Are you searching for a place where your goals know no bounds? Tired of feeling like you just cannot work on those goals? Tired of being tired of going to the gym? At the Hub Gym, we have worked to facilitate an atmosphere that empowers our members. You will feel your spirits are lifted as soon as you enter our doors! We want every member to feel that way. We even have a wall dedicated to our members. This something unique about us, and puts as the top of Broken Arrow Gyms. They have the chance to write out something that they accomplished either that day or that week, or that month, whatever is Meaningful to them. And they get to write their name or leave it Anonymous. We have phrases like, “I drank more water than coffee today!” We also have phrases like, “I ran more miles this week than I have in a long time!” These are encouraging phrases, especially for members as they walk by and are constantly motivated encouraged. It is an open space and anybody can write on it. If you don’t have a marker on you, just ask the front desk, and they would be so thrilled to know that their wall is getting added to. It is very personalized and makes for a great personalized to touch to the facility. Be encouraged and know that these are regular people who stayed committed to something and found tremendous success and you are no longer an exception to that. You are more than able to achieve your goals! You are more than able to be another testimony. You are more than able to have your life transformed! You are more than able to change your eating habits, workout habits, overall health habits! If these people are able to do it so can you. Keep that in mind when you visit our gym. There is nothing that is stopping you. We’ve worked with people with physical disabilities. We have work with people at old age who are losing their muscle strength. We know that you can just as well do the same and achieve your goals and rate of progress, no matter what level or state of Fitness you are at. This is a community of people of all levels. You will not feel intimidated, you will not feel that weird sense of gym competition that other Broken Arrow Gyms might have. We origin that loves to love on our clients! We believe that you are more than enough in that you are more than able to accomplish your goal. This is what puts us at the top of the Broken Arrow Gyms out there. Don’t forget that we offer complimentary towel service during office hours to all of our members. And we will also allow you to try some free samples of are protein supplements at the front desk area. People have said these supplements taste great, and they love trying our new samples. We always have new items coming in which means we always have any samples that you guys can try. Come give it a try. We even have lactose-free options, because we know that a lot of the protein shakes are hard on people that have trouble digesting dairy. And the lactose free option does not compromise on taste! You can come and give the samples of try. You can also try out the drinks that we have. You can also try order macro meals! Macro meals is a meal prep service that we have partnered with and we are so thrilled that we get to work with them. They offer the best combination of meals that have different flavors infused, that are influenced by flavors and cultures around the world! And these have the perfect balance and ratio of your proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and they are great and excellent refuel for people after a solid workout. You can do a pre order online for your family and then you can pick it up in store. Or, after a workout, you can just pick one on the go because we always have a set amount of meals ready for people to pick up spontaneously well in the gym at. Come give us a chance, we really do want to work with you and we want to show you that you are more than able to achieve your goals. We will work with you; we will show you that you are valued here. People call each other by name hear people like to establish relationships here and be familiar with each other. What makes you any different, you can be part of this incredible community of people working towards their goats together! Was making you wait any longer? Pick up the phone today! We would love to get in touch with you. See where we are at the top of the Broken Arrow Gyms out there. There might be other Broken Arrow Gyms that offer good service, but do they create a real Community for you? Do they make you feel like you’re at home when he stepped foot in the door? This is something we pride ourselves in. This was facilitated by the owners of vision years ago in 2011. And it’s been carried forward today and strongly implemented into our staff. And our members feel it too. Because it trickles down. You’ve created an environment that makes you feel safe, makes you feel like you enjoy being there. Are lovely staff members work to create a place for you or you feel like you’re at home. Our staff members will call you by name, they will welcome you and get to know you. We have friendly people all around. We even have a sauna that is part of your membership. We have classes that you can be a part of, and they are offered at no additional charge. They are included in your membership! These classes have had great reviews. And you can build relationships here too. We offer the game changers classes as well for $99 a month instead of the regular monthly membership rate, because it is referred to as a small group personal training. And it is really appealing to those who cannot afford one-on-one individualized personal training, and still want to reap the benefits of working with a personal trainer, but just in a group setting. That is why we offered at a slightly higher rate than the regular monthly membership. But come visit us a try! We will start you out as a new member with the first step program will you’ll get to work with a personal trainer on your fitness goals. This is a great introduction to what it would be like to work with a personal trainer and it’s not offered at any additional cost, it is simply part of your new member orientation.