What is holding you back from joining a gym community today? What is keeping you from getting on track with a plan that will help you start feeling better, healthier, stronger, and full of energy? When you are looking online for Broken Arrow Gyms, there is none other than the Hub Gym, located in Broken Arrow, in the lovely, historic Rose District, very close to a Rib Crib on the corner of the 71st and Main intersection. Do you want to place that is going to commit to you and, and walk with you and your journey, and Empower you, and equip you with everything necessary for you to start and stay committed to this health and fitness journey? Think about what keeps you from starting. Is it accountability, is it money, is it motivation in general, lack of community? All of these things can be addressed at the Hub Gym. In fact, you can try out your entire first month for only a dollar. That’s right only a dollar! $1 will allow you in our facility for 30 days he get to try out all of the equipment and some of them are brand new. You will get to experience the power of a community we have of people that are dedicated and committed to achieving their goals and making progress. We even have a wall where our members have written on it something that they have achieved and are proud of and they write their name and next to it. It is very inspiring when you walked by and keeps our clients motivated. The Hub gym has created a positive atmosphere for you to come in at any time and work out with or without others, we will ensure that you are always in a positive environment. You will see our friendly staff were eager to help you. You will see our friendly clients who will keep you accountable, are personal trainers will certainly direct you. If you have questions about using any of the equipment, they will address it help you get started. So, there should be nothing that is keeping you from starting! If it is financial reasons, well guess what? You get to try out our gym the first month for only a dollar. Only $1! And after that, if you do not want to continue that it’s perfectly fine, you are not obligated to continue at the Broken Arrow Gyms. However, we have offered great deals for members for the following months, depending on the type of work they do. You will get discounted rates if you are a first responder, a teacher, if you work in the Rose District, in the medical field, so there are many options. And then you get add-ons, you can add on your family members for discounted rates as well so it is friendly for the family! We’ve got plenty of families that work at here together and truly enjoy it. You also enjoy the first step program that you get to have with your membership this is a personalized assessment where you get to sit down with a personal trainer who will assess your needs, your goals and your wants. This is something that makes our Broken Arrow Gyms a little bit unique. With this experience, as a new member, you are not required or obligated to sign up for personal training. It is simply exposure to what it would be like to work with a personal trainer and it has won over many of our clients to start doing personal training. But please remember that you are not obligated to do so. This is simply included in your membership as a new member! We would love to give you a tour of our facility and show you all the new equipment come in as well as the new supplements we received. We have a full-on complete supplement shop in the front desk area that is open and available to you during office hours. We got protein supplements even lactose-free supplements that have won over some of our clients very well because some of them have problems digesting Dairy. We also would like you to try out or sauna, because that is included in your membership as well so you can try it in that first month $1 as well! All the group classes will be available to you as well, we’ve got weightlifting we’ve got and ladies only weights class, we’ve got boxing, as well as Zumba and yoga, everything you need and desire and this is a great way to build relationships as well because you will find people with like-minded shared interests. What is truly keeping you from starting don’t let it hold you back anymore because this is going to be an amazing experience for you! Stop searching for other Broken Arrow Gyms. Come to the hub gym and we will surely take care of you. We will treat you like family and part of the community. You will belong here, you will not feel like you stand out, there is no gym intimidation, there is no gym competition! we strongly argue against that. There is young and old here, there is a beginner and advanced here, all are welcome at the Hub gym. Remember that it is 24/7 access to you so it’s available that anytime you would like to come in. This is another thing that wins over many of our clients from going to other Broken Arrow Gyms. You bet 24/7 access, so even if the front desk area is closed, you can use your card to swipe in at the door and then you can get into the gym easy as that. Some people enjoy that and they like coming early. It is up to you. You might appreciate that if you want to start off your day early like that. Don’t let anything stop you further from starting on your goals today, the Hub gym staff would love to help you and assist you get started. We want you to feel better about yourself and feel part of the community there should be nothing keeping you from starting! Do your friends and family that you can have a company you? Add-ons are only $20 a month!