Are you ready to finally get in shape with assistance, accountability, and true quality guidance? This isn’t always easy when you’re venturing out on your own, and you know you have failed before. The reason we believe so many people fail when it comes to achieving their goals and health and fitness, it’s because there are way too many distractions. Everything in our society and American culture is pulling you away from truly caring for your physical body. We pay attention of so many other aspects of our life, and cater to those. Things like work, career, social status, Family, Faith, friends, that we sometimes forget that we are living organisms that are physiologically dependent on proper nutrition and you can get that with our awesome Broken Arrow Personal Training.

And our bodies are the source! If we as physical living breathing organisms are not caring for our body, a working functioning organism, a machine, then all of those other things do not matter at all because they will be neglected. So, this is why you should really spend more time than you probably do on taking care of your body by coming on out to the gym! So, we are the Hub gym located in the Rose District in Broken Arrow. The rose district is located on 71st and Main Street, and we are at the northeast corner of the strip. You will see us by several shots in a tiny strip, such as a coffee shop, a tattoo shop, and a hair parlor.

Well we have gotten fantastic reviews! So, before you check us out, you can look us up online and just see all the Fantastic things that people have said about our gym facility. We are one of a kind and we are a small community. We have kept that small town feel in the midst of a growing and thriving City. So, we encourage you to travel the first month for a dollar whenever you come to the hub gym. If you are also looking for Quality Broken Arrow personal training, this is the place to be! We have wonderful trainers who will take care of you and assess your needs, and get you in the right direction. Now as a new member, you are entitled to a first-step session. That is a free session and put it in your membership, with one of our awesome PT’s!

And remember, the PT that you have your first step session with, does not necessarily have to be the one that you sign up for personal training with. Even if you’re not interested in PT at all. You should really consider scheduling that pre for step session, as it can give you a lot of insight into your physical goals and how to get to them, that you may not have thought of before. Additionally, with this first up session, you get to use the in-body scan for free, and this is a valuable tool! BN body scan will get you all the physical measurements you need, such as your body fat percentage and your BMI, what other thing is will it what are the things will it tell you. What are the things will the in-body scan tell you?

You’ll see your bodyweight, you’ll see your skeletal muscle mass, as well as he might have calories that you should eat in a day, they were talking about something like a c shape whenever we were in the meeting today, and I didn’t really know what the D shape was referring to, but now I do and I can explain it! Our Broken Arrow personal training offered here will explain it as well. There is something that is supposed to be a D shape on some type of graph or something. Anyway, we are also about to launch something so exciting!

We’re bumping up the tears and which means we’re bumping up quality of everything that we do in the hub gym. So, the next thing we’re offering is something called The Wellness membership. It is something that we will be offering to new members is an option rather than the standard membership. So long with fantastic Broken Arrow personal training offered here, the wellness membership that we are about to launch will include free waters at any time when you come in throughout the month, one protein item per month, as well as 1 guest with you! So, that is one guest per visit.

You will also receive continual check-ins as well as free uses of the in-body scan. With the wellness membership, upon sign-up you will have a free RFID, enrollment fees will be waived, and you will also get continual checkups with one of our awesome personal trainers. So, we really encourage you to consider this if it is something that you can afford. So, for one month and then on monthly it will be $77 per month. So, think about it, several remembers by at least one protein container a month. So along with that along with the regular monthly membership, they’re paying about that per month. Or more.

So, this is the biggest benefit is that you really have more guidance if you are serious about your health journey and your fitness goals. You also get a hub box at the point of sale. What is in that box, nobody knows. Get a t-shirt, you get a hug book that the owner himself Luke Owens wrote, some goodies, a pen, wristband. This is such an exciting time! You can look for more about our Broken Arrow personal training we offer, if you go online to our website.

Our website is, and you can also give us a call at 918-994-4299. Remember that you can come in anytime between office hours, which are 9am – 7pm Monday through Thursday, 9am – 5pm Friday, and 9am – 1pm Saturday. We will happily give you a tour, and if you’re interested in Broken Arrow Personal training, we will have you chat with a trainer and highly encourage you to schedule that first step! It will be the beginning of an exciting journey of transformation. Come visit the Hub Gym today!