When searching for your local gym, you have found the perfect place! We know we can be the place here for you, here at the Hub Gym. The Hub Gym is the fitness center Broken Arrow for you, where you will find all your needs are met. You will not have to worry about “fitting in” or feeling like you are unqualified to exercise here. The Hub Gym creates a culture of inclusion, family, community, and it has maintained this over many years. It is ingrained into the owners, the staff, and the clients. Our clients are long standing clients who truly feel committed to the this Fitness Center Broken Arrow. You should not have to look any further for a gym community where you truly belong and fit right in! We want to help you implement solid healthy habits that will be ingrained into your lifestyle and so that they’ve just become natural part of your daily routine. Whether you want to lose weight, or gain muscle or build your stamina and endurance, whether you just want to reach a new level of Fitness or maintain where you are at, we have the equipment and the facility for you here at the Hub gym! The Hub gym is located in the Rose District a beautiful historic Street on 71st and Main in Broken Arrow. You will find us at the North most edge of the rose district, across from Goodyear Tire and next to Zen tattoo and Rise grind and ride espresso Cafe. You will find we have many things to offer you. You will start off seeing a tour of the facility with one of our personal trainers at the front desk. When you walk through you will notice all of the attachments for the cable machines, this fitness center Broken Arrow also has a brand new ski erg as well as new row machines, and cable machines , we also offer you a medical-grade infrared sauna that is easier on your body than most steam saunas and safer to use. This sauna will be included in your membership at no additional charge. You just have to reserve it for one hour slots time slots from the front desk. Again this is no additional charge this is included in your membership! If you walk to the facility you will see past the cable machines we also have a big area with mirrors and free weights dumbbells, kettlebells, and they go up 135 lb. Then as you walk further , an hour fitness center Broken Arrow you will also find foam rollers and Mats because we care about your recovery as well! Then you will pass the group X room which is our group fitness room and all of our classes are offered in there as well as boxing Zumba and yoga and are ladies only weights class. Then you will see on the wall there a bunch of testimony little short sentences and phrases written by our clients about the progress they’ve made and it is simply a board in wall of inspiration as you walk past it you can not help but feel inspired and motivated to continue your own Fitness story. So that you can write on that wall as well. Our fitness center Broken Arrow also has bathrooms that are being renovated they’ve got showers and lockers with locks you just have to bring your own lock. And then you will see in the back there is a large room for the heavier lifting people, over there we have our multiple squat racks, a dead lifting platform as well as a amount of heavy leg machines and also a belt squat, one of the few belt squats in Oklahoma! As a matter of fact. Come see everything we have to offer you and see why this community of hard workers is the place for you to be and you will feel so included! You will you can also check out our Google reviews, you can go online to see them and you will see that we are unmatched in our quality in our customer service. We will treat you like a real person and we value our clients we will not treat you like a number. We highly value all of our clients and believe that they are able to achieve their full potential and all of the goals they have established. Our trainers will walk you through it. Remember our complimentary towel service is available to you during office hours. Are fitness center Broken Arrow, The Hub gym, is the best place. This is the place to be for you! You will feel like you belong here! Visit us online at www.thehubgym.com or call us at 918-994-4299. You will not regret your decision and you will not be disappointed! What are your fitness goals don’t forget to visit us online or visit us where you can see all of the video testimonies. You can view these from our current members that are still at the Hub gym people come here because they want a sense of community they want a strong family they want to feel empowered they want to feel encouraged. Let us be your local gym! You will not be disappointed. our Fitness center Broken Arrow will be everything you need and you do not have to look any further we guarantee this! We guarantee this and are so confident that we offer your first month for only a dollar that’s right only your first month is it’s only a dollar and after that you will be have the regular rate. Think of all the other things that you could purchase with only a dollar. A dollar will get you 30 days in our facility doors 24/7 access, you can see everything we have you can see all of the equipment use are sauna, user Fitness classes join our Fitness classes all of it. We hope you will give us a chance and call us or visit us online today!