When the plan was to start three years ago, and yet you still find yourself in a non-committal relationship with your local gym, it is time for us to give you a boost of encouragement. We, the Hub Gym, are here for you! And we would love to see you here with our community. There is absolutely no better time than now for you to join your local gym. We encourage you to find your place here and to seek this as an opportunity to grow and be challenged. We challenge you to see this as a FUN experience so that you no longer dread going to work out! Working out should be something that is a daily habit, a daily part of your routine. If you dread it all the time, you will never implement consistency! If you do not implement consistency, you will not see the tremendous growth you’ve desired to experience for so long. This is an opportunity for you to experience transformation. In fact, you will be able to speak with one of our Broken Arrow personal trainer staff for help in this area. If you want to meet with them, how about you schedule a tour with us here at The Hub Gym? With a tour, you will meet with a Broken Arrow Personal trainer. You will meet with one of them in the front desk area, and they will walk you through the entire facility, showing you all our fantastic equipment! They will begin your tour right where you are at the front desk, showing you our full supplement shop, filled with items that have been reviewed as absolutely delicious! We’ve got plenty of protein supplements, such as the whey protein from the UMP brand, and the cookies from Lenny & Larry, as well as Quest cookies, ONE protein bars (and vegan protein bars as well). Did we mention all of these are delicious? We also have Quest protein chips. We also have KX-R pre-workout drink mixes that our members just rave about. And if you’re hesitant about these, we always have free samples on hand. You can take a pack and just throw it in your water bottle, and you’re set for your workout! We have had plenty of great reviews with these items, and we hope you will give it a try. Why not? What is the concern? We also have drinks in the fridge, so you can take a look at those too. They will show you the sauna, which is right by the front desk. This a nice addition to the gym. We have this sauna, which is an infra-red medical-grade sauna. This simply means it is safer than the traditional steam saunas, which would get you sweating profusely, and you would just be insanely hot! You can sit in there, and sweat a little. But the older steam saunas can be hard on older people and people with respiratory issues. If you have problems with these, you will not have any problem with our medical-grade sauna! You can pop in there and listen to music and relax, or watch a show during your time. As a member, this is provided for you at no additional cost. All you must do is ask someone at the front desk that you would like to reserve a one-hour time slot to go ahead and use the sauna. They will reserve it for you in their system so that there is no conflict with another appointment. During your tour with a Broken Arrow personal trainer, please feel free to ask any questions you would like! They are there to help you and get you to feel as comfortable about making a decision as possible. You will be shown our cable machines, our ski erg, our rowers, our Stair Master, our bench press equipment, our free weights area (with free weights going up to 135 lbs.), our kettlebells, EZ and Straight bars, our group X room (which is where we hold all our group fitness classes, which are ALSO available to our members at no additional charge), our stretch mats and Thera-bands, our back room which is considered the heavy lifting room! This room is for those who desire heavier and more intense workouts. They have plenty of leg machines and squat racks, a deadlifting platform, a belt squat even! All of this is in the back room. You will also have passed a wall which is filled with plenty of writings from our very own members. This adds a tremendously beautiful personal touch to the wall. We encourage you to pause as you read some of the phrases people have written. Our very own members have written on that wall about their accomplishments, whether small or large. This includes goals they may have conquered within the week or goals they conquered in the past year! It is very meaningful, and such an inspiration to read. We encourage you to read through some of them during your tour. Your Broken Arrow personal trainer will let you take as much time as you want. After all, it is your tour! And we want you to feel good and confident in regard to the decision you ultimately make. Don’t forget to also check out the area outside of our gym, on the east side of the building. We have got atlas stones, kegs, tires small and large, it is just incredible! We also would like to mention our recently added game-changers classes! These are often referred to by our members as small group personal training. They are also held in the Group X room. They are a special case. If you’d like to do the game changers classes in your membership, then you will do a $99/mo. rate, rather than the regular $39 or $29 membership. That is because you will get direct personal training (in a group) from each Broken Arrow personal trainer at our facility. They rotate. We hope you will try us out soon!