It is always so much easier said than done! Just go work out a few days a week at Broken Arrow gyms! Oh, just eat better! Well why don’t you just go to the gym for a little bit? I have literally heard dozens of different “easier said than done” statements. The reality of it is, we do not like to get out of our comfort zones! If it requires a drastic change in our behavior or daily actions that makes us not necessarily feel normal, we almost always hate it. Change is not something most of us welcome with open arms; we desire for life to be the same and not volatile. The complexity of taking a step into the unknown is often overlooked by many from the outside, but for ourselves we need to recognize that we must get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

When we first start our nutrition journey, we constantly face opposition with people telling us, “why are you being so strict? It is literally just one time!” You know good and well it will be the same thing in a week or even less. In my own experience, it happens to me every Sunday. My friends and family from church always want to go out to eat. They want to go to a burger place, or a buffet, or some local scratch kitchen where it is so difficult to stay consistent on your nutrition. There are French fries available, chips and salsa, or unlimited food in front of you, and typically, we are weak when it comes to food. Food almost always has some form of a chemical or hormonal response in our bodies. Sugar makes the brain react like it is on cocaine, carbs such as potatoes can release dopamine in the brain making you want it just from seeing it, and the more you give your gut the garbage food, the more likely your body is to send out craving signals for junk. You have to tell your body no and tell certain situations no before you even get there. Unfortunately, it is going to be uncomfortable. There will be situations where your response will make people unhappy, but ultimately you are not going to Broken Arrow gyms for the happiness and well being of other people in this situation, you are choosing to take care of yourself in a way they may not even understand. Your personal health cannot stand to be left alone again. The longer you choose to give in to unhealthy decisions, the harder it will be to climb out of this hole of poor health. Get comfortable with making these uncomfortable decisions when it comes to your nutritional health.

Next comes your fitness at Broken Arrow gyms. You should not be fine and comfortable with fitness. It should push you. It should definitely be difficult. It should put stress on your body that forces you to grow. It is not easy. Doing four sets of ten does not necessarily mean you are growing. It is not a comfortable thing to try and bench your body weight. It is not a comfortable thing to deadlift three hundred pounds. It is not comfortable to run a mile in seven minutes. None of these things are meant to be comfortable. Do you think it was ever easy in life for our ancestors to just get the food they needed for the day? No. It has always been hard in life, it is just a matter of your mindset that will mean the difference between success or failure. You do not need to train until your body falls apart, you just have to push yourself a little bit further each time compared to the last time. Take my friend David, for example. David is not a young fellow. At over seventy years old, he has been through many difficult circumstances in life. David has come into the gym and made progress on his fat loss, muscle gain, and his cardio output. David was also a marine, which means he has truly been through some difficult things in his life, so he understands the concept of feeling more than uncomfortable. Being in the gym was not something he was a stranger to either. I would constantly hear from him, “Most of these people working out now are just wussies! They can barely get a sweat on with how hard they work out!” And David is right. If you come and work out at Broken Arrow gyms for an hour and you are not sweating and breathing hard afterwards, what did you even do in the gym? Work much harder than just lifting weights. Force your body to be uncomfortable whether through a few more reps, a little bit higher intensity on your cardio, less rest, or allowing yourself to sweat more with a stronger push! With all the changes you face with getting uncomfortable, you will most of all need to adjust your mindset.

Your mindset will be the most important part of getting uncomfortable. If you are constantly fearing the next thing, it will forever be a roadblock to your success, not something that helps you grow. Time and time again people start out in the right direction, but eventually fall off the wagon because they never get their minds in the place where they are okay with being uncomfortable. It starts with little things. When you go out to eat with friends or family, predetermine what you are going to and not going to eat. When someone asks why, just tell they you are choosing to take care of what you put into your body. Before you actually go sign up for a gym membership, make the decision of when you plan to go and workout at Broken Arrow gyms and what exactly you will train each time. Choosing all of these things increases your chances of success and will decrease the possibility of you giving up! All it requires is a little mental toughness and willingness to be uncomfortable. Or you can choose to stay in the same place and forever live in your bubble of comfort, never growing, never making improvements, just staying the same or worse, decreasing in strength and will power. The choice is always yours.