We are really excited to get you involved in the Hub gym in Broken Arrow, in the Rose District. We hope that you will give us a chance! Do you love the fitness classes that we have to offer? We have several Fitness classes that we could offer you, that are included right in your membership. You’re going to get in shape, and then you are going to feel so much better. You’re going to be healthier; you’re going to look great. If you’re ready to get In-Shape finally and look better and start feeling healthy. Then you need to come over to the hub gym, it is all about making progress here. And we will help you make tremendous progress; we know that really great things can happen. We want you to know that you are more than enough and that you can achieve the impossible! So, give us a call today and visit www. The Hub gym. Calm and you will see all of our Broken Arrow Gyms. Who really look forward to working with you! Did you know that you can pick some of our some of our Broken Arrow Gyms to work with? And then you can really start setting your goals? You can do this with something we like to call the first step program. Our trainers can really help show you what you need to do and help you see where you’ve been locking. They will instruct you in and how to properly use the equipment with good for me. They will push you to be your best, but they will respect when you need to rest or take a step back as well! Our trainers really do care about their clients and they want to see their best selves. And it’s because he’s personal trainers that we have had at the Hub gym have their own personal testimonial stories. They know exactly where these people are coming from, even though every person’s story is different, our Broken Arrow Gyms want to show you that they completely relate. As much as they can a. Maybe you have felt uncomfortable in the past about your body, or the things that you can and cannot do at the gym. Maybe you have failed over all discouraged and just stop coming. Well guess what? Are trainers understand! They have been there. They didn’t go from 0 to 100 overnight. They started somewhere. Depending on the type of work you do you can also get a great rate! I’d only that, but some people’s work schedules are so wacky. Well guess what? We offer 24-hour 7 Fitness. So, you can come in whenever you need to, even in the strange and tiring early hours of the morning when nobody else is awake. You can be in the gym all by yourself and have all the equipment to yourself! Just scan your card and you’ll have full access to the facility. The front desk is closed but the facility itself for our members to work out is completely open and available to you. We will have music playing, we will have all the lights on and you can go in and work out whenever you need to! So, we hope that you connect with us soon! We want to take care of you, and we understand that Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all. Fitness is a hard thing; we know that everybody is starting from somewhere different. But the wonderful and beautiful thing about working out at the Hub gym with our Broken Arrow Gyms, is that you have people who are encouraging you and supporting you. If they even if they don’t know you, our place is a place that facilitates community and great relationships. Plenty of relationships have been formed here and they continue to develop all the time. It is not uncommon that you’ll see our owners talking with our members and our staff and everybody is calling each other by name. That is just a normal thing! That’s because Community is a big deal and we like to work out together and work with each other. We are so committed to this and we have established this Vision since the owner’s original vision of it in 2011 when he first opened up the Hub gym. And it has not changed! Sure, some things have changed a little bit over time because your vision growth and you get creative and things change and you have to adapt, but his original vision of having a place of community where people are impacted and want to reach and he wants to help them reach their full potential, that has not changed! It has not changed, and it will continue to stay ingrained in our employees, our business owners, and the members. We want everyone to feel like they are part of a thriving community. Have you checked out other facilities with Broken Arrow Gyms? Why not give us a try? If you’ve discovered now that we have a wonderful atmosphere and friendly community, that is the type of place our trainers are a part of. You can be a part of that! Why would you try anywhere else, honestly? Give us a try today and you will not be disappointed. You will be set up with one of our employees who will be so eager to help you out and get you set up. You can set up an initial tour of the facility with our personal trainers and during that tour, you can decide if you want to get started with us! These tours are an awesome and easy way to get all your questions answered, while seeing the place for yourself and spending time with one of our Broken Arrow Gyms. They will happily answer any questions you have. We are so excited to get connected with you, and we hope you will give us a chance! Visit us online at www.thehubgym.com or call us at 918 994 4299. We hope you will give us a chance today! Don’t forget to set up a tour with us!
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