Are you excited to finally get started on that journey that you have been long putting off? Here at the Hub gym, we are filled with awesome and exceptional Broken Arrow personal trainers! You know that we are the place to be, as we continue to grow and Thrive and boost our gym up. And we want you to be a part of it! Here at the Fantastic Hub gym in Broken Arrow, we are excited to get you involved with our boot camp sessions! So this is something that you will be introduced to you whenever you join the Hub gym. The new member, you will be introduced to our weekly charity Bootcamp. It is held once or twice a month. On Saturday mornings, usually you will usually find the group X room filled with the class, or it will be held outside if it’s a beautiful day.

And these boot camp sessions, led by our fantastic Broken Arrow personal trainers, are held in order to donate money to a local charity drive that we partner with each month! This next one will be broken arrow neighbors. We encourage you to come, it is a $10 donation to do the class, and those $10 proceeds go toward the charity. We are really excited to be involved in our community, and we will continue to find more ways to do so. We love the community we love, the city of Broken Arrow and we love our members! So with our Broken Arrow personal trainers, we highly encourage you to schedule what we call a first step assessment whenever you join the gym. This is because later on down the road it is easy to forget that it is available cute.

We highly recommend that you schedule it upon sign-up. The first step session is a free complimentary session with a personal trainer here at the Hub gym. Can schedule any time that they are available for you! We want you to know that you are not obligated to sign up for personal training when you remember, but this is free to you! In this free session well I hope you highlight and identify your goals and explain it clearly to the trainer, who will get you on the right foot. These certified Broken Arrow Personal Trainers are all about investing wholeheartedly in their clients. They will take you through your goals, and take you over to the in-body scan, where you will get specific measurements to allow you to have an accurate reading of your fitness level. You will measure your BMI (body mass index), your body fat percentage, and more. You are allowed to schedule this session at any time!

Also, it does not necessarily mean you have to sign up for personal training with the particular trainer you did your first step with. We want to make sure you are paired with the trainer that is the best fit for you. We hope you understand that this is a place of a real and strong community. People here absolutely love being here, and it is a place they proudly call home. We are so proud to be our members’ home gym, and we constantly seek feedback for improvement. You should always feel welcome at our gym, as we hope to continue making this place a place people love to be. The east trainer has a different strength, and through the process, we will highlight the different strengths and focuses of each trainer so that we know which one you’d like to pair with. It also depends on the schedule. Many of our trainers train early in the morning, and then many and the evening. We will find what best suits your schedule! Please note we also have a special deal with those three sessions with a trainer for $99. We also truly believe that no results mean you deserve your money back! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee which is starting soon.

So, you really get to trial and see if this works for you! As a member of our gym, you are provided several amenities, including all of the group classes, and this excludes the small group private training led by our Broken Arrow personal trainers. But if you are simply looking at group classes, we have several that are included in your membership at no additional cost! This includes yoga, Zumba, boxing, a lady only barbells class, The Hub try which is an early early morning hit workout class. They meet at 5 am! All of these are available to you with your membership at no added cost! We know people really like accountability, and these classes are awesome for people that just need other people around them and would like some extra instruction.

They’re really fun! As a member of her gym, you also get 25% off to spend at the supplement shop. You also get full access to our infrared medical-grade sauna, which is safer to use than traditional steam saunas. You just need to schedule a time to use it with the front desk to ensure there is not somebody else and they’re using it, but it is part of your membership at no additional cost as well! Remember that our gym is also a true 24/7 access gym. We have not limited our hours due to coveting at all! We do not require masks and people seem very thankful for this. Note that if you refer friends, you get $15 to spend in the hub Pro Shop as well. So be sure to let your friends know they need to mention you as soon as they come to pay us a visit! We will take your friends on a brief tour of our fantastic gym, and introduce you to all the equipment, classes, and amenities provided to them! This is a place where we push people to thrive. It truly is no BS, no contracts, no annual fees!! The first month for you is a $1.00 plus a one-time $40.00 enrollment fee. We can’t wait to see you here!