There are many reasons why people keep coming back to the hub gym. If you are new Wiens that you and suggest that you take it to her with us to see why! So, this is the Hub gym that is located in Broken Arrow. So is this being your first time in the Rose District, you will find the lovely Hub gym in the northeastern most corner of the street. It is located on Main Street on 71st and Main. This is a lovely treasure in the middle of Broken Arrow. We have an area that is being fully renovated, and trying to smoke after the heart of what the rose District originally was aiming for. We love our Broken Arrow personal trainer group! We hope that you would think about the first episode with one of them. Because if you are a brand-new member, this first step is asthma is already included in your membership. The personal assessment. The first step is a second. The first step program is what we call it and it is where you will sit down with one of our trainers. You will sit down with a broken arrow personal trainer who will get to know your wants your needs and your goals, and they will figure out what you need.

They will find out why you need to do current they will find out what you need in order to continue and to maintain pre-calc. It will help you answer hard questions, and wants to help you find out a plan that is tailored specifically to your needs. Whenever you meet with a broken arrow personal trainer, you will be taking over to the in-body scan where you will get your BMI in your body fat percentage numbers taken. This will help the trainer further determine a specific game plan for you. So we have many stories of video testimonials that you can find out on our website at Can also find plenty of testimonials by even just simply checking out our people reviews.

We have thousands of Google reviews if you just search The Hub gym on a Google Search. And these statements for Maria members can attest to how fantastic and consistently have been as a gym Community to our very own locals. Come give us a try! You can also call us at 918-994-4299. So, we hope that you can clearly see without a doubt that the vision of the original owners Luke and Lilly Owens, established in 2011, has continued to stay and keeps the gym thriving! We have a solid community the family of people that really care for each other and encourage each other in their Endeavors.

These people with real goals and serious goals and they aren’t strong to achieve them. This is so much more than just a gym. And we are an anti-big box gym! We have people that truly love coming to the gym instead of dreading it! People here do not dread working out. You can ask the broken are personal trainer whenever you come into the facility as they give you a tour around the area! And they will even show you to the back wall area that is filled with braces and statements from our very own members who have accomplished goals in their life. Our group is incredible. Purpose filled with enthusiasm and they’re full of energy. This group really wants to protect their clients and see positive change! Each Broken Arrow personal trainer here at the Hub gym knows exactly what it takes to conquer and overcome your challenges because they have faced similar hurdles themselves. And each of them has their very own testimony. So, what are you waiting for! Because you can also try out 30 days at our gym for only a dollar. He should not wait any longer!

With 30 days for a dollar, you can experience everything to the gym has to offer, and you are also able to experience all of our workout classes in the Group X room! You will be treated with value, and so much more than just another client. Which broken are personal trainer will treat their clients as valued and seen as a different person with unique goals. Our core values are everything! Our core values target people with real goals and desires that are full of integrity and people with real desire. We have everything you will need here in this area. This is the place to be and we will show you why! We will show you why this is an incredible place and we know that you will not regret checking us out! We’re telling you; the vision has stayed surviving.

The people here are full of robust energy and full of continual amounts of energy too! We want you to check the sauna because the room has now been turned to face the other way due to the renovations and the moving around of equipment and other things. When you walk into the front of the front desk, on the wall you’ll be greeted with a great sign that says you are enough. This is something that may sound very commonplace and hold less meaning to some people because they hear it all the time. But we truly mean what we say, we value our clients we want them to know that they are more than enough.

They are enough to achieve their goals. In real-time! We love our hope that you will give us a chance. So soon, you can visit us online at or you can go give him a call at 918-994-4299 and we hope that you will give us a try very soon! We hope he will continue to give us a try by contacting one of our Broken Arrow personal trainers and they will direct you where you need to go. Whenever you take a tour with us, you will be guided by a trainer throughout the entire facility. They will start you in the area with all of the ellipticals in the cardio equipment, which will be followed by attachments and the cable machines. You will then see the freeways area with free weights going up to 135 pounds. After that, you will pass the group X room.