Are you just running out of time and excuses to head on over to the gym? Keep in mind that the Hub Gym is 24/7 access. You will get a chip that will allow you to scan in the door and enter the facility at any time, morning, or evening. So, with this trial, you can truly experience 24/7 access. So what is there to lose? Remember too, if you are somebody that works in the Rose District, which is where the Hub gym is located (right at the northeast edge of the Rose District), or if you are a student, if you are a teacher, if you work in the medical field, all of these things will qualify you to be enrolled, after the first month, at $29 a month rather than the regular $39 a month rate. Right now, if you are a first responder, or you work in the medical field, because of the COVID situation, we are allowing those people to be enrolled at the $20 a month rate. But normally, regularly, First Responders are always $20 a month. So, give us a try! Call us today at 918 994 4299.

We are so excited to be your home gym. We want to include you in the family and show you all the great things you will be included in when you visit the Hub Gym, right here in Broken Arrow. Get in touch with a fantastic Broken Arrow personal trainer whenever you walk into the gym. You will first get a tour if you’re brand new to the facility. With the tour, you will be able to walk around the entire facility and ask any questions you may have. More than likely, a Broken Arrow Personal Trainer will be the one to give you a tour around the place.

This is a great start, because you will have the opportunity to ask our knowledgeable, certified and highly equipped trainers to give you answers to your toughest questions! Make note that as a brand-new member, you will also get introduced to the First Step program. You will get exposed to this even at the start of your membership, meaning you absolutely do not have to wait until the 2nd month to start this. As a $1 first month member, you can sit down with a Broken Arrow Personal Trainer and do the First Step program, where you will have a self-assessment with one of the trainers. Here, don’t be shy! Please understand these trainers are here to work with you on the toughest parts of your fitness journey.

They have been in really difficult places themselves and they hope to share their tactics with you. They want to share how they have overcome their own challenges, and they want to show you that you can experience the same triumph in your life. Their skills and tactics have been absolute game-changers. You can ask other members that are part of the community of the Hub Gym. Many people who are clients of one of our trainers have expressed how the one on one coaching they have received as a client has changed the game for them. They will help you with discipline. They get that this is NOT an easy road. And no one said it would be easy. But they will do accountability with you, as accountability is KEY. They will push you. They will challenge you.

They will help you reach new heights, and ultimately, you will soon achieve milestones you never saw coming so soon! It is an absolute joy working with each Broken Arrow personal trainer at the Hub Gym, and we boast of the fantastic team we have. In your self-assessment, the trainer will get an idea of your goals, your wants, and needs. They will walk you over to the in-body scan. Here, you will get some scanned percentages that will allow them to help you create the most individualized exercise and health plan possible for you and your body. We know this is not the easiest thing.

But we believe in all our members here at The Hub Gym. And without a doubt, we know you are not exempt or excluded from achieving your own milestones. Did you know we also have a wall toward the back of the facility? This is an inspiring wall filled with little notes from many of our members. They have written about little or large goals they’ve accomplished, even down to something like, “I drank more water than coffee today!”.

But these little things matter. They absolutely matter! Do you know why? Every little step toward improvement is SIGNIFICANT. Our life is a series of decisions, both big and SMALL. Those small ones count. So, we encourage you to walk on over to that wall and take a look at the inspiring our very own members have written about their journey. We can’t wait for you to contribute to it as well; make it personalized. We hope you will give us a chance here at the Hub Gym in Broken Arrow! You can call our direct line at 918 994 4299, and one of our eager and friendly staff will be ready to assist you with any questions about a Broken Arrow Personal Trainer.

You can also hop on your cell phone or computer and head over to our fun website, which is called There, you will find plenty of information, and you can also view videos from various people overtime at the Hub Gym. These are short snippets of people sharing their experience at the Hub Gym and why they enjoy it so much! We hope if you join us, that one day you can be upon one of those videos yourself!

Don’t forget to also go online and check out our Google reviews. We have a running list of reviews, and we have so many! You can read some about our Broken Arrow personal trainer staff as well, if that is what you are interested in. You can compare us to our competitors and see that we are one of the most highly rated gyms out there, both in the Broken Arrow and Tulsa areas! So, what are you waiting for? You’ve read all this, and now it is time that you give us a chance by calling us or just walking on in! We will take care of you, and we want to see you reach your goals.