What else do you expect to accomplish while you are here at the Hub Gym and our Broken Arrow Gyms? This is what you can expect. You can expect to work with an incredible staff, that is here and ready to answer every single one of your questions. You can expect to meet people that are friendly, that are not about competition or intimidation, that’s simply just want to be in a facility that they enjoy being in. You can find a place where people enjoy being around one another, and there is no intimidation to approaching one another and just casually having conversation. You can expect to hear and see if the owners chatting with members by name! In exchange, you can expect to see staff members joking and playing with each other. You can expect to see people that are driven and working hard toward their goals. You can expect to see people on our workout equipment with their headphones in, working away! You can see laughter; you can expect to hear laughter! You will expect you can expect a wall that is filled with short accomplishments from our own members right all over it!

These are all things that you will experience here, and probably not Another Broken Arrow gyms! We are really Fitness for the entire family. We really want you to feel like you are a part. We are so excited to get you involved in all of these little things. You really hope that you can enjoy so much more. What are you looking for in a gym? I bet that we can give you the proper answer. We had so much in store for you. So, check us out today, by going online to www. The Hub gym. Com. Or, you can call us at 918-994-4299. You can also expect to get complimentary towel service. This is offered to you during our office hours. But even though we have set office hours that is just for the front desk, which includes the supplement shop, the towels, and the macro Meals. By the way, we do partner with macro meals, which is a meal prep service here in our city. But even though that section will be closed During certain periods, you always have full access to our facility itself with the workout equipment so that you can exercise at any time of the morning or evening! That’s right, our gym is 24/7 access. So, whatever it is that you need to do to get a good workout in, now you have no excuse if it is due to time schedule! That’s right, because you can come right to our gym at any time of the day that you need.

And we will take care of you. You just scan your Chip in the door, and it will let you in right away! You can expect this and so much more, when you visit our facility. Just start out with a tour. With a tour we know that you are brand new Prospect, and that there is no commitment. We really hope that you will give us a chance. We have seen our members so happy and delighted to be a member of the Hub gym. Stop searching for other Broken Arrow gyms and come visit us today! What else are you looking for? Because, did you know that we also have plenty of group classes that are included right in your membership? And this is not offered to it any additional cost. That’s right, you get full access to the classes when you sign up for a membership. What else are you looking for? While you’re at the Hub gym you can expect a great experience. You can expect a memorable experience every time you step foot here.

So, what are other Broken Arrow gyms offering that we are not? That, we simply do not have an answer for it. We believe that we are offering the full package here. And then depending on the type of work you do; you can also get discounted rates as well! This is fitness and fun for the entire family. We think that you should stop waiting around, and start prioritizing your health because that is number one! If you do not have your health, then the rest of it doesn’t matter. Goals, that you set for yourself, those things will not matter if you do not take care of your health first and foremost. We fully believe this, that is why we have the Hub gym. A place like no other truly! So, come visit our gym today and we hope that we can answer all the questions that you may have! Our staff is ready to take care of you 100%. They are there to prioritize you. Because without you, we would not have our business!

We love our members because they continue with us and help our business to thrive! We put our Members First, and we take care of them! We value each and every individual as a person, and not a number. And you are no different, so come in and we will take care of you as well! Do you have any friends or family members that would like to work out with you as well? Well, if they come on down with you to this Broken Arrow gyms, our staff also can offer you a $10 day pass for your friend, if they just want to come one time and not commit to a membership. A $10 day pass will allow you to be in the gym as long as you desire, and with no strings attached! No commitment. This should be a worry free and hassle-free experience. This should be a chance for you to experience it without other commitments. We really believe that this is the time to be out there and be starting on your fitness journey, and we desire to help you here! So, stop searching for what you need at other Broken Arrow Gyms. It is time to give the Hub Gym a shot and see what you think! We are excited to work with you at our Broken Arrow Gyms.