Where do you think about visiting when you want to come to a gym? Do you long for the community? Strong accountability? Consistent encouragement? We love seeing how active our gym members are. We hope you can also book a tour visit. If you book a tour visit at the Hub Gym in Broken Arrow, we can schedule you to go through the facility with one of our personal trainers! There is no need to look at other Broken Arrow Gyms. We have been rated the top of the Broken Arrow gyms for a long time! We have been featured in articles like bodybuilding.com. There, you can read a little bit about our history there. You can also see online on one of our video testimonials as well! You can visit our website at www.thehubgym.com where you will see plenty of video testimonials there. You will see it from our current members at The Hub Gym. You will also see that we feature our sauna, our cable machines that you can try out as well. Keep in mind that our sauna is a medical-grade infrared sauna. That just means that it’s easier on your respiratory system. A lot of our members that have respiratory issues, particularly those that are elderly, prefer this sauna and it is actually much safer for them to use. This is much safer than traditional steam saunas that you will find at other Broken Arrow gyms. This is a medical-grade infrared sauna. And inside, you will be able to relax and you will not sweat profusely, but the health benefits are still abundant! You will be able to sit inside and listen to music or watch Netflix as you please. We have a complimentary towel service for you that is available during office hours. So keep in mind whenever the front desk is 9 AM to 7 PM, you have complimentary towels Service as well. You will be able to take a tour through the facility and from there you can compare to other Broken Arrow gym. You will be able to see our cable machines, ski erg, our row machines, are free weights area with weights that go up to 135 lbs. You will also pass or section where we have kettlebells and we have dimples and we also have EZ and straight bars. You will find plenty of classes to choose from and all of these are included in your membership and provided to you at no additional charge. We have classes like Zumba and yoga, boxing, we’ve got the Hub tribe. We also have the popular and ever-growing game-changers classes which are led by different various personal trainers throughout the week. These are a little bit more in cost because people refer to them as small group personal training. So you can have them for slightly higher than the regular 30 min. Keep in mind that when you continue on past the group x classes, you will pass a wall that has many writings that are personal statements from our members themselves! If you would like to also contribute to the wall, to ask the front desk for a Sharpie. You will find plenty of short testimonies on the wall, whether big or small. People have written about little accomplishments they’ve done with him the week or the month or even the year! Their statements like, I finally ran a 5k for the first time since I was in my teenage years! There are other phrases like I drink more water than coffee today! These things deserve to be celebrated. We hope that you will take a moment to pause and just read through the different testimonies on the wall and realize that it is a great Personal Touch to the gym facility. He continued on to the back there is a large room with plenty of like machines and a deadlifting platform as well as squat machines racks. We even have a belt squat, this is one of the few belt squats in Oklahoma! See if other Broken Arrow gyms feature a belt squat. You will be able to try it out, we consider this room the heavy lifting area. We are very many amenities for you to try out and you can try all of this for just $1 for the first month. Two for $1 for the first month, you should give us a try and remember that we are 24/7 access. But 24/7 access you do not need to look any further for other Broken Arrow gym. Come give us a try today! You will also see that we have an incredible community of people that like to have fun while they are here. You will see that we are in good company! We love to have friends here and get to know each other. We hope you will give us a try! Remember that your first month is $1. You can try us out and still try our other Broken Arrow Gyms as well! We would love to see you and try us out. We hope you will also check out our full supplement shop in the front desk area. Come try some samples that we usually have on hand. You can try some KX-R pre-workout, and some of our protein powders as well! And all of them taste quite delicious. You can ask for samples if you see that they are run out. We usually have some more in the back area. There are also plenty of protein bars, cookies, and other snacks by brands such as Quest, Lenny & Larry, and others! There are many flavors you can try as well! Consider us and give us a call at 918 994 4299 or visit us online at www.thehubgym.com and you can fill out a form! You’ll see that the gym also tracks train with City response because it’s Broken Arrow Rose District. We are a community and you can get some. Also, if you work in the Rose District or your teacher or you work in the medical field for you are the first responder. You can also be an add-on for $20 a month if you will sign you up at the $20 month I don’t see. So try it for some $4 and remember that with your trip and your name in a calc Tacoma your 24/7 access to the facility. The front desk is only open during regular office hours but the gym facility itself and all the equipment is available to you. Keep in mind that with the sauna, you do have to reserve a Time ahead of time, and we reserve in one-hour time slots. So go ahead and let the front desk Ariana and they will put your name down for one of our time slots with the sauna but it is provided to at no additional cost. That feature is part of your membership as are the classes as well!