Can you imagine a group fitness in Broken Arrow. I mean we’re talking about a group fitness in Broken Arrow. Like there are so many people who live in this city here in Oklahoma. And the city is planning in all 41 parks that are located in here, to offer programs like group fitness and Broken Arrow. I guess it’s a good way to get interact with people or finding out that there’s more than just people on your block that live in your city.  

Tell the kind of person that likes to get to know my neighbors. not just because I want to be kind or want to be that person that people enjoy seeing when they come home. But primarily because I want to make sure that they have trusted me and I have trust in them. there is a poet who once said, gosh I wish I could remember the poet but I do not remember his name. But he says that locks make honest neighbors. Which is true and makes sense. I mean if you can’t dress your neighbors to respect the locks in your home or the locks in your places. How can you trust that they’re honest people?  but I guess that’s the good thing about group fitness in Broken Arrow. Is it allows you to interact with people outside of just your neighborhood, or maybe there are people in your neighborhood that attend the group fitness in Broken Arrow that you had no idea were an option to introduce or speak to. I mean when we say neighbors sometimes we think of just the person to the left or right of us. But the person that is across the street from us. And I guess we’re lucky if we even run into them based on each other’s schedule because nobody works the same schedule. 

I guess that’s what makes it beneficial to have a group fitness in Broken Arrow it’s a good way for people to introduce themselves to people. For different cultures to know about each other. Different organizations make a group fitness in Broken Arrow. I really think that the biggest benefit of having a group fitness in Broken Arrow is that there are so many different qualities and benefits to a lot of different people. I mean you have people that just cuz it’s called a group fitness in Broken Arrow, it doesn’t mean that it’s specifically exercising or some form of fitness. It allows people to come together like the elderly to do like swimming classes. For youth to do like an adventure in parks or out in the forest. Because there is cardio with walking and climbing there is fitness involved. But a group fitness in Broken Arrow at the heart of it, or I guess I can share it at the core value of it, is that it allows people to find something in common with each other. It allows people no matter what their background culture, their nationality, their race, they have one thing in common they live in the same city and their joys are to love and passionately be about their city.  

imagine a world where everybody just kind of gets along with everybody. No one has any actual feelings or thoughts towards each other before they even met each other. I mean this group fitness in Broken Arrow could be a really good thing for a lot of people. And maybe other cities can start adapting from it and learning how to use the benefits and perks of group fitness in Broken Arrow. Or group fitness in their own town.

I know I want to join the group fitness in Broken Arrow that has to do with dog walking or spending time with animals. Because I mean what’s a better way to remove stress from your life than playing with puppies, or kitten, or big dogs out in the park. It’s considered fitness cuz you’re moving around and interacting and you know chasing and playing. I mean it gets my heart going that’s one thing for sure. I’d want to say the best part about group fitness in Broken Arrow is it really says a lot about your city. it allows people to have pride in it together. And you also get to communicate about things you like and don’t like with each other about the city so that you then go to like city council meetings and like present your likes and dislikes. And in an agreement with each other so that you all can know what to vote and agree on. That’s what really makes a group fitness and broken arrow very beneficial not just to the people but also to the city and to city management. 

I don’t even know what else to say about a group fitness in Broken Arrow. I mean I guess I’ve run out of items to talk about but I’m only at like 700 words and I’m supposed to have a thousand. So I could just start talking about classes that have to do with growing grass. Classes that have to do with botanists. ooh, there are also options like swimming classes for kids, but like parents are involved so it’s more like parents meeting parents and then kids meeting kids. So it causes people to have like play dates and like not find themselves only and close in their homes. so I guess that’s something I could talk about to kind of be able to reach a thousand words that I need. I mean just talking about that alone brought me up to nine nine hundred and twenty-eight words. So it helped out a bit. I guess I could also talk about people that are coming together to weave sweaters for the homeless. I mean I don’t even know if that’s a thing they’re doing. I don’t even know if anything that I’m saying is what exactly happening I just got to make sure that I say group fitness in Broken Arrow.