Are you ready to experience something that will instill permanent change? It doesn’t have to be cheesy or tacky. It doesn’t have to be discouraging. It doesn’t have to be unrealistic?! We get the skepticism when it comes to looking for a new gym. We get that sometimes people can feel an overwhelming sense of all the “new”. But how do you implement real change, and not something that will just be temporary, simply out of the appeal of newness? That is our goal here at the Hub gym. We have worked hard to design and cultivate an atmosphere where everyone feels they can and will do their best! We have all skill levels and clients in their journey to better health and wellness here. You never need to feel like an outcast! Our team members routinely walk throughout the gym and if you ever have any questions on how to perform a specific exercise, we’ll show you how! It’s important to perform exercises correctly so you do not injure yourself. It also allows your body to strengthen and build muscle as it is supposed to. Looking for Broken Arrow Personal Training??…You’ve found it!

We offer individualized and exceptional Broken Arrow personal training. If you are looking for somebody who will truly invest in you, and we’ll take the time to truly invest in your specific needs, come on over to the Hub gym. We at the Hub gym have seen enormous transformation with our members here. It takes real commitment. It is a lifelong journey, but it is incredibly worthwhile. And our members are living proof that this is not unachievable, nor is it impossible. You can see tremendous change here at the Hub gym. This is what we are all about. We want our members to know that we have their back. We 100% support you. Don’t think for one second that even the front desk staff that are typically in the office do not care about our members! We are all family here. The front desk staff is here to serve you and meet your needs. They want to meet you right where you are.

They want to show you that there is a reason that they are also committed to the Hub gym as well. This is a family. And these are people that want to support you in your fitness journey. Whether it is losing weight, becoming lean, gaining muscle, growing and resistance training, losing body fat, these exceptional trainers in our Hub gym facility will help you get on the right path. We offer quality Broken Arrow personal training right in the heart of Broken Arrow at the Rose District! When you sign up, you receive a free consultation! We call this the first step. And we highly recommend that you schedule this for step session with one of our personal trainers upon sign-up, even if you’re not quite ready for Broken Arrow personal training. It is easy to forget that it is available to you at any time, if you do not schedule it right away. However, do note that it does not expire. During This consultation, you will have about an hour with a personal trainer. You will talk to them about your goals. You will talk to them about the trends that you’ve seen for yourself regarding health and fitness goals in the past.

This is also the perfect time to seek guidance on proper you send form with using different types of equipment. You also get one for use of our in-body scan! This is a $10 value that you will get for free during your first step session. You will see your BMI and your Water weight, lean mass, skeletal muscle mass, body fat percentage, basal metabolic rate. Many of these are helpful physical measurements to get you on the right track for fulfilling your health and fitness goals on this life Journey. Now, not only do we offer Broken Arrow personal training as well as other items in the gym, but we also have launched something called The Wellness membership. This is for those who are more serious about tracking their progress and staying on track on their health and fitness journey. With the wellness membership, you also get a monthly wellness check in with one of our personal trainers. This is to ensure that you are properly reading your analysis on the in-body scan. When you use the in-body scan, it prints out a chart showing everything from skeletal muscle mass to body fat percentage to basal metabolic rate to segmental analysis of your lean muscle mass, obesity analysis, and we want to make sure that you are getting the most out of reading these parts.

During your monthly wellness check in, you will get to go over this tracking your progress correctly with a personal trainer. You also get one free protein per month. That may sound like a lot! However, if you start to learn ways of incorporating protein into more than just a shake or a drink with water, it’s easy to consume fast. And actually, most people do not meet their sufficient needs for protein on a daily basis. This is because many people assume they are getting enough protein, and we all know proteins are the building blocks of muscle. You need protein to build muscle and to repair and recover from workouts. But just because you’re eating enough or even more calories than you need, does not Necessarily mean you’re getting enough protein. More often than not, with the standard American diet, you are not. If you tend to buy your protein supplements from another supplier, the wellness membership will probably and most likely save you money, allowing you to purchase from us getting one free protein a month. And we will try to match with your supplier if you think you are getting a better deal. We are more than happy to try to match! So that you can start getting your protein from us. And be a One-Stop shop for all of your Fitness needs right here. So, consider Broken Arrow personal training with the Hub Gym today!