Title: A Community Everyone Loves
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We are excited to introduce you to the Hub Gym in Broken Arrow. We have wonderful staff that are led by two driven, hard-working, and personable business partners. The Hub Gym was started by Luke Owens and Lilly Owens in 2011. Luke knew he desired a place that would facilitate change in people, a place where people’s lives could be transformed. He knew he wanted to impact people, and help them see and achieve their full potential. That is the vision behind the Hub Gym, and that is exactly why the Hub Gym has been called a community and family, on top of simply a gym facility. The vision that Luke carried at the start has been implemented and ingrained into the staff, even today. It is no wonder people truly love coming to the gym. We also have an exceptional Broken Arrow Gyms group! These experts are full of energy, committed to their clients, and desire to see real change in them! They have their own transformation testimonies that push them everyday to challenge their clients. They know that if they were able to change their lives, their clients can do just the same and more. We would love to pair you with a Broken Arrow Gyms if that is something you are interested in! Stop. Don’t wait any longer and give us a call today as we would love to get connected with you! You will find exceptional an extraordinary value here at the Hub gym. You will find but each trainer is qualified and cares about their clients, treats them way more than just a number. You are not a number here. At our gym, you are valued person, and you are a valued part of your community. And we want you to see that. You will find that each Broken Arrow Gyms at the Hub gym will push you to help you to succeed and reach your goals. They have seen immense success over and over and it pushes them to continue doing what they do. Our trainers enjoy their work, they love what they do! They love seeing lives transformed and seeing their clients and power. I love seeing clients change their perspective and see things in a whole new light, and feel so much more positive about life and their potential. What Makes You Different? You can be part of this amazing Community today. We have exceptional staff and it is not uncommon that you will see the owners, the staff and members all walking around calling each other by name and having casual conversations. This is what our community has. Relationships. People feeling empowered, and people feeling more than enough to do what they desire. You can be part of the incredible Community today by calling the Hub gym at 918-994-4299 and you will see the exceptional value we have to offer you. You will find that we also partner with an awesome meal prep company called macro meals also in Broken Arrow. You will find our amazing macro meals up in the front desk area in our fridge for you to grab on hand. Maybe the quality ingredients, and the perfect ratio of carbs, fats, and protein, these meals are the perfect way to refuel after a solid workout and just give you energy for the day. Did we mention they’re delicious? Our members love the macro meals as an option for them and their families. You can also order a set amount online pre-ordered and then it will be ready for you to pick up in the front desk area. Come see why we have an amazing Broken Arrow Gyms group that truly loves to work with their clients. You can ask us any questions and we’ll be ready to answer you! That is what we are here for it. You can call us and we will set up a tour of the facility with you, and this is just you as a prospect. You do not have to sign up when you sign up for a tour. You do not have to become a member; we understand that you are trying to see if the Hub gym is the best fit for you by doing it to her. But by doing it to her, we are confident that you will be pleased with everything you see, and many times are tours turn into immediate sign ups. We are just letting you know the facts! I want to introduce more people to this amazing place. If you are looking for a Broken Arrow Gyms who does not compromise on service and treats you as a valued client with respect and truly listens to what goals you want to work on and helps you reach them, you need to come to the hub gym today! Give us a try, you can visit us online at www.thehub.com or you can call us at 918-994-4299 and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. Whether it is the owners, the staff, or another member, you will feel like you belong here when you talked with one of them. You will notice that when you step foot in the door that we will welcome you with open arms and we will be so delighted that you want to join. Don’t forget to check out our full supplement shop with protein shakes, supplements, bars, snacks, we even got lactose free protein options for those who have trouble with consuming Dairy. And this is won over many of our clients as well! Because all of them taste delicious! You will be exposed to our complimentary towel Service as well! Don’t wait any longer! You will also receive a tour that includes seeing our sauna, which our members also get to use as part of their membership, at no extra charge. It is part of your membership! You simply go to the front desk, where you will ask them to reserve a spot for you, for one hour. This is very relaxing for our members after a tough work out.