It is time for you to really take it up a notch in your health and your fitness. It is easy to just neglect it and put it by the wayside when you have all of the heavy priorities of just living life! We understand. You’ve got work, you’ve got school, you’ve got family, you’ve got community activities, church, you’ve got children, celebrations! Life can get so packed so fast! And it is so easy to just not prioritize taking care of your own body and your health. We know this more than anything. In fact, each Broken Arrow personal trainer here at the Hub Gym has experienced their own trials experiencing this and seeing what happens when you truly neglect your health.

That is why we believe that our Broken Arrow personal trainer staff are very able to achieve to help you achieve real goals. They have walked through hard health and fitness trials themselves! We understand that everybody is unique and individual and that most people have not gone through the exact same life journey, but they can certainly relate. And they want to share that with you. By showing you the trials that they’ve gone through have helped them to overcome any challenges, they can relate to you and empathize with you and help you seek out specific plans that are tailored to your needs. So, if you need to look for a trainer who matches your beliefs and lifestyle similarly, call us and we will get you some interviews.

Because we know that you want to be with someone that you’re comfortable with and that you can be vulnerable with. And we know that the staff here are really focused on lasting relationships and strong relationships. If you meet with them consistently, we can assure you that you will actually see results. And the staff here or not just focused on results, but they are focused on lasting results. To do this, you need to learn how to end grain habits that will allow you to stay on the right path no matter what. You want to stay on the right path with good habits so that you do not deter from them and digress after just a few visits of meeting with a Broken Arrow personal trainer at the Hub Gym. We love to show you around our facility if you come in for a tour. You do not have to commit yet. And even with that, we offer a promotion where you can join for 30 days and you will see the entire facility and be able to use the gym with 24/7 access.

And you can do this all for $1 for the first month! No tax no enrollment fee or anything. With that $1 for the first month you can trial the gym and then after that, if you want to continue, you will be enrolled at the regular rate. It all starts with taking those first little steps. Because we know that those steps are so important. Sometimes the hardest thing is to just get started. What we want to show you that we are confident about how you can improve your life and improve your lifestyle in your habits and your health by starting a committed and consistent routine of visiting the community here. We are also a large Community here at the Hub gym. You should never feel gym intimidation or judgment or any sense of competition whenever you come here. When you visit the gym, you will be greeted by our staff who will show you around the facility with our Broken Arrow Personal Trainer services.

And he will start by seeing our sauna. Is sauna being a high infrared medical-grade sauna that is easier on people who are older and who have respiratory issues? You do not sweat as profusely but you still have the same health benefits as a traditional steam sauna. This is also included in your membership at no additional charge. Keep in mind that you were also allowed to Joint any of the wide variety of classes that we have is well. All these classes are included in your membership at no additional charge. The only one that is that does include additional charge is the game changers classes because we refer to this as small group personal training. This is how our members refer to it as well. So, if you want to be a part of the game changers classes, which are led by each Broken Arrow personal trainer at different times throughout the week. Then you will be enrolled at $99 a month rather than the 39 a month.

But just trial for $1 for the first month! So, you are not obligated to also sign up for personal training. Do not feel pressured if you just want to be a member. As a new member, you will still be introduced to the first episode of cement and that is where you will be introduced to a broken arrow personal trainer who will sit with you and still go through the same process of figuring out what you need. Just kind of an introductory meeting to what it would be like to train with one of our trainers. So, you can try everything for the first month with no strings attached and we want you to take the opportunity to try it before you commit.

So that you can come in without any hesitation or qualms about it. You could even just set up a tour with you and your spouse or your friend and visit our website online. Our friendly staff is there to answer any of your questions. And you also get full access to the whole gym. So that is also the 24/7 access. You will get a trip that will allow you to skim in the door and enter the facility at any time. Morning or the evening. Mphasis, you can truly experience 24/7 access. So, what is there to lose? So remember to, if you are somebody that works in the Rose District, which is where the Hub gym is located, or if you are student’s if you are a teacher, if you work in the medical field, all of these things will qualify you to be enrolled, after the first month, to be enrolled at $29 a month rather than the regular $39 a month raped. Right now, if you are a first responder, or you work in the medical field, because of the Cogan situation. We are allowing those people to be enrolled at the $20 a month straight. But normally, regularly, First Responders are always $20 a month