We also have ladies only barbell lifting classes for women on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and you can find information on these and other similar classes on the website www.thehubgym.com. We would be absolutely delighted for you to come on out to the Hub Gym in Broken Arrow. Have you wondered what it will take for you to finally get into a consistent routine, and stop dreading a simple workout? Okay, so maybe they are not all entirely simple. But this should not deter you from heading here to go to the Hub Gym. We are very warm and friendly here. We hope to show you why we are the top-rated in the Broken Arrow gyms around the area.

We have been featured in an article on the bodybuilder.com website! You can find us online at www.thehubgym.com, and you can also call our gym at 918 994 4299. Did you know we have all types of other classes included in your regular membership? We have a schedule, and you can take a copy of one of our schedules here. So, we have classes such as Zumba, yoga, weight lifting (like the women’s’ only barbell classes), the “Hub Tribe” (which is for early birds!!). The Hub Tribe is a HIIT class, so you better be ready to WAKE UP abruptly! We have classes the Hub Tribe from 5 am to 5 30 am, but we do have a dedicated group of people that are so committed to the Hub Tribe, and they go consistently. We offer that particular class every single day from 5 to 5 30 am.

Did you know that with your membership at the top of Broken Arrow Gyms, the Hub Gym, we also offer sauna sessions, standard time is 40 minutes but you can reserve up to one-hour time slots. You just have to notify the front desk so that they can ensure no one else takes your spot. They will reserve your spot online, scheduling a one-hour appointment for you. So, we hope you will give us a try. We would love to meet you and introduce you to the $1 first month. We would love to show you a tour around the facility if you’re not quite sure. If you want to “try before you buy”, then check out the facility with a tour with one of our broken arrow personal trainers that work here!

They will show you around! You will see everything we have to offer, beginning with our full supplement shop that is right in the front desk area. The trainer accompanying you will show you around the entire facility, and will also point out the outdoor area we use just on the east side of our building. Out there, we use atlas stones, tires, sacks, and more! We get serious out there. Inside the building, we also have a medical-grade infrared sauna that will be included in your membership! No additional cost. Compare this to other Broken Arrow gyms! We also do something from time to time called the Charity Bootcamp on Saturdays.

The gym will partner with Broken Arrow organizations that support a cause. On Saturday, July 18th, 2020, they will partner with a charity called Dayspring Villa, which is a shelter for women suffering domestic violence issues. You can just show up, and they ask for a small donation that goes entirely toward Dayspring Villa. This is a regular item, and if you keep up with our social media pages (active on Facebook and Instagram), you will ensure you do not miss out on the next fantastic event! All consider joining us because we are really excited to place our community and get more people involved!

The Hub gym is certainly the top-rated at Broken Arrow gyms in the surrounding area. Invite your friends and also your family members! You could have add ons to your membership for just $20 add on. They can also do a month to month. We are no contract, no enrollment fees, no BS! This is a fantastic gym. Take the opportunity to seize this great advantage. We can compare us to other Broken Arrow gyms and see but we are very very affordable and we want to work with our clients! You can also talk to personal trainers who know that it can be very pricey for people.

We will speak to you about what can work, and take care of you! And also, if you were looking too just build strength and endurance we have all types of classes that would all be input it in your membership as well please point we can see that on our schedule online or if you just come in and visit! so we have things like this I have tried and boxing, and all of these are just awkward weekly. So, there is also an upgraded membership. With the updated membership, you have access to our regular game-changers classes. the game changes classes are led by each other personal trainers and it just varies throughout the week period he’s a high-level high-intensity interval training workout!

But they change up the workout that you do any distros so fun and constantly I changed. You never get bored. Also, note that we offer complimentary teleservice. Without how old service that is at the front desk area. We have a station for all of our towels. So as long as the front office is open, and the normal hours are 9 AM through 7 PM, as well 1 PM on Saturdays, you have access to the complimentary towels as a member. Note that you can feel more than comfortable to talk to the owners, and to talk to the managers.

You are more than welcome here. And we have a saying that we have created a giant design in the front desk area. And it says that you are powerful and that you are enough. We want all of our members to feel valued and validated in everything that they are going through. But we also know you don’t have to stay there you can overcome those things. People here take their goals very seriously.