Do you want to find a gym that is perfect for all of your Fitness needs. We want to help you with your Fitness. We know you are probably looking for and find Tulsa gym that is best suited for you. Do you want a place that has a small community but a solid one full of people that are pushing each other towards their goals and always uplifting each other? With staff that are more than ready and excited to help you and get you plugged in? Do you want to place that’s not intimidating and that there’s no gym competition where you can feel comfortable coming and working out all the time. We know you may be looking for and find Tulsa gym that has 24/7 access so that you can come to the facility whenever is most convenient for you. We know that people have all types of different schedules and work schedules that will not allow them to always come during the normal hours. So we have 24/7 access for all of our current members. We want you to absolutely enjoy your journey and not dread coming to the gym. This should be a place where you feel included, supported, where you feel you have all the skills and tools that you need to succeed. Do you want to find Tulsa gym that supports you and all of your efforts? Here at the Hub gym, we have excellent top-of-the-line equipment and we have resources also included group classes such as boxing, Zumba, yoga, we also have a weight class that is ladies only. Our facility includes a ski ERG and row machines, we know you went to find Tulsa gym that also has a sauna most likely. Well guess what? Our gym membership also includes a medical-grade infrared sauna that you do not have to pay any additional charge. You just have to schedule a time and Reserve in 1 hour segments with the front desk. This is offered to at no additional charge. We also offer complimentary towel service during our office hours. The sauna is also available to you during office hours. We know that you want to find Tulsa gym that really truly prioritizes you Fitness. Well you will find a Tulsa gym here that treats you well and treats you as a valued person rather than just a number. Your health and fitness are pryority to us and we want to ensure that you receive excellent service and have all your questions answered. We are confident that you will revisit the Hub Gym, after your first visit so we are offering to you only $1 for the first month. That’s right 30 days at just $1 will get you in the door so that you can experience everything that the Hub gym has to offer you. You will have 30 days to experiences for only a dollar and you remember you have 24/7 access. So you can enter the facility at any time you need. Please do not forget about our group classes also included in your membership as well as the outside area in the back, that has Atlas stones, and heavy tires. We also offer a room in the back that has our squat racks. We are one of the few gyms in the surrounding area that has the amount of squat racks that we do as well as the belt squat, one of the only belt squats in Oklahoma! So don’t find Tulsa Gym any longer and come to the hub gym, located in the Rose District in Broken Arrow. At 71st and Main you will find us across the street from Goodyear Tire, and on the same side as Zen tattoo and Rise Grind and Ride espresso Cafe. You will also enjoy everything on the rose District we are situated in a lovely area with other things to do. You will also find that our excellent personal trainers will begin the first step program with you when you come in, and with the first step program you are not obligated to you are not obligated to sign up for personal training. It is first step program is simply included with your membership and will do a self-assessment with you. A personal trainer will sit down with you and do a self-assessment get to know what your needs and wants and goals are. Then they will take you to the end body scan or you will get your BMI and body fat percentage. This will help the trainer further assess what exactly you need to do to achieve your goals. Please don’t wait any further to start on your journey, we would love to be your local gym. We would love to get you started on your fitness journey with everything we have to offer so don’t hesitate any further you can visit us online at www.theHubgym.Com where you can see personal video testimonials of our current members that still work out there. Everyone here says it is such a family community and there is no intimidation. We do not encourage or support that mentality here. You can also call us at 918-994-4299 and do not wait any further we are so excited to get connected with you today! We know you don’t just want mediocre service you want quality service. We know you don’t just not run-of-the-mill service. We want to ensure that you have an excellent experience here and that you keep coming back. You can also see everything we have to offer including our trainers are class times and everything is on our website at www.the Hub People say our gym is not like other big box gym because we have a small community and family feel. We know our clients well and we recognize people here, and we like to lift each other up and cheer each other on. You will feel no sense of competition when you walk in the door. Please visit us today and don’t wait any longer to get plugged in and start your fitness journey!