Our facility knows you probably have an extremely busy schedule, and that it’s very easy to put at the very bottom of your list of priorities, but let us help you move it back up the priority list. Your health is and should always be #1. If you do not take care of your body, the rest of your daily tasks will suffer! Please know that we want to encourage you and help you move past the rut you might feel you are in. Our Gym BA is located in the Broken Arrow area, in the beautiful and historic Rose District, right on 71st and Main Street. You will find that the Hub Gym is located across the street from Goodyear Tire and on the same side as Zen Tattoo and Rise, Grind, & Ride Espresso Café. You will also find that we’re going to be just at the northmost edge of the beautiful Rose District. Realize that this fantastic and welcoming Gym BA is open 24 hours, so you can go and work out whenever you need to! You will find that this serves many of our clients very well, and some clients actually do come in in the middle of the night, and waking hours of the morning when nobody else is there. Some people find that this works best for them, even though it sounds incredibly unappealing. But some people think that this is the best option for them, and they like the peace and quiet, and they enjoy starting their super early this way. Whatever works for you we will accommodate! You will also discover here at this Gym BA, that the Hub Gym has a fully stocked supplement shop located in the front desk area, open and available to you during our office hours. Do not hesitate to come by and take a look at the wide array of protein and nutrition and work out supplements we have to offer and reasonable and affordable pricing. We regularly hold that our members like to grab for free. As long as they are out there, they are free and available to you! Did we mention they are absolutely delicious? We even have some great tasting protein supplements that are lactose-free, and those are very popular! Gluten-free options as well. Our supplements are made with quality ingredients and are for the purpose of serving all your energy and nutritional needs. We also serve drinks, and have a full line of macro meals. Macro Meals, located in Bixby, is an exceptional meal-prep service that the fantastic Gym BA has partnered with to deliver high quality, nutritious, satisfying meals ready to go for our clients. Our clients will find that they can pick up meals in-store on the fly, or they can pre-order them online if they want to pick a week’s worth of particular meals. Our clients love it for their busy families, and the macro meals provide you with a good ratio of the all your Macros, so that is your carbohydrates, your fats, and your proteins all put together in good proportion in each meal. And we have experienced great reviews with Macro Meals, so this is something you definitely want to try! Give us a call a 918 994 4299 or visit us online at www.thehubgym.com. There, online, you can sign up, you can watch our videos that capture interviews with our likeable and fun clients and trainers that describe their experience at the Hub Gym. You will find that from looking at just a few short videos, there is an overwhelming message given about the small community feel you find at the Hub Gym. This is something that keeps bringing our clients back all the time! We have some solid and long-standing members that will say nothing but wonderful things about their home gym. This is a local gym that treats you like a valued and real person, not a number, not just another. We want each of our members to understand and receive the message (and truly believe it) that they belong, that they are powerful, that they are enough, that they are able to accomplish the goals they have put forth it. Here, at the fantastic Hub Gym, we will help provide you with the skills and tools necessary for you to succeed. We will guide you along the way, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning our facility, our food, our equipment, our staff, our trainers. In fact, as a brand-new member, you will have the opportunity to do what our Gym BA calls its First Step program. This is a program that allows you (at no additional cost) to sit with a personal trainer. Keep in mind that this first step program does not require you to sign up for personal training. You simply are exposed to what it will be like to work with a personal trainer. We have had many our clients enjoy the first step program and then go on to sign up for personal training with someone they fit and do well with. In the first step program, we will do an assessment with you as a new client, we will get to know your needs, concerns, your health and fitness goals. The trainer will then take you over to do an in-body scan (the machine is located in the front desk area) where you will have your BMI and body fat percentage taken. Remember that the Hub Gym prides itself in maintaining a small-town gym feel, and there’s plenty of equipment you will need in order to continue lifting and getting stronger. Even though it’s a smaller facility, it’s always seemed
here no contract, no yearly fees, no bs! Our clients love that it feels like home, and it’s such a community. Clients describe their experiences at this Gym BA as life changing and phenomenal. Our trainers are quality, experts in what they do. Whether it’s strength training; we can help you work on your core strength, when you come in, people know your name and they acknowledge you, you feel like you belong.