Time to be wowed. Ever thought what it’s like to get involved in Broken Arrow gyms like ours? It is our mission to wow you with our facility and our service. Here, at the Hub Gym in Broken Arrow, you will find a place full of positivity, a cheerful atmosphere, and all the equipment you are looking for! This is a quality gym. We can help you achieve your goals today. Consider also coming with your friends, because that way, you can also have accountability whenever you step foot in the gym, and you will not feel alone.

We are big on accountability because that will help you stick to your goals. Let us help you get started on the right foot today! We can help you with something that we like to call our first step program. With the first step program, you can sit down with one of our personal trainers, and they will help you get directed in the right path. They will assess all of your goals and wants and needs, and they will help you figure out what is best for you. They will help you take an in-body scan, it which will measure your body fat percentage in body mass index.

These measurements will help the personal trainer further assess how you want to develop a game plan tailored to your goals. We know that this is not a one-size-fits-all thing. Different people need different and specific goals to cater to their body type, their needs, and their targeting. To have it in their lifestyle. Everyone is different! And we want you to truly feel valued and like you are your own unique person on your own unique path. Here it really is all about you.

So, remember that as a brand-new member, you do get this complimentary consultation. And with this, if you were interested in personal training after that, we can get you set up with one of our quality and excellent personal trainers here at the gym. This is the best of the best of Broken Arrow gyms! Try it out for yourself today and let us help you get started on the right foot. We have encountered so many different people who just have lots of questions about what the gym has joined.

They are searching all over the place for Broken Arrow gyms that meet all their needs and meet what they are looking for. We’ll let us help you out! So, whenever you come into the gym, remember that we only have month-to-month no contracts, if you want to do a one-year prepay you can, but most of our clients and members just sign up on a month-to-month contract. Keep in mind that you sign up $1 for the first month!

With this, you can also get an RFID chip that will get you in the 24/7 access door. Remember that with this check, it is $20 to one time, but then after that, if you break it or lose it, we will replace it for free. These are quality and will not break! So, you will have full access to the entire facility. Keep in mind that the full supplement shop, The Hub Pro Shop, located in the front office, is only available to you during office hours.

He’s office hours are 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday through Friday, and then 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday. Disposal is worthy of complimentary towel Services as well. Throughout the facility, you will find all types of cardio equipment, strength and resistance equipment, bench press, free weights, kettlebells, dual cross cable machines, plenty of different cable attachments, recovery Matt, the group X room, the heavy lifting room, with the leg press machine, and deadlifting platforms, and a belt squat even!

Believe it or not, we do have a belt squat. You will find all of this and more whenever you come into the gym so what are you waiting for! Remember that there is also a sauna near the front office, but this sauna is only available till you turn office hours, because you have to reserve a session with the front desk. It is offered at no additional charge. You also find that there are plenty of group classes that are offered to our members for no additional charge!

We have the Hub Drive which is high interval intensity training, yoga, Zumba, boxing, a lady only lifting class to get women were comfortable with heavyweights. The only group of classes that are not included in a regular membership is the game changers classes, and these are led by our personal trainers and are often referred to as small group personal training. These are offered at the $99/mo. rate, instead of $39/mo. Look at this graph. This graph will show you that we are headed in the right direction. We are searching all over for Broken Arrow gyms that serve all of your needs.

You can do month to month, remember that there is a one-time enrollment fee. But after that, if you have any add-ons those add-ons will do $10 enrollment fees. You will have access to all of our equipment. And then the next time that your card is charged, it will be a prorated amount. To take advantage of the awesome deals that we have to offer. You will find a fantastic gym Community here at the Hub gym, the best of the best of Broken Arrow gyms! We even have a little personalized section over toward the end of our facility. And it is a gray wall that is just filled with marker writings from all of our members of little girls that they have accomplished or Bengals! We wanted to be filled with written goals that people have tackled. It is a fun Walter Reed and it is just inspiring.

Actually, we need to start getting more people to write on that wall again! I just something that we really pride ourselves in and we love when new prospective people walk by and they think, this is an interesting wall let me read a few of the things and they think it’s neat. It makes it our home. It’s so inspiring, and we’d like to tell different stories from the wall. And there is still so much space left to be written on! You can write it with your name, or you can just keep it Anonymous, but it is fun to contribute. It does bring wonderful memories.