Whether you are a brand new to working out or you are an advanced heavy-lifter, everyone is family here and everybody is encouraged to start on their Journey no matter where they are. Come experience are excellent equipment. We have treadmills, ellipticals, a ski ERG, we have free weights all the way up to 135 lb as well as kettlebells. We have foam rollers because we care about your recovery as well with the recovery is just as important as the quality work out! Take care of your body here at our Fitness Center Tulsa, and know that we will help you do just that with Excellence. Our staff will advise you how to use any equipment that you are not sure about! When we give you a tour of the facility, we will ask you what you are not familiar with and what you would like to learn it. We know you belong here, and that you will feel as though you have been coming here all along. Please visit us online or give us a call at 918 994 4299. You can also go online to see plenty of video testimonials. We upload online continuously so that you can easily stream our features and exercises and workouts! You can also go online to see what group classes we have to offer, and all of these are included in your membership. Do not hesitate to call and reach out to our Fitness Center Tulsa. We know your health and fitness is so important to you, and we value it as well. You are a valued client in our hands and we will make sure you are taken care of. Do you want to feel improvement in all areas of your well-being? Health is a huge priority. Without it, you cannot do your daily functions and operate at optimal capacity. That is because you must prioritize your health. Here at our Fitness Center Tulsa, we know what it is like to see great progress. Many of our clients have taken immense strides and now have powerful testimonies to share with others. We are all about community and encouraging each other, as each of us continue to work toward our goals. It can be harder when you are working alone, but our Fitness Center Tulsa truly encourages and facilitates a strong sense of community. So, even when you are coming to workout by yourself, if you are seeking that support and sense of comradery you will never be without it! You will find it here. Our personal trainers are excellent at what they do and very knowledgeable. They will share with you the steps they took to transform their lives, and they have seen immense success time, time, and time again with their clients. They know the formula to achieving what they desire and have seen it occur over and over, and they are confident that you are not exempt from achieving this yourself!! We truly believe that you belong here. You should be a part of a community that encourages and supports you all along the way. A place that is able to give you the tools that you need to ensure that you succeed. We know that not every day will be the same, and that there is not just a unique one-size-fits-all formula for each person. Each person is different and has and needs a specific plan that can be catered to them and individualized and tailored to fit their goals. Here you are powerful and you are enough, we truly believe that as a family here at the Hub pajama. Hour Fitness center Tulsa is available to you 24/7. Our facility is open at all times so with your key you can come in whenever you need and whenever you were able to come along. Know that we also partner with macro meals, which is an excellent meal prep service that offers ready to go meals that you can order online a certain amount. A preset amount, or when you come in after you workout or before, you can just go to the front desk and we always have several meals available in the fridge. These meals are ready to go and are freshly made with the perfect proportion and ratio of your Macros so that is your carbohydrates, your fat in your proteins already to keep you refueled and recharged it throughout the day. We also have a full supplement shop at the front, so we have pre-workout, protein supplements such as shakes and bars, we got drinks. Everything you need to refuel in the right way and then the best way for your body. We also have samples that you can try for free before you buy. Don’t forget that your first dollars only a month! So you can try our facility for 30 days just only a dollar a month. Think of all the other things that you could buy for a dollar. Do not forget that you are a valued client here at the fitness center Tulsa that will best serve your needs. Do not look any further for a gym to service everything you need. Do not forget about our back area as well that has Atlas stones and tires for whenever you want to go out back there and do heavier workouts. We’ve got a back room that has plenty of squat racks and a dead lifting platform and heavy like machines for the heavy lifters. If there’s anything that you think is missing or that you did not see on your tour please inform us and we will try to show you that we truly will have everything that you need. And we are always looking to improve so if you have any feedback please find the business owner or one of the staff and share your thoughts with them, we are so open to feedback from our clients because we want this to be an excellent facility that meets all their needs and where they feel like they truly belong. Remember that you belong here! Do not hesitate to reach out to us call us at 918-994-4299 or visit us online at www.thehubgym.com.