We highly encourage you to join a gym that fits your needs. If you have been thinking about it, no need to waste more time. This is the right step to take! We know sometimes you just need accountability to stick to your goals. What better place than a gym full of like-minded people who are so positive and desire real Community. Here you will fit right in, there is no sense of gym intimidation or competition. We strongly believe in a Powerful community and supporting one another, because we are all on a journey towards improving ourselves with the Broken Arrow Gyms you deserve.

The people here really know how to enjoy every step of this process that they are on. We truly believe that you will love the Hub gym. It is a 24/7 Tulsa Fitness Center so that you can come in whenever you are available. If you have never heard of The Hub gym or had a chance to experience what this gym can do for you, please visit us online or call our number right now at 918-994-4299. You will discover our incredibly low rates as well as the top Broken Arrow Gyms. we start you off at $39 if you pay month to month. If you are a first responder, work in the medical field, or served in the military, your rate is $20 a month. And if you have any add-on members such as friends and family, they are added on at $20 a month which is an incredibly low rate! Look at us next to our competitors and you will see that we offer very reasonably low rates, perhaps half the price you would be paying elsewhere!

This is an unbeatable deal for everything we offer. This Tulsa Fitness Center will address all of your Fitness needs. The normal rates stated above will only start the second month, because guess what! Your initial month with us is only a dollar. That is because we are confident that you will truly choose us, after giving us a trial run. So, we want you to try us out before you are fully committed. You will see that our facility offers various brand new equipment, such as row machines, cables, squat racks, Stairmaster, ski ERG machine, treadmills, and ellipticals, we have plenty of foam rollers and stretch bands as well to help you in your recovery, because we care about that as well with your Broken Arrow Gyms!

There is a large room dedicated to all of our various and diverse Fitness classes, such as Zumba, yoga, The Hub tribe, and all ladies lifting class. And there is a large room in the back dedicated to heavier lifting, with full leg machines, a deadlift area, and squat racks. Our weights go up to 135 pounds in the free weights area. This Tulsa fitness center is one-of-a-kind because of its family feel. Time and time again, our members have described this specific Tulsa fitness center as so welcoming, and that everyone here seems like a family, whether you are brand new or have been going here for years and years with the Broken Arrow Gyms.

You will truly love the Hub gym. Included in your membership is also our medical-grade infrared sauna that is open during office hours. Simply schedule a time to be in the sauna and it is yours! All of the fitness classes are included in your membership as well. The only thing that is exempt is the game changers’ classes. Because the game-changers classes are considered a small group personal training and offered because some people cannot afford the one on one individual personal training. So, if you want to incorporate the game changers classes into your gym membership, our Tulsa fitness center offers a $99 a month payment instead of the normal $39 a month, or 29 or 20! Our awesome and top-rated Broken Arrow Gyms.

Tulsa fitness center also offers complimentary towel service and that is available to you during office hours as well. You will find that all of our staff are incredibly friendly and ready to help you, hear the staff truly care about your success and treat you with respect. You will start as a new member with our first step program which is where you simply sit down with a personal trainer to who will get to know who you are and what you desire and assess your Fitness needs. And help you develop a game plan for your fitness journey. This also includes an in-body scan, and our machine is in the front desk area. This is a wonderful piece of equipment that will tell you your BMI and your body fat percentage to give you an idea of where to start with your fitness goals. When you take a tour with us, you will see the facility is full of everything you could ask for.

And if there is simply something that you do not see that you were looking for please ask the person giving you a tour! We want to make sure this is the right place for you and we are so open to suggestions and improvements for new pieces of equipment that you might not see. Come and find out why this Tulsa fitness center is the place to be. The Hub gym is everything that you’ve been looking for, it is not like those other gym facilities that have the big box feel in our full of competitive members. You will feel right at home here.

You will feel nothing but support. Here we have a fantastic Community ready to include you. Our trainers are so friendly and dedicated to Excellence and have seen results over and over. You should call right away. Call us at 918-994-4299., and don’t forget that your first month is a dollar! And then the second month will start your normal rate. So, what are you waiting for the best Broken Arrow Gyms?

We are dedicated to seeing results and we are so excited that you are going to join and be a part of our family. Don’t forget about our online website as well and you can fill out a contact form on there as well if you still prefer. You can also do prepaid for a whole year. So please get in contact with the Hub gym and we are ready to serve your needs.