Are you ready for a gym experience that is unlike anything you know before? You may think we are joking; many people underestimate the value that they feel when they come to visit the Hub gym. We promise we are not joking and we want to guarantee you will have a wonderful experience! There is a solid reason that this gym has maintained its members and kept the community alive all throughout the Covid time. Our members are simply committed to this gym and wanted to continue going and growing. That is the truth.

We have experienced many members that are gym that continue to support and sustain us during the time. Where we had to close our doors temporarily. That is because our members are committed and loyal to us, because we have established a community and culture of relationship, encouraging growth, support, accountability, and strong, strong community.

When you are searching for Broken Arrow gyms, there’s no reason to pass up the opportunity to visit the Hub gym. If you’ve never heard of or seen the Hub gym, be prepared to be impressed and excited! We are located in the northeast corner of the Rose District, which is located on 71st and Main Street. In the historic Rose District, you will find many shops, restaurants, activities, and from time to time there will be live entertainment outside! The rose District also follows the fun Saturday morning farmers market, with fresh produce, local farmers, and live music as well!

The Hub gym is right next to Zen tattoo, Winner Salon, rise grind and ride Cafe, and it is also across the street from Goodyear Tire. Searching for Broken Arrow gyms can be intimidating and you may not know where to start. We really recommend that you would just come to check out the Hub gym, and one of our friendly staff or personal trainers will happily walk you through a storm tour of the gym so that you are confident about your decision. Don’t hesitate to call us or search online for more information. On our website, www.Thehubgym.Com, you will find plenty of video testimony OK Prof all information about the phone number to printing instructions, or any moment, or classes are included with your membership anymore.

We are still a true 24/7 access gym, and this has not changed during the Covid time, although we know that other Broken Arrow gyms have done just that. We want you to know that we do not require masks, and that is another reason that people love coming to the gym. You cannot breathe if you are wearing a mask! You will also have full access to our infrared technology medical-grade sauna, which means that it’s safer to use the most traditional steam saunas, particularly for those with respiratory issues and the elderly population. Did you know that the classes that we offer include Zumba, barbells, yoga, The Hub tribe, and more?

We have our popular boxing classes that are led by our awesome coach Steve. We also like to regularly hold charity boot camps on Saturdays, where we partner with a local organization and then all the donations for that charity Bootcamp session will go to that organization. And guess what? This month, we are partnering with care rescue. This is an animal shelter located in Broken Arrow. And we will have dogs there! It is going to be an absolute blast and we don’t want you to miss out on seeing these cuties!

You will also get in a great workout and know that your dollars are going toward this from a wonderful organization that supports our lovely local animals. The Hub gym thrives on his community and this culture of the community is so strong and has carried us through the Covid time. We love our members, and we want you to experience what we have to offer that you might not Find at other Broken Arrow gyms.

You will see that we offer the first month for a dollar, with a one-time $40 enrollment fee. If you do not want to pay the $40 fee, you can opt-out of his by committing to a 12-month agreement. This is not mean that you have to pay 12 months upfront, but rather just a commitment. If you decide later you want to buy out of the 12-month equipment, it is $100 to buy out too. We hope that you consider us as one of the top Broken Arrow gyms in the area!

From time to time, we regularly hold events, and the City of Broken Arrow likes to promote the rose District by holding regular events with live music, food trucks, and activities such as ax throwing. We want you to know that this is a community of young and old local business owners who love their community and want to take part in it. We love the rose district, and we know that it will continue to thrive.

The Hub gym will be the top-rated of Broken Arrow gyms in the area, and it will continue to thrive as well! We are always looking for improvement and feedback from our members. Please note that as a new member, you have full access to the gym at all times with your RFID chip or key tag that looks you in the 24/7 access door. As a new member, you also are able to schedule a first-step assessment with one of our personal trainers. That is something that you should take advantage of right away!

You can schedule the first episode estimate with one of the personal trainers, where you will get an idea of where you want to start from for your health and fitness goals. They will take you over to the in-body scan, and you will get to use it for free for that first session! And this is basically an introduction for you to decide whether you would like to proceed with personal training or not, however, this is not an obligation to you upon the time at sign up. But we strongly encourage that you take advantage of that first step session. We want you to know that we have also recently partnered with a brand-new meal prep service called prepped, and it is a local business just like us right in BA! It has been a hit so far. We have a smart fridge in the gym now available to you at all times. It works just like a vending machine!

You see the meals in there, ready to eat, in nice containers. You swipe your card to select a meal, and then the fridge will unlock after you swipe the card. Then you can grab the meal and then shut the fridge door and make sure it’s locked tight. This is awesome, and this is not only available during office hours, but rather any time of the day or night! It is always available to you. We strongly recommend this small business as well, and we hope that you would support them and their business. Their meals are insanely delicious, and they have a wide variety. And it is low carb.