What is it that you were looking for with your fantastic gym experience? Most people and they join a gym or not experiencing something that is favorable, but instead they are experiencing something that is less than favorable to what they are wanting in there Broken Arrow Gyms. That is why we are at the hub gym are designing our entire facility to be perfect for your exceptional gym experience! Our goal is to be a gym that other people can be jealous of and that you can fall in love with! So what is it that makes our gym one of the most fantastic Jim’s? The first thing is that your first month is only one dollar. With the first month for one dollar you get everything that comes with our entire incredible gym facility. First of all you get through 24 hours a day access. That means you can come in they are not rain or shine it does not matter, the gym will be open to you. Most other gyms are not 24 hour access to all seven days a week, but instead they are 24 hours a day three or four days a week, and then have limited hours on weekends. The Hub Jim is totally different from that.

Do you have access to the gym all day every day. Next you have access to your free first step program. Three for step program is your opportunity to sit down with one of our incredible fitness coaches and go over what your fitness goals are. We will help walk you through what your fitness girls are and help you achieve them with attainable steps. Next every membership comes with your free infrared sauna experience. And the infrared sauna is not like a regular sauna, but instead it is a sign that is a medical grade sauna that will allow for you to experience better health and better circulation of your blood flow and better improvement to your skin. No other Broken Arrow Gyms have this kind of sauna, but instead they have a standard toner that gets extremely hot and is actually not very good for your skin or your lungs. Sorry infrared sauna on the other hand does not get nearly as hot and so therefore it is better for your body, but it uses infrared heat race which penetrate deeply through your skin and body and heat up your core temperature without needing to heat the outside of your body dramatically.

We are also a full supplement shop which means we can get you connected with proper amounts of protein proper amount of pre-work out, caffeine, multivitamins, electrolytes, and many other beneficial products. Protein is one of the most essential items that we carry and so we have done our best to do our research and find the best kinds of proteins that we can get you. The first one is a protein that is inexpensive but has no artificial or fake ingredients added. It is good quality and is it excellent taste! The next one we carry is one that has digestive enzymes as well as electrolytes that are added. This quality of protein is a little bit more expensive than the other one, but it is even more delicious and it’s easier on the body to digest and consume. The final kind of protein we carry has been around for over 50 years and sets the standard when it comes to the quality of protein. It is also way more slow digesting protein and does not cause got issues or any and balances to your system.

So when you are looking for broken arrow gyms and one should realize that most other gyms do not have a built-in supplement shop, instead they will send you to other places we will have to pay an exceptionally high price for all of your supplement needs. But here at the hub gym we offer all of our members a specialty member discount where you can get prices that beat that of even Amazon! And wow, what a deal it is! You can get your first month for only one dollar and then after that it is only $39 a month and there are multiple different options available if you work in healthcare, or if you are a police officer, or a fire department, or anywhere in the medical field. We look for whatever excuse we can to make sure you get a special deal on your gym membership! In addition to our incredible supplement shop, Infrared Sauna, free for step program and true 24 hours a day access, we also offer showers and lockers free of charge to all of our members. That’s right you have access to our showers which are beautifully renovated, lockers, even the normal bathrooms and vanities are beautiful. And the last exceptional portion to our Broken Arrow Gyms is access to our free fitness classes! All of our free fitness classes are incredibly designed to help give you a fantastic experience whether it be through Zumba, boxing, yoga, The Hub tried, where are barbells class which is a ladies only weightlifting class!

All of our classes are led by some of our incredible and highly trained fitness coaches who are also some of the same fitness coaches that can sit down with you and walk through your fitness goals and help you achieve them! You get all of this at the hub gym of broken Arrow gyms for only one dollar for your first month, no yearly fees, no contracts, no long-term agreements, and absolutely no BS. You are going to love our exceptional broken arrow gyms, I can 100% guarantee it. So if you are on the lookout for a gym for you were you were lovely experience, have people truly care about you, and have people invest in you in every way, give us a call at 918-994-4299 or visit us online at www.thehubgym.com! Whenever you get your first month for only one dollar, that’s right only one dollar for your first month and you have access to the best gym around!