Everyone goes through a moment while they are trying to get into shape or just enter an active lifestyle, where they begin to wonder if they should be taking supplements, more protein options, or adding some vitamins to their daily regime. In this day in age there are so many options, and so many brands and types of supplements. Broken Arrow Personal Trainers do a great job of letting you know what you should be taking based on what our bodies naturally need to obtain the most efficient results, energy levels, recovery, and all kinds of other things you would never think your body required to have it’s maximum ability to push and peak. I know that when I was looking for vitamins, I assumed just a daily Men’s Multi-vitamin was enough. Let me tell you, the Broken Arrow Personal Trainers told me I was not taking, not only what I needed to have my body absorb, the correct amount of major vitamins and minerals. There are things that our body is supposed to absorb naturally, but if there is a deficiency in one of the other vitamins or minerals then our body will not absorb the required amount. The Broken Arrow Personal trainers gave me tips and names of the required vitamins and minerals my body required, but also what were the best brands. 

Apparently, there are so many ways that Vitamins and MInerals are manufactured these days. The Broken Arrow Personal Trainers educated me with all the brands that I should not use based on how their vitamins and “essential” minerals were genetically made or how they were not derived from natural items. I had no idea that there were so many different types of vitamins let alone different types of vitamin companies. I mean I grew up with Flintstone kids and then after that, I grew up with knowing that the next best option was like centrum. And then when you get up of age centrum silver I had no idea that was the case.  And apparently taking a one-a-day vitamin just isn’t enough. Because someone a days don’t have everything that you need. Or just a small amount of important stuff and not enough of other things that your body also requires. The broken arrow personal trainers did really well at making sure that I was taking the right amount and the right dosage of specific vitamins. it’s not just as a one a day vitamin, but also as like a before workout because apparently there are things that your muscles and your bones and your tendons require to have and it works best through your blood system if you are working out. And then there is also certain vitamins and minerals that I was instructed to take about 30 minutes before I go to bed. That way I have something to be able to give my body while it is in a sleeping mode. So while my subconscious is working on putting all the non-essential organs to rest, they are replenishing themselves with the appropriate requirements of what is needed to rebuild itself and recover so that I can have healthier bones, tendons and, muscles. 

Let me tell you once the Broken Arrow personal trainers educated me of what I needed to be taken to reach all my goals, and also so that I can maintain a good healthy body during my workouts. I really felt a difference in my energy levels, because the B complex portions that I was taking was really helping my energy levels. I was also sleeping a lot better because of the zinc and magnesium that I was taking before bed. Plus I also began taking some vitamins that were infused or derived from animal vital organs. I mean whoever thought that organs feeding organs would make sense. But I’m taking like bovine organ crushed into powder forms of pills. And I am sleeping very well. I am also finding myself to be able to wake up as rested as possible. And I find myself getting REM sleep, feeling my body less sore in the morning after a great workout, and I’m also finding myself drinking a lot more water out of necessity and just wanting to stay hydrated. it’s surprising what happened when you eat the right things and replenish your body with the right things it really really does help. I am very thankful of the broken arrow personal trainers. They really know what they’re doing, not just in regards of working out. Because a lot of things that you learn in regards of working out and doing are things that you can learn through YouTube videos, reading health books, or just asking a personal trainer to help you out with. But there’s also a science to what you need to do with your diet. I learned so much about what was the appropriate proteins, the appropriate amount of protein to take, if certain meals were appropriated for certain times of the day.  

Give me surprise how many hours I spent reading, researching, assuming I knew what I was doing when it came to things to eat and do before and after a workout. And then there are so many things on the market that sell themselves as, the bulkers, the things you need to take post and pre. But none of it really matters if you’re having a good healthy diet and you’re taking the right vitamins and minerals. Once again the broken arrow personal trainers have really changed my game on how I work out. I have even begun to start telling people what they should and shouldn’t take based on what their diet is. because if you take too much of a specific vitamin or mineral your body would just urinate out. So you don’t want to take more than your body can even absorb, cuz then you’re just wasting money.  And trust me I am not going to lie to you, if you get good quality vitamins and good quality minerals you will find yourself spending a lot more than you expected. so you want to be sure that when you are taking these things in addition to a good diet, that you’re not just literally pissing away your money.