Did you know our gym offers the most incredible meals for you to grab on the go? We call these meals our delicious Macro meals. They are offered by our partner, Macro Meals, which is a meal prep service in the Bixby area. They have been a fantastic supplement to our gym. If you are searching for Broken Arrow Gyms, you should consider if they offer supplements or even better, healthy meals! We believe we made a great decision when we decided to partner with Macro Meals. We believe they Will satisfy your deepest cravings with healthy ingredients. You don’t have to worry about eating junk food or eating unhealthy, if you start purchasing from macro meals. We have meals ready to go right up at the front desk area, along with the full supplement shop. And you should check it out, because we are stuffed with all of the protein supplements that you need. If you are searching for Broken Arrow Gyms that offer other things? Would you consider coming to the gym in Broken Arrow? The Hub gym? Are you wanting to try out a new gym but you’re not certain where to start? If you are searching for Broken Arrow Gyms that do not offer this additional asset, like ready to go meals that are nutritious for you and have the perfect ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, you should really look elsewhere! And that is what we are trying to inform you about the Hub gym! We have a full meal prep service ready to go. You can order your meals online by pre-ordering on the website, or, you can go to are supplement shop and just pick one on the go. We always have a preset amount ready to go in the fridge at the front desk. Make sure to come during our office hours, we are not 24/7. But the facility itself, with the gym in the workout equipment is 24/7! You can also try our Cable machines at all the different attachments that they have. If you look down the hall and just see if you line up gigantic windows, we have all of me treadmills ellipticals just down the aisle and you can see them for yourself. What else are you interested in? You can get full access to our strength and cardio equipment, in the sauna, and the group X Fitness classes. Oliver Fitness classes are your membership at no additional cost. You are able to go to the back and see the heavy lifting room. There, you will find your squat racks and deadlifting platforms. You will be able to see all of the Dead lifting squat racks, and we have a belt squat! We are one of the few places in Oklahoma that have a belt squat in our gym! It is a great deal. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our staff. They’re ready and excited to answer any questions you may have, and that is what they’re there for! Their desire to my calls to make you feel welcome in at home, so that you don’t feel safe and welcome to and comfortable every single time that you try to come to the gym at. Our staff and owners want you to feel welcome at the gym, and we want you to feel like you can look forward to coming to the gym at. We don’t want it to be a place that you can read it, because that is why so many people back out. It does not have to be a place of people dread coming to. If you are searching for gyms in Broken Arrow, search for a place that 100% makes you feel welcome. We like to say that our members are powerful, and that they are more than enough. Have you checked us out online as well? We have an online platform that is awesome, and we post videos on there all the time. We also have a YouTube channel, which especially during this time, we have uploaded lots of instructional videos on exercises that you can do at home. We have even included different types of items that you probably have laying around your house that can you use as workout equipment rather than having to go to the gym. Because we know, since the gym is temporarily closed, you are looking for creative ways to do the same exercises and get your blood flowing at home! But don’t worry, because this Broken Arrow Gyms is going to open up very soon! And our members have been so gracious and some people have even kept their account unfrozen. So, we want you to try all of our treadmills, our cable machines, our ski erg, our ellipticals, our group classes, we’ve got everything here at our Broken Arrow Gyms! And guess what? You can do this all for only $1 for the first month! That’s right! You can only $1 for the first month! So you can walk in that facility every single day for 30 days, at any time of the day, because we are 24/7 access, and you can use the entire facility, including the sauna and the group classes and all of it! And you can get it all that experience for only $1 for the first month. So what are you have to lose? Because with this $1 for the first month, there is no strings attached, no hidden fees, and no commitment whatsoever! If you decide after the first month that you don’t want to stay, then no worries! Goodbye! We will not charge you any more than that $1. But if you decide to stay on with us, which many of our members have, then you will be enrolled to the second month at $39 a month right. Keep in mind though! You can get discounted rather than through $10 depending on the type of work that you do. You can do $29 a month or $20 a month depending on the work you do. If you work in the Rose District, if you work in the medical field, if you work as a first responder, all these things will allow you a chance to work out at the facility for only $20 a month! So consider that! Compare that rate to other Broken Arrow Gyms and let us know what you find! We are the top rated for a reason! We have comparable rates and outstanding quality service.