It’s amazing to me that some people think you can put dirt in the gas tank of your car and have a drive like a performance vehicle. Obviously nobody actually thinks this for real, but we basically do this every day with the food we eat. In certain vehicles you must put premium quality gasoline or the engine will break down over time. It’s not at the engine won’t run, it’s that you will slowly but surely wear away at its ability to work in the long run. Some engines can better take low quality gasoline, but it is important to understand your owners manual. When it comes to the food we put in our bodies we need to understand our owners manual and know that the quality of “fuel” we put in our selves will determine the quality of output at Broken Arrow gyms. But again, you must understand your owners manual. What does that look like? Ultimately it is different for every person at Broken Arrow gyms. It is valid to know what your ancestors ate over 1000 years ago and further back. The refined sugar, processed food, even many of the plants we eat today didn’t exist over 1000 years ago and further back. The refined sugar, processed food, even many of the plants we eat today didn’t exist a mere 100 years ago. In the grand scheme of life it is a very small number, and our bodies adapt very different depending on what our ancestors had access to. Many South Americans and Asians are completely lactose intolerant. This is because milk was introduced into their diet only 100 or 200 years ago. One whose ancestors are from northern Europe and Scandinavia has been drinking milk since there were people there. They have well over 1000 years of practice at digesting milk. With that being said, pasteurize milk has only been a thing for the last 75 years, so the effect on our body is different than raw milk. The same especially goes for sugar and alcohol. Alcohol has been a normal part of most Europeans diets for well over 2000 years. Most Europeans possess the ability to digest alcohol at a relatively slow rate, unlike native Americans, who virtually possess no ability to process alcohol. The same goes for processed sugar. In this case, it is so quickly absorbed that it drastically spikes our insulin levels and causes us to bottom out in our blood sugars causing hypoglycemia, damaged gut bacteria, fatty liver, and many other health concerns. Your focus needs to be giving your body the nutrients and healthy needs to succeed. If you do not provide your body with complete proteins, proper energy sources, and within proper amounts, you will not run optimally.

The same thing happens with our mentality. If we never put good thoughts in our minds at Broken Arrow gyms, if we never speak positively of ourselves, or if we listen to the “naysayers” we will forever be subject to what they demand of us. Speak to yourself with love. Speak to yourself with positive self-care. Ignore what any naysayers might say and instead put positivity inside of you. If you feel yourself with positivity then positivity will come out. It is said that the tongue steers your life like a rudder steers a ship. Direct your life with your speech. Speak it over yourself daily and do not deviate from your plan for success. Hearing from what makes you run causes you to slow down and eventually stop. If you normally put quality gasoline in your vehicle it will drive as it is supposed to. If you start using low-quality gasoline it will begin to slow down and eventually your engine will have to stop. This is the same with our bodies you must give yourself the things you need.

Last but not least, with any vehicle you must take care of it. If you don’t regularly get it maintained it will slowly but surely deviate and eventually break apart. Your body is the same way. The effort you put in to maintain and build it up it will keep it running for a very long time. As your body builds muscle mass it will prevent you from being unable to move as you age. While our bodies may be very resilient, they cannot continue without self care forever even if you go to Broken Arrow gyms daily. Put aside time to ensure you do take care of your body whether that be your mental health, physical health, financial health, relationship health, family health, and any other form of health you can think of. If it hurts your health, tell that thing to F off. Anything that hurts your health does not belong in your daily routine. Not caring about your finances can derail your entire effort. Not caring for your mental health can damage your ability to do other things properly. Not caring for your family or friendships can mess with many other aspects of your health. The key here is focus on what is beneficial to you. All other things take a backseat. If you gain fulfillment out of helping others, choose to help others in a way that is fulfilling. If you find benefit in a cheating in your career, put everything into your career to achieve all you want to achieve. The last thing you need to make sure of is that you control your success or failure. If you choose not to invest in yourself, that is OK. Simply remember you will not achieve what you have set out to achieve. The only way you can ever attain what you want in life is to put the work in in order to get there. This is a conversation we have with members at Broken Arrow gyms every day. If you don’t work for it, there’s no way you will ever achieve it. It’s not magic or rocket science, it’s just diligence every day. Choose to do the things that will help you grow in life. Pay attention to nothing else and you will both live a long life, a fruitful life, and a fulfilled life.