How do you feel about being in a place that feels like home? What we mean is, we believe we are a family here at the Hub Gym. We love seeing our members active at the gym. We love seeing how happy our members are when they are at the facility. You can count on our members sharing their lives with each other. It is not uncommon that you will find our members regularly chatting with each other by name, members that met each other at the gym. It is a common thing to see the members chatting with the owners and both are calling each other by name. You will find our staff members having such a fun time together. They will be joking around, having a blast. It is all about the level of fun, and the positive environment that we create. We desire for a place that is truly enjoyable to be at. We truly value our members, and we want you to be a part of it. As you take a lengthy tour of our facility, you will see a wall toward the end of the facility. You will see a wall that is full and filled with statements written all over it! These are sentences written by our very own members! These are goals that the members have accomplished within the week, the month, or even a few years! They write it on the wall and tag their name at the end (or leave it anonymous) to remind themselves of something they achieved! They also write it as inspiration to the members, and to visitors! It is our pride and joy to show them when we’re giving them a tour of our facility. We are so excited to share these things with you. When you are looking for Broken Arrow gyms, we would like you to consider whether they offer all the group fitness classes we do! Let’s mention a few to you. We’ve got the group X room, near where the wall of written personal accomplishments is. In the group X room, we’ve got regular and consistent, exciting Zumba classes throughout the week, as well as yoga, the Hub tribe, ladies only free weights class. We’ve got the very well-liked game changers classes, as well as the Hub tribe! The game changers classes are an exciting new addition to our list of classes held regularly throughout the week. We hope you will get to experience some of them. We’ve also got the game changers classes. You will find that they are held through out the week, led by various different personal trainers. Our personal trainers rotate throughout the week leading them. We hope you will give our classes a try! Why? Well, they’re all part of the regular membership. You can see everything we have to offer listed on our website at We hope you will give us a chance. We would love to answer any questions you may have. Check out our Google reviews online! Check out our website at, or call us online! Give us a quick call at 918 994 4299. Do You want to come in for a tour? If you’re looking for Broken Arrow gyms, give us a try first! Come check out our facility, by taking a personal tour with one of our very own personal trainers! You will meet them in the front desk area, and then you will walk with them down the entire facility. Don’t forget to also check out our sauna as well! You can figure out the rest of the classes too. You will be able to see the sauna as well. We hope you will also check out the sauna! It included in your regular membership! It is not offered at any additional cost! We hope you will check it out, by going to the front desk members. We hope you would be interested! Other Broken arrow gyms may not also have our level and type of sauna. We have a highly advanced, very safe, medical grade, infrared sauna! And, while you are in there, please feel free to enjoy the amenities we have! It is designed to make you feel completely at ease and as comfortable as you can be. You can utilize different features that we have, such as the Netflix options, or listening to music, or just in the lights. The Hub Gym’s sauna also provides you with different colored lights, which makes it more fun than several Broken Arrow gyms. We have other entertainment as well, and we like to get involved in our community, so you can catch us at a few rows District events, because we always like to stay involved! If you want to really upgrade your life and start getting in shape and just feel better about yourself, we highly recommend that you visit the Hub gym situated in Broken Arrow, in the Rose District. Truly, you will not be disappointed, and we are so confident of this, and that is why we offer to you if you $1 for the first month. We are really confident in what we believe in what we say! All throughout the week for 30 days you can try our gym facility and everything that is normally included in a regular membership. So, this includes the group fitness classes in the sauna, this includes two complimentary towels, you have 24/7 access, all of it! You will not be disappointed so why wait any longer? Call us today and we would love to get you connected! Also, if you would like to bring friends and family, we also offer them a $10 dollar day pass. If they would like to just visit for a day, instead of get an actual membership, this is a great, hassle-free, no strings attached option! You can take advantage of this opportunity and be able to go to the gym with people you enjoy spending time with. Consider it and reach out to us as one of the top Broken Arrow gyms. We would love to get you and your friends and family members connected right away.