Here at the Hub Gym, we would like to set you off on the right foot by having the right perception of the Broken Arrow personal trainer group here. We don’t want it to make you nervous, and we hope that you would consider trying us out because you can give us a trial! So, when you start off and you think about dreading going to the gym and working with somebody that you don’t even know, that you have to become very vulnerable with, how does that make you feel? Does the thought of that make you uncomfortable? So, a lot of us think that all trainers there have the exact same goal and that they don’t give you anything that is customized. Their simple goal is to just train their client and push them past their limit and beyond their level of comfort.

That’s not entirely wrong, because you should definitely look for a well-trained and high-quality Broken Arrow personal trainer. And it’s not entirely wrong, because you will be pushed beyond your level of comfort, or else you will not grow. Everybody knows that you cannot stay in one place if you really want to see your goals achieved. We don’t want you to dread your workouts, but we do want to challenge you as well and we don’t want you to stay at the same level. You might think some of the trainers are just training all of their clients the same exact way, and not really valuing and viewing them as individual people.

You could just look online and find a trainer on your own. But you will find that the trainers here are truly exceptional here at the Hub gym in Broken Arrow. The personal trainers are highly certified, and they are passionate about the people that they work with. And they want to invest in people. They want to build strong relationships with them and show them that they care about them and that they can be trusted. We want to set a high standard. So, consider meeting with a Broken Arrow personal trainer!

With a membership, you get $1 for the first month, and you will get an introductory consultation to the first step program. With the first step program, you will have an in-depth consultation while you sit down and have a self-assessment with a Broken Arrow personal trainer. With this assessment, you will be able to see where you’re physically at, and you will have an in-body scan, where you can see what will allow you to develop your individualized and tailored goals. We really hope that you would consider trying us out! With this, you’ll be able to develop a game plan with your trainer tailored to your specific needs. Keep in mind that the in-body scan gives you your BMI (body mass index) and your body fat percentage. So, this is not just going to be a typical program, you are going to have a unique and tailored plan to you specifically. So, we want you to know that we really value individuals. We can create a program specifically for your needs! Remember that we also partner with macro meals!

So, if you’re ever needing to refuel but you want to make sure you’re feeling yourself with the right food and the right balance of macros, go ahead and try one of our meals, supplied by macro meals, an awesome meal prep service here in Broken Arrow. We also would like to note that you can have full access to a sauna! That’s right, we have a sauna right here in the gym that is ready to use and easily accessible. We offer amenities that you would enjoy if you come into the gym.

This is the Hub gym that is located in the Broken Arrow Rose District. We want you to be treated whole body, so that is physical, emotional, mental, all of it. We hope that you would continue to give us a try. You will get your first month for a dollar and after that, you will be enrolled at the regular rate unless you ask us to cancel. You should note also that you can add on your family members for just $20 a month. You can also potentially become a hub partner, depending on if your student or if you are a first responder.

We have different discounts! If you’re a first responder, you will qualify for $20 a month. If you are a student, if you work in the medical field, if you’re a teacher, if you work in the Broken Arrow Rose District, all of these things would qualify you to be enrolled at $29 a month rather than the regular $39 a month rate. These are just great things to think about! We really do want to include everybody and have a strong community feel so nobody is excluded. We hope that you would give us a try and have an interview with a Broken Arrow Personal Trainer! You can visit our website online at or you can call us at 918-994-4299, and we will absolutely take care of you. We have an exceptional staff that truly care about their members, and we want to see everybody absolutely thriving here.

It is our 100% goal and our mission statement. We believe that you are powerful and you are more than enough to accomplish your goals. So, whenever you walk into the front desk area, you will immediately see painted on the wall in big bold letters, that you are powerful, that you are enough. We value our people. And you will see that starting with the vision of the founders, the owners and then it trickles down to the staff and then on to the members. This creates such a positive and lively atmosphere that people just love being in. People here do not dread going to the hub gym. They look forward to their workouts and being with their community at the Hub gym. We offer a variety of classes that you could also try for the first month because these classes are normally included in your regular membership as well.