like to have home aquariums. I don’t see the need for home aquariums. I mean if you want to hear water running just have some water running or bad plumbing. And there are apps for white noises that help you relax and rest. home aquariums are just so expensive, and there’s so much maintenance to it. And then that fishy smell. And that fishy food smells. a tree is much easier to maintain and if you don’t want a big old huge giant tree then get something small and just learn how to care for it. You don’t have to be a botanist to understand how to take care of a tree.  

Although being a partner seems pretty fun. I mean imagine going to school to get a degree so you can learn how to respectfully care for they’ll just basic nature in life. You learn how to grow specific things to learn how to mix the genetics of certain plants to see if you can come up with a new form of medicine or a new type of tea.