Do you ever look at the stuff that you’re eating? Like not like before it goes in your mouth or so that you can like admire what you’re about to eat. But I’m talking about like the ingredients. The things that are put into items. Into non-perishable items especially. Give you an example here’s a box of gluten-free bunny grams. These gluten-free bunny grams are cocoa and vanilla flavored with other natural flavors. They are a gram style snack. they stay in the front of the box that is made with goodness no artificial flavors or synthetic colors no high fructose corn syrup.  they even have a thing on the back that says that archaeologists believe that rice originated in China as many as 13,500 years ago. I don’t see the purpose of the reason for that.

But I guess maybe there’s rice in these things. I’m not a broken arrow personal trainer but I’m pretty sure these aren’t the healthiest snacks. one of the nutritional facts on here, saying that it’s about 30 cookies is a serving size, there are four grams of fat 2 g of saturated fat, no trans fat, cholesterol zero, sodium 95 mg. I know that sounds like a lot but that’s only 4% of what every 30 cooks of what 30 cookies would be. 23 grams of total carbohydrates which is only 8% of what these cookies are.

Dietary fiber is less than 1 g of that 8 g of sugar in 30 cookies. It includes 8 g of added sugar. And then there are only 2 grams of protein. no vitamin D, no calcium, 0.4 mg of iron, and no potassium either. The ingredients are cornstarch cane sugar potato starch palm oil. Tapioca syrup. Cocoa powder. Tapioca starch. Leaving, sea salt soy leaching, xanthan gum, and natural flavors because it contains soy as well. once again like I said I’m no broken arrow personal trainer. nor do I think I would ever qualify to be a broken arrow personal trainer. But there are things in our food that we should probably pay attention to things that we should be aware or being put into our food for example I’ll read you what it says in the back of an SPF 50 plus sunscreen spray. The ingredients on here are just one simple zinc oxide sunscreen I mean there’s warnings and directions on what to do and what not to do with it but you don’t have to worry about nutritional value for that.  

Obviously, as a Broken Arrow trainer, I don’t have to read the ingredients that are in dog food because it doesn’t pertain to me or any clients. But like I said I’m not a broken arrow trainer so I guess I could read you the ingredients on a bag of dog food but it only be a waste of space in this article.

You see it’s a job of a Broken Arrow personal trainer to know what is in food and what isn’t in the food. I’m sorry I’m being distracted by watching my cat not know how to drink water he finds himself having to pat it and spill it all over the floor instead of drinking it. as I was saying it’s the responsibility of a broken arrow personal trainer to know what is in food, what food is good for you, and what food is bad for you. What should be in your diet and what should not be in your diet. Because they have to make sure that they’re giving their clients the information properly in regards of how much protein should be in their diet.

And not just protein in your diet, but the right kind of protein. Protein that your body would actually be able to absorb and be able to utilize. through time people have found that soy protein actually isn’t that good for men. And not that good to have large consumed amounts of. So a broken arrow personal trainer needs to understand that. Good job Tallulah okay give it to us it’s okay to give it to Aspen Nice to throw it go get it. 

So Broken Arrow personal trainer needs to be educated and have knowledge of what they are advising their clients. I need to make sure that their clients are eating properly, and know how to distinguish what is good and what isn’t good. For example just because you asked to let us wrap a cheeseburger, does not mean that it is immediately healthy. It is a healthier option because you’re removing the carb dehydrated bread, but you are still eating a processed form of ground beef, and also vegetables that are high in sugar. And ketchup that is very high in sugar. And mayo which is not the best to consume in large amounts.

Play Broken Arrow personal trainer is not required to let you know that you need to pair all experiences with tasty treats and happy praises, for example, giving card rides giving a long-lasting shoe that can enjoy the whole trip when meeting you strangers feeding your puppy tiny pieces of tasty chicken while you approach and then while the stranger pets them if the puppy is relaxed and have about the interaction then the stranger could try freedom too. These aren’t things that a Broken Arrow personal trainer needs to know.

They don’t have to understand it’s socialization is just about exposing your puppy to new things it’s also about carefully monitoring these interactions to ensure that they are positive ones. Though puppies can seem pretty curiously unflappable. they are sensitive souls who can actually become overwhelmed. so it’s a dog trainer’s job to gauge the tenor of a situation by reading the puppy’s body language. For example in a buffet of sensory stimulation that a puppy can encounter, you need to make sure that the experience a quick snack rather than a binge. So do many frequent short sessions where you can be focused on your puppy if you are a dog trainer. But not a broken arrow personal trainer.