Did you know that there are 41 recreational parks in the city of Broken Arrow Oklahoma. And just about every other park has monkey gyms in Broken Arrow. That’s a lot of monkey gyms in Broken Arrow. I mean that’s something that kids can pretty much be crawling across and all over parks, getting their arms toned, getting their shoulders toned. to my knowledge it’s also pretty good for their abs because they’re keeping themselves from just flailing when they climb across or towards. I mean just think of all the gyms in Broken Arrow that will be filled up with people who are able to do so much as they are older because of the activities they gave themselves when they were children. And that might be the reason why some people find themselves out of shape when they get older. Because they either didn’t use a lot of gyms and broken arrow to help themselves get stronger when they were children, like you know like joining sports or playing in recreational parks. so it causes them to grow up and think they don’t need this.

Plus think of all the physical education classes that have been cut or removed from schools. And so then there isn’t really anything that’s making kids be physically growing up through junior high to high school. The most activity most people ever have is when they’re toddlers and primary school ages. And that’s only because kids love running around. They enjoy playing tag they enjoy playing hide and seek they enjoy climbing up on gyms and broken arrow. They enjoy spending time outside so they’re getting all the vitamin D that they need naturally. so it’s just the oddity that when people get older, they don’t really do anything in regards to activity. Probably why you get a lot of men who are out of shape, but yet they were really big football or basketball or some sort of athlete while they were in high school may be even college.

I don’t really know if a lot of that is true or if my facts are incorrect or correct at all. because I have a couple of cousins who did swimming and Marco Polo. And they would always find themselves still wanting to swim and be active in their adult years. In fact, some of them even use their knowledge of swimming to teach their children how to swim. And now those children are playing Marco Polo and their high schools. And that’s another sport that’s just weird too is Marco Polo it’s like volleyball/soccer but in water.

So it’s just weird and uncomfortable to think of like you’re not really swimming you’re standing in water that is shallow, and trying to throw a ball through a goal and you technically can swim it’s just like it’s not that big of a pool it’s not like an Olympic size pool. I mean not like some of the pools you might find at gyms in Broken Arrow. But it’s still really is an odd sport.

but then you have some people who grew up and didn’t have the parents who motivated them to be active. Or parents who themselves were not active so they find themselves not even thinking of teaching their kids about any form of sports or athletics or any form of activity. So these kids grew up not interested in any form of sports, activity, outdoors recreational games or organizations.  But then these kids became adults and find themselves maybe not happy with the way they look, feel, or their abilities. So then they join a gym like one of the many gyms in Broken Arrow. but then they arrive and don’t know what they’re doing or how to start. And then some of them will go through a contract or be at a location paying monthly for a service that they just give up ongoing. And it’s not because they may not have the will or ability to want to go as often as they want to.

It’s mainly because they are embarrassed that they don’t know what to do or how to use things, or even not sure how to ask for help. So then we find ourselves in this place of joining gyms and just paying for membership we don’t even go or participate in. Or not even sure if it’s the right place for us. Gyms in Broken Arrow aren’t all the same, they have different ways of presenting themselves. You have chains, as in franchise organizations, that try to sell that they are cheaper than the others but in that fact also don’t offer much. You have others that try to seem very elite but then it just makes them elitist. then you also have some locations that are just very heavy and cardio. it just all becomes very confusing for anybody to try to figure out how to start stuff.

This is why it’s very important to make sure that if you have children that you have them to be active as kids and continue to be active growing up and then also learn how to be active as adults. I didn’t play that many sports when I was a child. And it had a lot to do with my childhood. I mean don’t get me wrong my mom put me in soccer to try to get me to be out there and socialize with kids. I even tried baseball and football while I was in high school. but I was too embarrassed and uncomfortable with the way I looked and felt when I tried being physical or getting into exercise that I just gave up. So then here I am in my thirties not happy with how much my body aches or is unable to move, or how it has no ability to be as flexible as it should be for this age. So then I find myself trying to join one of these many Gyms in Broken Arrow. And having to hope I know what I’m doing. And then when I don’t see results quickly enough or fast enough I just give up and stop going but yet too shameful to want to cancel my service.