We have all tried the Tulsa Gyms. The city and county have so many options to choose from. There are privately owned and franchise-owned. LIke Broken Arrow Gyms, there are many options and so many members have their preferences. Even Gyms in Broken Arrow are split up in this fashion.  Many offer similar layouts of equipment. Some are more open environments than others. Some seem to be more cardio-based while others have a more weight training focus.  Many are similar in membership costs and fees. Some offer group fitness in Broken Arrow, while others offer Personal Trainers in Broken Arrow. But it all comes down to what you are looking for out of these Broken Arrow gyms. 

I shopped around and was a member at almost every Tulsa Gym and Broken Arrow Gym. I would get a fire under me and hit them hard. Every single location had something better to offer than another. Every Personal Trainer in Broken Arrow made their promises to help me reach my goals and offered various price ranges. I would pursue some of the Broken Arrow Group Fitness classes. I signed up once or twice with many Broken Arrow Personal Trainers. Yet I was just not feeling inspired or excited to continue working out once my fire to go burned out. What was it? Could it be the Personal Trainers in Broken Arrow? Could it be the Broken Arrow Gyms just did not offer me all I wanted at one mutual location? No. It was me.

Now I know what most people will think, And many would disagree with me that it is not the Gyms in Broken Arrow fault that I lack motivation. And I would have to agree. The personal trainers in Broken Arrow are very qualified and very knowledgeable. Heck, I even learned some great food prep and meal planning techniques. This was great because I had some major issues with my health due to my eating habits. But what did the Tulsa Gyms and Broken Arrow Gyms seem to not offer me? Then it hit me. While I was participating in Broken Arrow Group Fitness I found myself so much more energized and excited to workout. 

That was it. I was not having an environment that pushed me or excited me to be there. Yes, it is not the Broken Arrow Gyms or Tulsa Gyms job to keep me interested. Or their job to make sure I find ways to make it fun. I, myself, had to find a way to make it more interesting. I had to learn how to do workouts that brought joy into my routine. I began ear hustling. I would be close enough to the Personal Trainers in Broken Arrow. Not so much to learn their routines and technique, but listening to how they keep their clients engaged. I learned that it was not so much what the Broken Arrow Trainers were saying, but more the fact that some were actually doing the workouts with their clients. 

That is when it hit me. I was missing the partner factor. It was like trying to enjoy a delicious meal, but alone. Yes, the meal is still delicious but would not be just a bit more fun to bounce back some energy and critique off of another person? I mean I enjoy movies, but I love it, even more, when I have someone to review or discuss it with.  So, did I sign up with a Broken Arrow Personal Trainer? No, I did not. With my paycheck and financial responsibilities, I was not able to afford a personal trainer in Broken Arrow. What I did instead with my time was to speak with a staff member at The Hub gym, the Broken Arrow Gym that I decided to call home, and learn about more of their classes. And not just did I learn about all the Broken Arrow Group Fitness options, but I also learned that unlike other Gyms in Broken Arrow, the Hub Gym in Broken Arrow really relies on a family-like environment. I had no idea, that if I was not sure what I was doing with a routine or machine, that they would be glad to show me. They would even give me tips on techniques based on my goals. This really elevated my view on them compared to Gyms in Broken Arrow. 

In the process of taking advantage of every single opportunity that The Hub Broken Arrow gym offered, and grabbing small chats with the Personal Trainers in Broken Arrows The Hub Gym. I have learned to challenge myself in ways I never thought to. I have even made a few friends with fell members at this Gym in Broken Arrow. It really has been able to feel like a group fitness in Broken Arrow. 

Yes. Sometimes the people I know want to get a workout on their own. And I too find myself short on time and desire to only get my workout done and with full effort, without interruption. But unlike other gyms in Broken Arrow or other Tulsa Gyms, The staff and members at The Hub give off this energy that makes me look forward to coming in. To be completely honest. There are days when I do not have time for a workout but had an emotionally draining or rough mental health day that I just have to stop by to greet a few of the Staff or Members. I mean I won’t deny that I also buy some of their delicious snacks, but the energy that the Gym in Broken Arrow gives off really does help make my day. 

It is true that my weight loss, goals achieved, and self-love could have been accomplished if I paid for a Personal Trainer in Broken Arrow or with any offered at other Gyms in Broken Arrow. But for my personality and character flaws, I found that the atmosphere that the Hub Gym in Broken Arrow offers really fueled me to keep pushing and stay focused on my goals.