It is about time to step it up a notch. This is a game that we’re all playing, it is called The Game of Life! We are all about serious health and fitness, and turning new and beneficial habits into a permanent lifestyle change so that it will not leave you! Don’t you recognize that in our Western Society, everything is pulling you away from caring for your health and your physical body. Everything is a distraction and pulls you away from health and holistic living! You are pushed to pay attention to so many other parts of your life. You are pushed to focus on work, your well-being financially, your career, your friendships and relationships, your family, your church. With all these things going on every single day, just so easy to neglect your own body. Start researching Broken Arrow Personal Training. Don’t forget that you yourself are a living and functioning nervous system an organism that needs to be taken care of!

You were body is a body does completely dependent on proper care, such as good nutrition and sleep. So, think about it. If you yourself are not caring for your body, which is a living organism, then how can you care for the rest of the things in your life with quality? If the machine itself is not treated with quality. So, consider our Broken Arrow personal training that we offer at the Hub gym! We are all about lifestyle change. We want you to know that we truly care about our members. This is a bright and Lively atmosphere. People here are one hundred percent focused on real change. But not just that, we know that good Community Fosters change. That’s why we lose so Focus strongly on the community that we have developed here at the Hub gym. You will be no stranger!

Unless you absolutely would like to be ignored, you will not be! You will find community and family here at the Hub gym. We are located in the Rose District Broken Arrow. We encourage you to try our promotion. It is the first month for a dollar. And after that you will be enrolled in our month-to-month membership! That means that you can cancel anytime, but it has to be in person! If you consider Broken Arrow personal training? But we only hire the best here at the Hub gym. Our personal trainers here at the Hub gym are committed to their members, and they do life with them! Very small but thriving community, and we are growing every day! We have kept that small town feel. Even though we are in the middle of a growing city, we want you to feel connected and plugged into our community. We encourage you to try the first month for a dollar! With this, you receive a free first step consultation. This is a free session with one of our fantastic personal trainers here at the Hub gym. You will get an in-depth assessment, and go over your goals in life style needs, as well as a free use of the in-body scan. You should also consider Broken Arrow personal training as part of the wellness membership! Actually, pretty soon, we will incorporate the wellness Plus Membership, which will include personal training write an! And keep in mind, during the in-body scan and Free’s First Step, you do not necessarily have to be paired with the personal trainer that does your first step.

If you are serious about personal training, we will get more in-depth analysis of what you’re looking for, so that we can pair you with the best trainer for your Broken Arrow personal training experience. Did you know that as a member, not only do you training as a part of your experience, but you also get unlimited use of our infrared sauna? Let’s use the in-body scan, and you also are able to take all of our classes! We offer group classes throughout the week! We offer classes such as Zumba, yoga, boxing, The Hub Tribe class, which is a high interval intensity training class, a ladies only barbells class, which is led by our awesome trainer Jeremy, and so much more! You get showers and lockers you just have to provide your own lock in the bathrooms! We are a 24/7 access gym with a full supplement shop. We carry full protein and pre-workout supplements, and you if you’re ever curious about trying a pre-workout supplement, there is a small shelf right by the front desk, whatever’s on that shelf, you can try all one time free and we give you a funnel to sample in your water bottle. See how it works for you! This is a judgement-free Zone, and we are all inclusive. You will find people of all ages Ann all skill levels here at the Hub gym.

It is truly for everyone. We are looking to expand soon, so be on the lookout for either a second location or an add-on to our current location! We are always responsive and eager for feedback from our very own members. So just drop us a note in our little comments and suggestions box up by the front desk! Be on the lookout for a new via our social media platforms! We have our Facebook, our Instagram, we have you to page which hope all of our weekly videos from our very own co-owner Josiah! Be on the lookout for his content! You always be greeted with a smile when you were here at the Hub gym. We are first class in our Broken Arrow personal training. So, call when you can, you will not regret this opportunity to join our fantastic Hub Gym family. We will be eager to call and set up ap tour with you, and remember you can bring friends! Referrals get $15 dollars to spend in the Hub Pro shop (our full supplement shop). Let us talk to you about a tour, and if you’re interested in Broken Arrow Personal training, we will have you chat with a trainer and highly encourage you to schedule that first step! It will be the beginning of an exciting journey of transformation. Come visit the Hub Gym today!